‘The Manny’ Ending Explained & Series Recap: Do Gabriel And Jimena Break Up?

The Mexican original comedy-drama show has all the aspects that could have made it a hit. It has comic routines, families coming together, elements of a dysfunctional group, and many good-looking actors portraying these complex characters. The Manny was more than just a tale of a male nanny who joined Jimena’s family to help her take care of her children. This ten-episode-long show was a mish-mash of everything one notices in Latin web series, and here is an article to make the reader understand the importance of the male nanny in Jimena’s life.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Jimena Need A Nanny?

Jimena was the heir to her father’s finance company, Financieara Remus, and was almost on the verge of getting a divorce from her now-separated husband, Joaquin, with whom she has three children: Santiago, Sofia, and Leo. The three kids are notorious, and Jimena, with her workload, was unable to find time to discipline them. There was no end to the amount of stress the woman was handling with her marriage ending. This made her desperate to hire a nanny who would understand the nature of her children. After a lot of trial and error, Jimena finally comes across Gabriel, who was sent by her old nanny, Romina. Gabriel quickly got along with the children at the first meeting. The man understood the pre-teen lingo, which worked in his favor. Gabriel was the candidate Jimena was looking for, and she did not think twice before hiring him. Questions were being raised based on the gender of the nanny, but Jimena chose to overlook them because her need of the hour was more important.


Why Was Gabriel Recommended By Romina?

Gabriel was sent by Romina, his godmother, at the behest of his father to investigate the matter of the finances of their ranch, Arracada. His father was having a tough time dealing with paying back their loan to the company belonging to Jimena’s father. Gabriel wanted to find out if there were any discrepancies or if the issues were genuine. His father was on the verge of losing his ranch, which had been in the family for decades. Even though Gabriel and his family had their differences, he took this as a challenge to get into the dirt and save his family’s legacy. Romina helped Gabriel contact Jimena and find out more about the ranch deals her family had made over the years. There was a case of arson at his father’s ranch when a storage space was set on fire. This was purely done to intimidate Gabriel’s family, and the young man was in a hurry to find answers.

Was Joaquin Jealous Of Gabriel?

As Jimena was navigating through work and her home life, Joaquin suddenly made an appearance in the hope of getting back with her and the children. Joaquin moved in by manipulating his children into believing they needed him. The three kids would want their parents to unite, even though Jimena has moved on and is attracted to Gabriel. Joaquin was indeed jealous, and he was honest about how he felt about the presence of another man taking care of the children with Jimena. Joaquin was also receiving moral support from Jimena’s father, the rich patriarch, who wanted his daughter to remain married and settled as per societal norms. Jimena finally had to step up and politely request that Joaquin back off because there was no room for him in the family after the years of tumultuous marriage they experienced together as a couple. This was Joaquin’s moment to come to terms with Jimena’s need of the hour, which was to prioritize her children and her work. The jealousy never worked in Joaquin’s favor because all of them were adults in the scenario, and Jimena was too occupied to notice Joaquin.


When Did Jimena Find The Discrepancies In The Ranch Deals?

Jimena was aware her father was planning to make his nephew Rogelio the next chairperson of the company strictly based on gender. He believed his daughter would not be able to take the company forward. She was aware her father was a misogynistic man who would rather see Jimena take care of her family and home instead of spending time working for his company. His divorce from Jimena’s mother had made him strictly against separation, and he did not come to terms with it until years later. Jimena was on a mission to prove her worth by getting to the bottom of Rogelio’s dealings done from within the company.

Jimena caught onto his misdemeanors, which involved making financial deals with the ranch owners and making them send the money to an offshore account but denying receiving any money from them to the official bank accounts. Jimena was aware her cousin was bullying and arm-twisting the ranch owners into selling their property, but she required solid evidence to prove her allegations.


