‘The Lying Life Of Adults’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained: What’s Next For Giovanna?

In the third episode of “The lying life of adults,” Giovanna tells Vittoria that she believed her mother and Angela’s father were having an affair, but in reality, it was Andrea, her father, and Costanza, Angela’s mother, who were having an affair. Giovanna is letting go of her adolescence slowly and seeing the hypocrisy and strangeness of adult life. She asked Vittoria to promise not to tell her father; instead, Vittoria told her mother the truth that she had realized. Costanza returned the bracelet to its rightful owner, which is Giovanna, but will that satisfy her? Is that the only thing she has to return to Giovanna? What about her father now?

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In ‘The Lying Life of Adults’ Episode 4?

A year passes after the truth is revealed, and within that year, Andrea and Costanza have moved in together; Angela is now with Tonino (who was apparently Giovanna’s first love), and Giovanna is still all alone and confused. It is clear that Nella is still hurting from Andrea’s decision to leave her and won’t allow him to take his stuff away. Angela and Giovanna have a talk, and Angela worries Giovanna is mad at her for taking Tonino away, but Giovanna says they have her blessing. Giovanna has also flunked out of school, and her mother is suffering from depression. A wedding is in preparation, and Angela tells Giovanna that there’s going to be a huge celebration. Giovanna retorts passively that even after then, her mother will remain Nella, and Angela’s father, Mariano. Corrado, Margherita’s other son, comes to visit Giovanna when she’s alone, and it seems she has fallen into the wrong company. Corrado gives Giovanna her first sexual experience, and she seems to be happy overall in his company.

Giovanna meets her father for lunch, and he explains to her that he convinced the principal that Giovanna was right in stabbing the bully. Giovanna is unbothered by his “help.” As she gets dropped back home, she tells her dad about her “experience” with Corrado. Giovanna is still enraged by what her father has done and can’t tolerate the effects of it on her mother either. Costanza invites Giovanna to Ida’s birthday party and persuades her to join. Giovanna agrees. On the way, Costanza cries as she asks Giovanna to hide her bracelet from Andrea. Giovanna obliges but comments on the number of lies all the adults tell. In the house, all Angela can talk about is Tonino, and Ida gets irritated by it. Previously, Vittoria and all of Enzo’s family had praised Roberto, a well-spoken man, and Margherita’s daughter’s boyfriend. Angela doesn’t understand the fuss around him, though, and calls him rather normal.

Ida and Angela have decided that they’re nobody’s daughters and feel betrayed by their families, preferring to make their own decisions. They have a conversation about respect, and Giovanna talks about how she’s entirely rotten. Angela says Giovanna isn’t loved and even flunked at school, but Giovanna is unbothered by everything happening to her; at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter to anyone. Giovanna gets upset because her father yells at her for being disrespectful by asking why Mariano hasn’t shown up for his daughter’s birthday and decides to wear the bracelet. Andrea gets furious and asks Giovanna to return the bracelet to Costanza, but Giovanna refuses, saying it’s her grandmother’s bracelet and she won’t give it to a stranger. Costanza then says the bracelet belongs to Giovanna, and that’s the end of the matter. On the car ride back, Giovanna is still enraged by her father’s cheating on her mother, but Andrea tells her that even though he was in the wrong, he accepted what he did and made a choice. He didn’t hide like her mother, who flirted with Mariano but didn’t go the whole way. He tells her that he has accepted his actions but still loves her and her mom very much then asks Giovanna to give him a chance.

When Giovanna returns home, she is repulsed by her mother’s change after Andrea leaves her. Giovanna lies about going on a school trip but ends up going on a ride with Corrado and his rich friend Rosario. In the car, she gets teased by both men and asks Rosario if he will teach her how to drive. She tells them later, when she’s tired of Corrado for pushing her to be sexual with them, that they are disgusting, and she is disgusted too. They drop her off to see Vittoria, and she yells at Giovanna for being a bad niece and not keeping in touch. She tells her she doesn’t deserve the bracelet, and Giovanna agrees, returning it to her. Vittoria then refuses to take it back, saying that it was only a lesson for Giovanna, and she is happy that she was willing to return it. Vittoria decides to take her to the church. Realizing who dropped her, she gets angry at the two men and yells at them to stay away from Giovanna. Giovanna finds herself in a completely messed up situation, lost to herself, despised by Vittoria, and loathing Corrado and Rosario. But then, Giovanna meets Roberto, and she is enlightened by his words.

Episode 4: Ending Explained – What’s Next For Giovanna And Roberto?

Giovanna realizes she may have fallen in love with Roberto instantly, and she feels scared about this feeling. She had gone through a lot over the last year since her father moved away and her mother became depressed. She feels utterly alone, and even her only friends judge her for being the kind of “filthy” person that she is. Later in the episode, though, Giovanna starts to feel guilty after seeing her father in a vulnerable state and realizing what adult life may look like. Giovanna finally is able to lose her “rebellious” spirit after seeing all the adults in her life exposed and mentally “naked.” When Roberto looks into her eyes and speaks to her, she is surprised and flattered by his direct connection to her. It’s the first time someone wants to meet her eye and understand things at her level, what she may be thinking or wanting, making her put him on a pedestal immediately. Giovanna is finally starting to mature into the kind of woman she would like to be, but will she get lost again or choose a different path for herself from everyone’s past mistakes? Let’s find out in episode 5 of “The Lying Life of Adults.”

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