‘The Mandalorian’ Season 3, Episode 2: Recap & Ending, Explained: What Was The Creature That Bo-Katan Fled?

When we saw the internet’s favorite dad, Mando, and his adopted green son, Grogu, last week, he’d left the Mandalorian princess Bo-Katan’s palace to head for the Living Waters on the planet of Mandalore. The second episode of Disney’s “The Mandalorian” dropped today, and we witnessed Mando and Grogu finally arrive at the home planet of all Mandalorians—the planet of Mandalore. The journey to the mines where Living Waters flow wasn’t easy for Mando, and he had to face quite a few obstacles along the way. However, he finally managed to reach his destination and even found an unlikely ally in his quest. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the latest episode and also a deeper look into the creature that proved rather dangerous for Mando towards the end.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 2?

Before the celebrations for Boonta Eve on Tatooine begin, Peli Motto is scamming a Rodian with the help of a few Jawas when The Mandalorian arrives with his boy Grogu. Din Djarin, as he’s officially known, wants the memory circuit for the IG-11 droid, but Peli says that even the Jawas don’t have the part. Apparently, Mando needs an IG droid because he’s going “spelunking,” so Peli sells him a battered and old R5 droid on the cheap because it’s Boonta Eve. The R5 is terrified of this journey and has no intention of leaving the comfortable hangar, but Peli hands him over, and he’s fitted into the ship. As Mando’s Starfighter takes off with Grogu safely in his dad’s lap, the green kid’s eyes light up as the fireworks start bursting in the Tatooine sky.


While traveling through space, Mando teaches Grogu about the tenets of Manda’lore, including the need to be able to navigate one’s journey while flying and that Mando’s home was Concordia, a moon in the Mandalorian system. The Starfighter descends into the planet, and its ruined state is apparent from the get-go. Mando explains to his son that the magnetic fields around the planet were fried after the fusion bombs were dropped on Mandalore during the Purge, which will cut them off from being able to contact anyone while on the planet. Mando sends the droid to go take a sample of the condition of the air in the mines to see if it’s breathable, and the R5 is forced to follow orders and enter the cave begrudgingly. Mando and Grogu are watching the droid’s progress on the radar when it suddenly disappears from view, and seeing his boy’s concern, Mando decides to go look into the matter. The Mandalorian enters the cave and stands before a massive cavern, below which lies the civic center of Sundari city. Suddenly, he’s attacked by large, four-eyed humanoid creatures that look like what Neanderthals would resemble if they were aliens. Mando struggles to overpower the creatures, and his blaster is knocked out of his hand by one of their weapons, so he brandishes the Darksaber. The ultimate weapon proves effective, and he can cut the attackers down to size and silence them for good before helping the R5 out of the cave.

Once outside, Mando learns from the droid that the air down in the mines is very much breathable and the myths were false—Mandalore isn’t gripped by any curse. Thus, he takes Grogu down the cavern, and the little guy is rather scared to find the lizard-like beasts that stare at them from the crevices with green eyes. Mando finds a helmet that resembles the one Pre Vizsla wore and is examining the ancient piece when a modified crab droid traps him in a cage, and a mechanical robot with a single eye reveals itself. A creature steps out of the robot, and it’s a bio-mechanical grotesqueness with robotic arms and an organic brain. Grogu watches from afar and approaches his dad when the creature is distracted and deactivates the machine. Mando is trapped inside, but the creature is alerted and is chasing Grogu when Mando commands him to get Bo-Katan. Grogu dashes out of place on his hovering pram, dodging an attack from a lizard from earlier that flaps its wings and tries attacking him and blowing away one more humanoid, four-eyed monster with Force before boarding the Starfighter and asking R5 to take him to Bo-Katan’s planet.


When the Starfighter descends on Bo-Katan’s palace, she’s ready to give Din Djarin an earful but is taken back when an anxious Grogu peeks out. She downloads the data from the R5 droid to locate where Mando has gone and flies to Mandalore with Grogu next to her. Standing before the Civic Center upon reaching the planet, Bo-Katan reminisces about the beauty the planet held and how her family were its rulers. While making their way to where Grogu’s dad was taken, Bo-Katan tells him how the Mandalorians and Jedi used to be allies when she notices movement on the surface above them. On shooting the floor, more of the humanoid creatures crash and immediately try attacking her, but the royal Mandalorian makes short work of them, using her wide array of weapons and skills. She informs Grogu that the creatures were called Alamites and that they lived away from civilization, so if they survived the bombing, who knows what else is still living inside the caves? When they finally reach Mando, the one-eyed monster has set up a drip-like system that draws some fluid out of Mando’s body as he whimpers. The process is interrupted when Bo-Katan leaps in and destroys the machine with her blaster and then makes use of Mando’s Darksaber to stab the cyclops-like freak, but it detaches its brain and sneaks into the crab robot to attack her again. Unlike Mando, she wields the Darksaber perfectly and finally brings down the monster for good before rescuing Mando.

When the Mandalorian finally regains consciousness, Bo-Katan gives him Pog Soup, which he shares with his son, and then plans to resume his journey to reach the Living Waters in his quest for redemption. Being the icon of benevolence, Bo-Katan agrees to escort him to the lake, and on the way, she talks about her childhood days of visiting the Waters as the princess, she also recalls how her father was a hero who died trying to protect his planet, and Mando shows his respect with the most famous part of his creed: “This is the Way.” Upon reaching the underground lake, she reads from a board that notes how the founder of the planet, Mandalore himself, had tamed Mythasaur, the mythical creature that lived in the waters. Mando takes off his weapons and jetpack before descending into the water, and moments later, sinks to the bottom of the lake. Bo-Katan immediately leaps in after him and has to reach the bed of the body of water to rescue the unconscious Mando. While wading upwards using her jetpack with the knocked-out Mando, she’s shocked to look right into the eyes of a gargantuan beast that seems ready to pounce at any time. However, the beast doesn’t attack, and Bo-Katan reaches the surface along with Mando.


Season 3, Episode 2: Ending Explained – What Was The Creature That Bo-Katan Flees From?

Although said to have gone extinct after being hunted extensively, the beast that Bo-Katan saw while climbing upwards was none other than a Mythasaur and, in all probability, the very same that Mandalore had tamed. It’s very much possible the weight of the Beskar steel armor he was wearing dragged him to the bottom of the lake and he’d have died if the princess hadn’t jumped after him. Speaking of the princess, it’s awfully noble of her to continue saving Mando’s hide time and again. If you’ve been keeping count, this is the second time Bo-Katan has rescued him from a watery grave; the first was when Mando was almost eaten by a mamacore on the unfriendly planet of Trask. In this very episode, Bo-Katan rescues Mando twice and is nothing but helpful towards him. It was honestly sweet to see the concern on her face when Grogu turned up alone on Kalevala, and she raced back to Mandalore to save Grogu’s dad. However, is this a ploy to gain Mando’s trust before she makes a move and stabs her fellow Mandalorian in the back? As we await next week’s episode, we can only hope this partnership won’t turn bitter anytime soon, and we’ll get to see the three of them working together, Grogu included.

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