‘The New Look’ Episode 8 Recap: What Happened To Christian’s Father?

The 8th episode of The New Look focuses on the setbacks of Christian, overcoming which he decides to soar further up in her career. On the other hand, we see Coco’s career being trampled over by her reputation as a conspirator. We are almost nearing the end of the series, but we are not yet introduced to the real quotient of ‘fashion’ in the true sense. Rather than focusing on the art, the series is more focused on the journey of the artists. How will Coco deal with her downfall? Will Christian be able to deal with his father’s death? Will Christian be able to create his definitive piece?


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Coco Meet Carmel Snow?

Coco went to meet Carmel, as she was looking forward to expanding her business in Switzerland. Carmel insisted she go back to Paris and continue her business there, but she later learned about her reputation there. Later, when Coco tried to reach out to Carmel, she said that there were several rumors about her in Paris and that it would be difficult for her to go forward with any business proceedings with Coco. However, she promised that she would come to meet her in Switzerland the following week. Later, when she went to meet Coco, she said she couldn’t help her because of her reputation as a Nazi collaborator. She further said that the Harpers had been looking for someone fresh to represent the business front of French couture. When Coco told Carmel that her ideas were still as fresh as ever, Carmel asked her to send a few bottles of her perfume to her hotel so that she could help her expand her business. 


What Favor Did Spatz Want From Coco?

Coco went to meet Here Dincklage (Spatz) and accused him of abandoning her. He said that someone had tipped the resistance off about him, and he had no choice but to flee. He told Coco that he needed money and help sorting his travel documents. He had been using an alias, Peter Lang, and pretending to be a silk merchant. He requested Coco to help him by letting him pretend to be her business associate, and in return, he promised to help her with her business. Coco agreed to the deal and brought him to her hotel. Right after entering Coco’s life, he started poisoning her against Elsa, saying she could be working for MI6 and hence was a threat to Coco. 

How Did Elsa Get Into Trouble?

Elsa had been looking for drugs but had run out of them. Spatz told her that he could help her and tried to seduce her, but when Coco saw their closeness, she asked them to leave, as she was expecting Carmel. When Spatz went to meet Faulkner Klein, she told him that the Danish had got Schellenberg. They had managed to destroy all his documents, but some were still there. Meanwhile, Elsa went into a medical store to get narcotics, and when the chemist refused to give her any, she started ransacking the store, which led to her being escorted out by police. 


How Did Balenciaga React To Carmel’s Offer?

Carmel met Balenciaga, expressing her grief for Coco’s plight. Balenciaga said that it was Coco who had single-handedly tarnished her reputation. However, Carmel offered Balenciaga the opportunity to expand his business by collaborating with her in America. She promised to put him under Harper’s covers, but he declined her offer. When she said that she would approach Dior for it, Balenciaga said that even Dior wouldn’t be interested in her offer, as his ambition was to create dresses for only 30 women, which was an experiment to make the most beautiful clothes ever!

How Did Dior Choose His Model?

Dior did not want to hire models working with any other houses, as he did not want to snatch the resources from them. He asked Madame Zehnacker to put up an advertisement, saying that the Dior House would offer jobs to models out of work. This advertisement caused several prostitutes to gather in front of Dior’s house, as the government had recently shut the brothels down. Christian was, however, thrilled to pick a woman from the prostitutes, who he thought stood out. He was more than happy to provide the woman with an opportunity to work with him, and he assured her that she would do as well as any other model in other fashion houses. 


What Did Bernard Advise Christian To Do?

When Christian went to meet his brother, Bernard, at the psychiatric ward, he sat with him to spend some time together. Bernard asked him to draw the trees that were dancing like men, but Christian chose to draw the girl that he had employed (Marie). When he showed Bernard the picture, he said that the woman looked like their mother. Later, he told Christian that all individuals have a dark side to them, which needs to be kept tamed. Only then could the bright sides of them be highlighted!

What Happened To Christian’s Father?

Catherine had been spending some quality time with her father in the countryside. Meanwhile, Mr. Friedman recognized her from the repatriation center and told her that his daughter Tania was gone forever. Later, Catherine told her father that even though she had denied knowing Tania, she knew the girl. Maybe she had refused to recognize Tania because she knew that she had died at the camp, and telling Mr. Friedman the truth would break him. Meanwhile, their father called Christian and asked him to spend some family time, but Christian said that he was too busy with his business. Later, when he got the news of his father’s passing away, he vented his grief by tearing down all his previous sketches and creating his definitive piece. The sorrow in him wanted an outlet, and the creativity that he sunk himself into was his ultimate channel. 


What Will Happen Next?

The ninth episode of The New Look will bring out the fate of Coco as a designer. We are yet to find out whether Carmel will help her expand her business in Switzerland. The way Spatz will handle his father’s passing will also be brought out. Whether ‘the definitive piece’ will help him soar high up as a designer will also be determined next. 

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