‘The Secret Romantic Guesthouse’ Episodes 9 & 10: Recap And Ending: Who Is Lee Seol’s Personal Guard?

“The Secret Romantic Guesthouse” revealed the identity of Lee Seol, one of the scholars staying at the guesthouse, in the previous episode. Dan Oh had met Lee Seol and saved his life when they were kids, but at that time, she didn’t know he was the deposed prince. Kang San confessed the truth to Dan Oh—that he is Lee Seol, the kid she saved in the past. Kang San, who plans to take the throne, has passed the military exam and is assigned to the palace of the king as a guard.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Yu Ha Need To Change His Identity?

Along with his real identity, Kang San also reveals to Dan Oh that he plans to rebel against the king to claim the throne that belongs to him. Dan Oh is worried about him and asks him to reconsider his decision. Kang San got a second chance at life when Dan Oh saved him, and he is going to use that chance to right the wrongs. He is not afraid of dying, as his every day has been a fight for survival ever since he escaped the palace. He is worried about Dan Oh and that his personal guard might hurt her now that she knows the truth. Jang has kept Dan Oh alive only because he believes that she knows who Lee Seol is. He has already put spies on her, but now he calls Yuk Ho, the eldest scholar from the guesthouse, and offers him a government position if he finds out who Lee Seol is. Lee Seol, that is, Kang San, has already joined the palace guards and is much closer to the king than they can imagine. He is in his enemy’s den and has already started to study the palace’s routine to find the right time to attack the king. On the other hand, Yu Ha has also discovered the reason he was kept hidden. Hwa Ryeong, the head courtesan, gave him a letter from his father in which he mentioned that he’d bring Yu Ha, or Gyeom, as his royal name is, back to the palace once he became the king, but his father died before that.


Yu Ha has been working closely with Mokinhoe, the secret organization planning the rebellion, and their head, Minister Shin, suggests to Yu Ha that it is time that he steps up as a leader of the rebellion. However, Yu Ha has to leave behind his real identity for it. He has to assume the identity of Lee Seol because he is the only known legitimate heir to the throne, and people will follow him without hesitation. Yu Ha has lived with many identities ever since he was born, and he won’t mind changing his identity once again. However, Lee Seol is still alive, and if he were to appear, it could cause further trouble. Mokinhoe has moved up the date their execution, and Shin meets the head eunuch Noh to convince him to identify Yu Ha as Lee Seol. Noh is the only person who knows how Lee Seol looks, and his words would be trusted by all. Noh is also working with the queen dowager to send funds to the personal guards. Personal guards receive special training, and no two guards know who the other is protecting. Lee Seol also has his shadow warrior but doesn’t know what he looks like. Meanwhile, Jang reveals to the king that Lee Seol’s compass was found with a young girl, and the king calls Dan Oh to the palace. He asks her how she got the compass, and she tells him the truth. Kang San has been watching them, and he is both worried and enraged.

Why Is the King Keeping Dan Oh Close To Him?

The king lets Dan Oh go just because her father was his teacher. However, he tells her to visit him in the palace from time to time and sends her back home with expensive gifts. Kang San cannot react in his position, but he is relieved. He returns home at night and checks on Dan Oh first. Kang San’s concerns flutter Dan Oh’s heart, and she can’t stop thinking about him. Along with Dan Oh, Si Yeol is also strangely concerned about Kang San and is keeping a close watch on him. Amidst this, she notices only in the morning that Yu Ha hasn’t come back home at night, which is unlike him. Yu Ha has been discussing their plan with Minister Shin, Eunoch Noh, and Hwa Ryeong. He mentions to Hwa Ryeong that he wants to find Lee Seol because he is still his brother and doesn’t want to take his throne. Moreover, if Lee Seol shows up after their rebellion, it would be troublesome. He doesn’t want to become the brother who betrays his own, just like the current king. On the other hand, Kang San is fearlessly wandering around the king’s place. He even practices swordplayd with the king and defeats him. The king is impressed, as he is the first one who doesn’t hesitate to defeat him, and he orders him to practice with him separately.


Yu Ha reveals his royal identity to other scholars in Mokinhoe, and they execute their next step. They put up posters all over the city saying that a powerful man would take over the throne soon. The king is aware of it as well, and hence, Jang doesn’t understand how he can keep hanging out with Dan Oh instead of taking action. Many believe that the king wants to make Dan Oh his concubine, but he is constantly calling Dan Oh to meet him to make Lee Seol and his personal guard uncomfortable. He believes that if Lee Seol is really acquainted with Dan Oh, he would feel anxious that Dan Oh might reveal his identity. Kang San trusts Dan Oh enough to know that she would not betray him, but he is jealous that she hangs out with the king and laughs at his jokes. He knows about the posters in the city as well and thinks that he should hurry up and attack the king as soon as he can. He has studied the entire palace map and has also found the extremely private times when the king has only one guard near him. However, another threat comes Kang San’s way. His childhood friend, who knows the truth, gets caught and has to reveal to government officials that Kang San is adopted to save himself.

‘The Secret Romantic Guesthouse’ Episode 10: Ending

Kang San gets a note saying that his friend has asked him to meet him with money. His friend has never asked him to meet alone with money, and they always meet at crowded places. He finds it suspicious and takes a sword with him as well. As he expected, his friend is not there, and instead, government officials surround him. An official asks him if he is Lee Seol, and Kang San just answers that all of them would lose their lives if he revealed his real name. It is enough for them to understand that he is Lee Seol, and they attack him. Kang San fights back, and soon he is joined by the personal guard, who takes down all the officials by himself. Kang San had been curious about the personal guard but never got a chance to talk to him. This time, with no one around, he orders him to show his face, and to his surprise, he sees Si Yeol behind the mask.


Yet another secret is revealed in “The Secret Romantic House,” and it has to be Si Yeol as the personal guard, the one guy Jang is really looking for more than Lee Seol. He had even caught him once, but Si Yeol comes from a super secret organization and is masterful at hiding his identity. To be real, he doesn’t even have an identity. He is a shadow warrior who follows Lee Seol. No one would believe that a reckless gambler and womanizer could be a shadow warrior. He is loyal to Lee Seol, and now that Kang San knows who he is, he will surely get his help to rebel against the king. The only worrisome thing now is Yu Ha, who would be needlessly sacrificed if Kang San rebels after him. He would be called a traitor for impersonating Lee Seol, and all his good deeds would go in vain. However, seeing that the two of them are already close, Kang San would likely forgive him, but politics isn’t simple. These two are planning their rebellion, but there could be other forces planning something else behind their backs.

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