‘The Santa Summit’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Is Liam Able To Find Jordin?

With Christmas around the corner, The Santa Summit ignites a festive spark in us. The film has been directed by Jeff Beesley and stars renowned actors like Hunter King, Ben Hollingsworth, and others. The story revolves around a group of three friends who set out to enjoy a Christmas carnival. The festive spirit changes their lives forever as the three friends find love in the carnival in the most unexpected ways. The assorted spirit of Christmas along with romance in the film can be compared with another recent film, Reporting for Christmas. Did going to the carnival turn out to be a good decision for them? Was Liam finally able to find Jordin? Let us find the answers to all these questions!


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens At The Santa Summit?

A lot of events take place within a matter of a single day in the lives of the ladies as they step out to go to the Santa Summit. Jordin drops her purse, and on her way to find it, she meets the young and handsome Liam. They start talking to each other about their interests and later head out for a drink together as their vibes match. They later lost each other in the crowd, as everyone was dressed in the same Santa outfit. No matter how much the two try to find each other, their quests fail, and they are left heartbroken. Jordin and her friends hop from one club to another, not knowing that Liam is looking for them. It was really difficult to find each other as they did not know each other’s names or even see each other’s faces as they were wearing false beards. The only thing that Liam knew was that she had a purse that had embroidery that she had made herself.


Jordin was very hopeful and said that miracles did happen and that she would surely find the guy that she met earlier. Even though finding the guy seemed improbable, she did not give up hope, despite her friends asking her to give up hope because it was like finding a needle in a haystack. On the other hand, Liam was frantically hopping all over the summit to find her. We are left feeling as if the meeting between the two was predestined and that their fates were playing a game on them before making them finally meet. It is a coincidence that Liam meets all her friends individually, but he doesn’t know that the person he is looking for is from their group. Wherever Jordin goes, Liam reaches the spot shortly after, and it looks to us as if telepathy is at play and there is some bond that they might have shared since time immemorial.

Did Ava And Stella Find Love At The Summit?

However unlikely it might seem, both of Jordin’s friends found love on the very same night. Ava was deeply in love with Ben, one of the guys from the school where she taught. She meets Ben at the summit, and he asks her to meet at the silent disco, which she does. She finally manages to express her love for him. We feel as if Ben had been waiting for her to confess and they are seen pairing up almost immediately. Stella meets a random guy called Freddie at the summit and notices that he is trying to be overly friendly with her. She tries to avoid him initially, but later he joins their group, and they seem to bond well. He makes Stella sing at a pub to ensure that her heavy mood is lightened. It is later revealed that Freddie was a part of a famous band, and he bonds with Stella over music. While both her friends are seen to find their perfect matches, Jordin loses hope of finding the guy she met. She is also upset because she sees her ex-boyfriend with his new girlfriend at the club. She, however, cheers herself up because she does not want to miss out on the festive spirit and is seen dancing alone at the club. This brings out the strong-willed nature of Jordin, despite being a strong believer in miracles and possibilities.


How Does Liam Find Jordin?

Liam takes part in the gingerbread house contest, and Jordin has a feeling that he will be there. She goes out to find him and finds a gingerbread house there that has the same pine tree mark as the tattoo on Liam’s hand. He had also left her a note that he had been searching for her all over the place and would wait for her when the lights were to be lit on the Christmas tree. Jordin again finds hope and understands that the mysterious man has not given up hope of finding her. She rushes towards the place where Liam asks her to meet, and they eventually find each other. They introduce themselves to each other, and there is an instant spark that they feel. They profess their strong liking for each other, and that is how Liam and Jordin find love on Christmas.

Why Did Liam Put In So Much Effort?

The story of Liam and Jordin is almost too much of a fairytale that is unlikely to be a part of modern-day love stories. Liam keeps trying to find Cinderella until he succeeds! This brings out the point that he is a believer. He had a strong belief in the festive vibe and that it would definitely work wonders for him. He kept searching for the girl that he didn’t even know much about and had met just once. With a friend like Mac by his side, he was able to find the love of his life. He did not deem his business meetings to be as important as finding the girl! On the other hand, Jordin is seen to almost give up her hopes of finding him. It is possible that Liam had put in so much effort for an unknown girl because he instantly felt a spark with her. He had understood that the girl was a believer in possibilities and was old-school just like him. He had seen the excitement in her eyes and thought that he wouldn’t let go of that spark because of a mistake. He had taken all the chances and kept hopping from one place to another in search of love!


Final Words

The Christmas-y vibe of the film makes our spirits light throughout. The amount of positivity in the film is just unbelievable! The amount of faith that two unknown people have in each other is insurmountable. Modern love is nowhere near the romantic story depicted in the film. If love were something this magical, then I am sure nobody would lose faith in it. However, we could relate somewhat to the pessimism about love that we see in Stella in the beginning. The plot of the story is simple and has a beautiful finish to it, with all the characters being perfectly placed with someone or another. The romantic comedy is sure to bring a touch of happiness and hope to our mundane lives.

Debjyoti Dey
Debjyoti Dey
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