‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happened To Lisa?

The first episode of the second season of The Lincoln Lawyer ended with Mickey being hit by a metaphorical bombshell of information, and he won’t be able to do anything to get out of it. Russell Lawson happens to be the killer the LAPD police are on the lookout for, and Mickey is the one who is standing with wrongfully accused Jésus Menendez. It would be interesting to watch and understand how Mickey would be able to do it.


Spoilers Ahead

Mickey’s Tricky Situation

Mickey knows Russell is now his client, which means he can’t’ reveal what he’s done, there would be a lot of trouble he would get into if he directly or indirectly ratted him out to the authorities. He needs a foolproof plan to get out of this without causing any damage to himself or his firm. The only person he thinks could help him out is his father’s associate, Legal Siegal. This man is a father figure and has more experience in this field than Mickey. Mickey goes to him only when he knows he’s out of his depth.


Mickey’s asking for help only means that he is willing to accept that there are times when he cannot be the savior. If he is unable to crack this tricky situation, he will have to give up on Jésus because helping him would be a conflict of interest, and the whole scenario will become more convoluted. Legal Siegal even appeared in a cameo in the last season, and by the looks of it, his showing up would become a regular feature. As the conversation goes on, it seems Legal Siegal might have a solution. This setup was made only to help the viewers understand that Mickey would have to take a longer route, for which he would have to be patient, but the result would work in his favor.

Glory Days Is In Trouble

The Lincoln Lawyer characters in season one referred to this character as Gloria, and it is not clear why they changed it to Glory Days because it creates confusion amongst the viewers. As they are aware, the second season is a continuation of the story, who’d expect to see some of the season one characters brought forward. The constant referring to Gloria as Glory Days comes across as goof up from the maker’s side. For the sake of season two, let’s refer to her as Glory Days. She was the one who testified that LAPD intimidated her into not speaking in favor of Jésus, and she claimed that the man who attacked her was not the man they had in custody. This time, she is arrested for possession of narcotics. The only people she knows who could help her are Mickey and Lorna. 


Mickey reveals that since there were many packets of narcotics found on her, she would be charged with supplying them, and that would be worse. With Glory Days, Jésus, and Russell’s cases falling in place at the same time, Mickey is in a state of bewilderment as to how to do this one thing at a time. She reveals the name of a certain gentleman, Hector Moya. Cisco finds out that Hector might be a biggie in the Tijuana cartel who might want to get into the California market. This indicates there is more to what Glory Days faced, and Mickey might also be looking forward to getting bigger cases.

Lisa And Mickey

Lisa reveals that she has been protesting the powerful real estate developer Mitchell Bondurant for having construction done in the neighborhood where her restaurants stand. She was raised in the same area, which makes the cause more sentimental. Her small tweet about this project led to protests against the massive redevelopment, leaving no space for the locals to thrive on their own. This led to the real estate group filing a restraining order against Lisa. This proves that the rich can get away with anything, and they would do anything to protect their businesses from being shut down. There is also a genuine fear of the local support that Lisa gets, and it would mean people might as well show their power. But the question is, is Lisa exaggerating, or is she a threat to the company? It is obvious from Mickey’s body language that he is inclined to support her because he likes her. The viewers have an instinct that the woman might be more troublesome than she lets on, but only time will tell what will happen.


How Does Mickey Get Russell Arrested? What Happened To Lisa?

Russell Lawson, to showcase his upper hand over him, makes an appearance at Mickey’s place of work to get him out with a parking ticket. The man is trying his level best to provoke Mickey and threatens to harm Mickey’s family if he goes to the cops, and that is the only thing stopping the latter from going after someone he knows to be a murderer. Russell is being arrogant because he knows there is no way Mickey can shimmy his way out. But Russell also forgets that Mickey is a good lawyer, and a tiny mistake by him could cost him his life. He would jump on any opportunity to make sure Russell stayed in prison for a long time. A day later, Mickey informs Lorna to ask Russell to come by the firm to close his parking ticket case. This had to be an indication of a plan being put in motion to trap Russell, and thankfully Mickey had not involved anybody in it to avoid being exposed too soon.

Mickey asks for a favor from Maggie to help him bail out Glory Days in exchange for the information she has about Hector Moya, the gangster, something Maggie would be interested in building a case upon. The crime syndicate is always of interest to the district attorney. Maggie is initially skeptical of helping Glory because of her role in bringing down Officer Banks, who was a part of the Angelo Soto investigation, but she takes up the deal as a professional. This shows that despite the many setbacks attorneys like Mickey and Maggie face, they are ready to move forward to help each other out.


Glory Days is acquitted, and Cisco is put on duty to trail Glory in case she is attacked by Hector Mayo. With Griggs going after Jésus, Mickey reveals that he cannot represent Jésus anymore. Why not? This is the first question he anticipated, and without revealing anything, he lets Detective Griggs know that he can’t say anything because he is obligated to not reveal the information. This is a throwback to the previous season, where Griggs tried to extract information about Trevor after his death, and Mickey denied the request because of the same attorney-client confidentiality clause. Mickey is going out of his way to let the detective know without giving much away.

As expected, Glory is attacked by Russell, but she is rescued by Detective Griggs and his team. The plot from here on gets a tad bit all over the place in the hope of giving out a clear-cut plan hatched by Mickey to get Russell arrested without having himself involved in it. It turns out Mickey only worked this out with Legal Siegal. Mickey had planted Glory’s address on his desk, just next to the parking ticket file meant for Russell to collect. Knowing Russell’s nature, he would go after Glory, and the man fell into the trap of his own doing. It is not clear who let Detective Griggs know about the attack. It can be assumed that it was done by Maggie to get hold of Hector Moya, but instead, the police got hold of the killer they were looking for, who is not Jésus Menendez. The manner in which this case was built up made the climax feel a bit underwhelming, as there was no edge-of-the-seat kind of thrill attached to it.


Mickey approaches Russell, and since the retainers are over, there is no way he will be representing someone who is a threat to his life. Russell, knowing that somehow Mickey is involved in his arrest, can’t prove it without a competent lawyer by his side. This is again a loophole for the plan hatched by Russell; only Mickey would have been able to get him out of it, but he wouldn’t do it for many obvious reasons. Mickey finally lets Jésus know that he is a free man. Glory, too, plans to leave the city and go back to her roots. This closing of a chapter would mean there is more coming for Mickey, and it will not be an easy one for him.

Mickey receives a phone call from Lisa stating that she has been arrested on charges of murdering Mitchell Bondurant, and she claims innocence. Since Mickey is attracted to this woman, he is headed to bail her out. It is clearly understood that Mickey is probably not thinking with his head, and for the time being, he is more emotional about a case than logical. The big question is if Lisa can kill someone for her cause, and if not her, then who?


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