‘The Lying Life Of Adults’ Episode 5: Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Giovanna Right In Pursuing Roberto?

Previously on “The lying life of adults,” Giovanna learned of her cheating father and started to become a rebellious child with a lot of rage and hatred towards adults, her parents, her aunt, and the world as a whole (very adolescent behavior in general). She starts to hang out with the wrong kind of crowd and even takes drastic steps to spite her parents. She flunked out of school, stabbed a bully in the thigh, and stopped conversing with the people she loved. She’s a shell of herself because she also feels separated from her good friends Angela and Ida, and all she wants to do right now is be “free.” She finds herself in love with Roberto from just one conversation she had with him and is confused about everything she has learned all her life. She realizes she doesn’t want to live in the fictional world of her books anymore but also doesn’t know exactly how she can break free. Let’s find out what happens next in “The Lying Life of Adults.”


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What Happens In ‘The Lying Life Of Adults’ Episode 5?

Giovanna thinks she has an ugly personality now but has come to terms with the fact that she still requires love. When she gets home, she sees Nella and Andrea having a chat, all smiles. She can’t believe her mother doesn’t have any self-respect and even asks her about it. Nella is too far gone due to Andrea choosing another woman; she’s unbothered by Giovanna’s taunts. She still loves Andrea. Giovanna tells her father she wants to read the Gospel because she wants to be friends with a guy named Roberto. She says she found his words fascinating. Her father agrees and gives her what she asked for. Angela tells Giovanna that she is tired of Tonino because he won’t go to bed with her as they all hang out at a carnival. She also tells Giovanna that Margherita’s family all trust and believe Roberto’s words too deeply. Tonino is upset too, and he and Angela don’t seem to be on good terms. Ida, on the other hand, is reading some of her work to a crowd of people and is amazing. Tonino tells Giovanna that he admires Roberto because he feels understood by him, and Roberto makes him feel important. Nella decides to meet Mariano at the same carnival, but it turns out that Andrea and Costanza are there too. The four of them have a chat together and finally share pleasantries. Costanza even tells Nella that she still loves her. They join a march, and at the end of it, there’s a community gathering.


Andrea, Mariano, and the priest all give their words about the developments in the city, and Roberto joins in by talking about Jesus. Finally, Giovanna announces she’s read the Gospel, too, and Roberto asks her what she thinks of them. Giovanna gives her honest opinion about something for the first time in a long time and says it makes no sense. For once, everyone appreciates Giovanna’s words. Roberto is extremely impressed by her thought process and the kinds of questions she’s asking and asks Giuliana to bring Giovanna to Milan the next time she travels there. Vittoria is furious at Giovanna’s behavior and yells profanities at her. Giuliana isn’t upset about what Vittoria said and walks with Giovanna to comfort her. They are stopped by Corrado and Rosario. Corrado tells Giovanna that Rosaria really likes her and can’t stop thinking about her, but Giovanna tells him she loves somebody else. Rosario tells her he can even bring Roberto to Naples for her. She walks away with Giuliana. They walk together to go meet Tonino and Angela at the movies. A bunch of men start to harass Angela, and she tells Tonino he should do something about it. Tonino doesn’t do anything and just moves them all to the front row. Angela gets angry and yells at Tonino, who in turn gets charged and pushes her violently. She then proceeds to yell at and punch the man, creating a scene. Giuliana then yells at Angela for being selfish. A huge fight breaks out, and everyone gets split up as the police arrive. Tonino tells Giovanna that he is leaving Naples for good and hasn’t told anybody. She tells him to keep in touch, and he leaves. Angela and Giovanna have a moment, and Giovanna confesses there is nothing left between them. Giovanna finally joins Giuliana in going home.

Episode 5: Ending Explained – Vittoria Is A Hypocrite, But Is Giovanna Right In Pursuing Roberto?

It seems the reason Vittoria is so mad at Giovanna is that she finds herself in her. Giovanna is trying to impress Roberto, that is true, but to yell at her in front of everyone instead of confronting her in private makes Vittoria the immature one acting up on her impulses (in a similar manner to Giovanna). Vittoria breaks Margherita’s heart by having an affair with her husband because she “truly loved” him, but now that Giovanna has found some interest in Roberto, she can’t tolerate it because he’s with Margherita’s daughter Giuliana. It seems Tonino has some anger management issues that Angela clearly didn’t know about, but Giuliana jumping on her for making him angry was terrible on her part. It seems she’s sticking with her pack and has separated Angela from them because of her high status and rich “ideas.” Angela, of course, may be living in fantasy land, and she also should have told Tonino her feelings beforehand so that everything wouldn’t turn into such a mess. In the end, Giovanna seems to have matured a little bit through this experience by accepting the fact that she and Angela have nothing in common anymore. Angela asks Giovanna to give her a kiss like she used to, but presumably because she’s now in love with Roberto, Giovanna refuses, saying they’re grown up now. It is safe to say that Angela may have liked Giovanna as more than just a friend and ended up with Tonino to make her jealous. Will Giovanna take the forbidden step and get with Roberto despite being a dear friend of Giuliana? Let’s find out in the next episode of “The lying lives of adults”.


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