‘The Matchmakers’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: What Plan Does Yeojudaek Come Up With?

The Matchmakers has taken sharp turns in the sixth episode. Almost everyone’s secrets have been revealed! The plot of the episode shifts from the story of one character to another and showcases the ongoing events in their lives. The identity of Prince Gyeongwoonjae is revealed to Yeojudaek, but her identity is yet to be revealed to him. Her mother-in-law has, however, been able to decipher her disappearance from home at late hours. The tension has built up so much that all we can do is wait for the next episode for more revelations and capture the expressions of the characters! Will Yeojudaek be able to choose the right groom for the Maeng sisters? Will she be able to expel the rumors surrounding the sisters? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

How Is Shim Jeong Convinced To Tutor Geun Seok?

Shim Jeong Woo goes to meet Lady Jeonggyeong for a tutoring request that she has made for her grandson, Geun Seok. Unaware of her murderous plan, Jeong Woo goes to meet her and wants to decline the request by saying that he has no experience in tutoring. He was, however, persuaded by the lady, and she told him that, upon growing up, Geun Seok would join the Dongno party. She wanted Jeong Woo to tutor Geun Seok so that he would keep up the name of the party that Jeong Woo’s father had built. When Geun Seok is summoned, he comes along with his mother. Before Jeong Woo would see Yeojudaek, she feigned a nosebleed and fled the place. She does not want Jeong Woo to know her real identity! Upon asking one of the maids, she is told that Prince Gyeongwoonjae has come to become the personal tutor of Geun Seok. Yeojudaek realizes Jeong Woo’s real identity and laments having bad-mouthed Prince Gyeongwoonjae in front of him earlier.


What Does Jeong Soon Goo Do For Lady Sam Soon?

Jeong Soon Goo is curious to resolve the mystery behind the death of Lee Chok Ok. He finds Lady Sam Soon dressed as Hwa Rok again and tells her that it is not safe for her because everyone else thinks that she was responsible for her death. He asks her to change into a lady’s clothes, and when he reaches her home, she tells him that she had disguised herself to go and get money to repair the collapsed wall in her house. Soon, Goo funds the repair himself and is then approached by the Maeng sisters’ mother. She tells Soon Goo that even the tiles above their heads are leaking, and he wants him to repair that, and he agrees to take responsibility. The feelings that Soon Goo has for Lady Sam Soon are very evident, as he has been taking on all her household responsibilities so that she does not have to take charge and dress up as Hwa Rok, putting herself in danger. When he sees her in feminine clothes, his heart flutters, but he is unable to express his emotions to her.

Is The Crown Prince’s Residence Revealed?

The Left State Minister and the Defense Minister seek the Crown Prince’s residence but initially fail. Such secrecy had been maintained while taking away the Crown Prince that not a single soul was aware of his place of hiding. After a lot of searches and setting up many spies, Lady Jeonggyeong found out that one new house in the village had been buying milk from the local milkman. They had also noticed guardsmen outside the house. This proved that the Crown Prince was staying at that house. Meanwhile, the King had been personally investigating the case of the palace maid’s poisoning. He wanted to seek information on when she would recover and asked the medic to keep it a secret that she was alive. The opening monologue of the King reveals that he knows about the Left State minister’s intentions. He was aware that he had been plotting to rise to power. The King just did not have any solid evidence to prove his point. Meanwhile, Jeong Woo starts tutoring Geun Seok, and Lady Jeonggyeong has been constantly asking for updates from him about the matchmaking of the Maeng sisters. It is possible that Jeong Woo has, by this time, become aware of the intentions of Lady Jeonggyeong.


What Do Yeojudaek And Shim Jeong Discuss On Grooms?

Yeojudaek and Shim Jeong meet to discuss grooms after Shim Jeong meets with the bachelors. Shim Jeong tells her that the bachelors had been hearing rumors about the old maidens and did not want to marry them. They were of the opinion that they would marry anyone but the Maeng sisters. One of the bachelors said that they had heard that the defense minister was seduced by the eldest daughter, who had called the Shinmungo as revenge when he had not given him one. He was also told that they said that Ha Na, the eldest daughter, was possessed by the spirit of Cho Ok. They were initially friends, but they were so lewd that Cho Ok could not find herself a groom and killed herself. The grooms that Shim Jeong and Yeojudaek had finalized for the sisters now had to be canceled. Meanwhile, as they decide on the grooms, we see their hearts fluttering, and the bond between them seems to get deeper. Meanwhile, Lady Jeonggyeong finds out that her daughter-in-law has been up to something and roams the streets without her knowledge. She sets up a maid to find out and seek her whereabouts secretly.

What Plan Does Yeojudaek Come Up With?

Yeojudaek brings Shim Jeong and Lady Sam Soon to discuss finding a remedy for the problem. Soon Goo also joins them, and Yeojudaek gets concerned that he would recognize her as his sister, but because of her heavy makeup, he does not recognize her. She tells them that the only way to fix the problem is by proving that Cho Ok was murdered and that she did not commit suicide. Soon, Goo, being the officer in charge, would take up the responsibility to prove that, and hence he was included in the plan. That would cover up the rumors against Ha Na, and Yeojudaek also states that the rumors could only be covered up with more rumors, and for that, she would need her sister Lady Sam Soon’s help.


Final Thoughts

Many secrets are revealed in this episode, bringing out many secret identities. This episode can also be taken as a turning point for Yeojudaek, as it seems to be the beginning of her realization that she has developed feelings for Shim Jeong. The episode seems to be a buildup for some greater events, such as the kidnapping of the Crown Prince, the identity revelation of Yeojudaek in front of her mother-in-law, and others. The peril that the Left State Minister would bring upon Shim Jeong can also be anticipated from this episode. Will he be able to overcome the blows? There is also a possibility that Shim Jeong would have passed out in the end because he had been poisoned in the Left State Minister’s house. These mysteries can only be revealed in the next episode.

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