Simultaneously, Gabriel was snooping around to find information on the person responsible for making his father’s life miserable and the cause of such confusion regarding the repayment of a loan. Gabriel began assisting Jimena to gather information on Rogelio’s role in these deals. The evidence would help her form a strong case that would not just send her cousin to prison but also prove her willingness to save the company from corrupt practices and expensive lawsuits.

What Was Rogelio Up To?

Gabriel was put to the task of understanding Rogelio’s ulterior motives behind carrying out a potential scam that could ruin the reputation of their company. Gabriel was also keen to know the answers to save his family from a huge financial loss. His interaction with Rogelio gives away a startling revelation about the sexuality of the man in question. Gabriel also learns that Jimena’s father will be running for state governor, and Rogelio and his associates are buying these ranches for him. There is also news of the city mayor, who is planning to step down from his post to focus on his political party for the upcoming elections. There was a major corruption scandal waiting to be unearthed, which could end Jimena’s father’s career. To prevent that from happening, Jimena, her best friend Brenda, and Gabriel were desperate to find evidence.


Do Gabriel And Jimena Break Up?

Gabriel and Jimena found a way to fall in love since they felt the attraction the day he joined as the nanny. Both have been going through ups and downs, and they felt a romantic energy. Gabriel and Jimena played the classic ‘Who Will Confess’ First game, but that led to complications right in the beginning. It took a while for Jimena and Gabriel to admit the fondness they had for each other, and she was happy with the work he was doing with the children as well. All three loved Gabriel and appreciated the effort he put into making their bond strong, which made Jimena’s life outside of her home easy.

Unbeknownst to each other, both were on a quest to find out what was causing their respective business distress. Gabriel was under the impression that it was Jimena and her family who might be the ones behind her father going bankrupt. He soon learned about Rogelio’s role in the scam. To Jimena’s shock, she unearthed some unpleasant truths about her father and her cousin and their political ambitions. She also learned at a local fair that Gabriel and his father’s ranch was financed by her company. Jimena was livid, and rightly so, because Gabriel lied about his identity, which made her question whether his love was real or not. Jimena was not the suspicious kind, but Gabriel’s revelation made her distrust yet another man. Jimena had a hard time being married to Joaquin and convincing her father to hand her the reins of the company. She believed Gabriel was the only one who trusted her skills as a leader. Jimena felt betrayed and met Gabriel’s father at the ranch at Dos Camino for some answers. Jimena also requested that her father hold the seizure of Gabriel’s property for 48 hours so that she could find a decent solution to the mess created. There was a lot on Jimena’s plate, and most of it could be solved only after meeting Gabriel’s father.


Jimena learned of Gabriel’s father’s dilemma and was on the cusp of resolving his matter when her father sent the police to seize the property. Gabriel’s father was under the impression that it was Jimena’s doing. She never had time to explain her father’s actions because she understood he was as corrupt as her cousin, and she would have to put an end to this mess. She convinced her father to be the politician everyone would look up to instead of following in the footsteps of politicians over the years whose only agenda was to make money. She was hoping her father would pay heed to her words, but only time would tell.

Gabriel found out about the officials seizing the ranch, and he too was under the impression it was Jimena’s doing. For the first time, their love was put to the test. Jimena loved him, but she had many questions regarding his need to lie to her. She felt betrayed by the fact that Gabriel did not trust her enough to share his dilemma. Gabriel was also under the impression that Jimena and her father were the reason why his father would be losing their family property. His anger was based on the jolt his family felt, and there seemed to be no way to make things right between them.


Their anger was justified, and only the next season of the show might dive deeper into the status of their relationship. The show ends with Gabriel and Jimena breaking up and the former moving back to his father’s home. He was under the impression Jimena might stop him, but that did not happen because she was dealing with her trust issues. Gabriel reaches home to learn Jimena helped his family get the ranch back. This was the least Jimena could do because she knew Gabriel’s father was not at fault. She cleared all the arrears, and this could be a sign of apologizing on her father’s behalf. It could also mean she is still in love with Gabriel.

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