‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Season 2 Episode 1 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Is Russell Lawson?

The second season of The Lincoln Lawyer is out, and with that, we get to see the new and improved Haller and Associates, who are basking in the glory of the cases left behind by the deceased Jerry Vincent. Ever since Mickey got Trevor off the hook in a murder trial, he has become the most wanted lawyer in the city of Los Angeles in a good sense, and so far, he’s enjoying the attention coming his way. The first episode is sort of like an extension of the season one finale, taking the plot forward from where it left off. What do they have in store for the viewers?


Spoilers Ahead

Mickey’s Popularity

The Rules of Professional Conduct’ begins with Mickey being mercilessly beaten up by two men at the car park. It is also a call back on how the first season began where Jerry was murdered in the same car park as well. This sets up season two for some brutal consequences Mickey might face in this upcoming season. The story goes back to the Lincoln that he drives and the other SUV which is still driven by Izzy. The only difference being that the man now lives in a posh home in the city, and there has been no looking back for him ever since the Trevor Elliot case. It only makes sense that even though Trevor died, the bad publicity only improved his standing as a lawyer, which proves that there is no such thing as limelight gone wrong; everything has worked in favor of the four of them. Mickey, by the looks of it, he doesn’t mind the minor celebrity status he has gained, and through that, he might end up getting more high-profile cases to represent.


Maggie’s Apprehensions

The interviews, the media appearances, and the magazine cover shoots are proof of how Mickey has marched forward when it comes to his career due to that one case; even though he and Cisco know Trevor was the one who orchestrated that murder, he paid for his crime in his own way. Maggie, the first ex-wife, is going through tough times at Van Nuys since the debacle of the case regarding Angelo Soto, and she is making the best of the situation. By the looks of it, she is slightly jealous of Mickey’s newfound fame because she believes she is as hard-working as he is. It goes to show that there might be an inherent quality in her that makes her think she might be better at her job and that professional rivalry between Maggie and Mickey is allowed if it does not cross a line.

Even though the two of them had a moment of intimacy, they know it is better not to pursue the old path, which only leads them to heartbreak, and they can’t put their daughter Hailey through such complexities. They end up having dinner at a local restaurant, which she ends up having to leave halfway through because she has not been in a good mood the whole day, and she would rather deal with her situation on her own than vent it out on Mickey. Mickey, on the other hand, ends up meeting the chef of the restaurant, Lisa Trammel, and they hit it off because they cannot stop flirting with each other.


The whole scenario between Lisa and Mickey is an elaborate set up created by the makers to let the viewers pre-empt events that are bound to happen,. She might also be enamored by his celebrity status, making her want to sleep with him. Mickey also does not deny the perks of meeting women because of his face being plastered everywhere, which contributes to his newfound attraction to Lisa.

Who Is Russell Lawson? Will He Be A Problem For Mickey And His Team?

The infamous Jésus Menendez case was initially going to go to storage, as per Lorna, because they figured they wouldn’t need this case anymore as Jésus has been acquitted. Lorna, who has joined Law school to finish her degree, has a lot on her plate with the wedding plans and working as a paralegal with Mickey. Her relationship with Mickey has strictly become professional, and their friendship has grown ever since Jerry’s cases came to them. She and Cisco have helped Mickey come out of a bad phase, and now is the time for her to also enjoy the perks of being a part of an up-and-coming law firm.


The Jésus Menendez case has been brought to the forefront again as LAPD officer Griggs is reopening the case, which would mean the wrongfully accused will have to testify once again even though he has done so many times in the past. This case involves the killing of a prostitute, and Jésus was the last one seen with the woman. This alone was evidence enough for him to be sentenced to fifteen years in prison, but another witness, Gloria, came forward to claim that it was not him. This is again the case of the LAPD not doing their job and pinning a crime on someone from a minority community based only on circumstantial evidence. The viewers can see the tension building up in Jésus as he cannot relive the ordeal, and it might take a toll on him.

Mickey is also informed of a case involving Russell Lawson, who was charged with robbery. He claims that he was drunk and did not remember how he got into another house and wreaked havoc in it. It is the case of drunken disorderly, and by the looks of it, Russell seems like someone who has never been in this situation. His innocent demeanor makes Mickey wonder if he was the victim of someone spiking his drink. This again throws light on how the police are not doing their job well at a basic investigation level.


Mickey was quick to take up the case because, even though he has gained some popularity, he does not discriminate based on who approaches him. Mickey is finally able to acquit Russell Lawson of all charges because he is good at his job, and he feels this was rather an easy case to crack. Mickey’s expertise and experience are what have helped him so far, but he was not ready for what he was up against by making Russell a member of his clientele.

The man, Russell Lawson, reveals himself to be the actual killer of the prostitute and reveals the Japanese tattoo as identified by Gloria. Russell hires Mickey on a retainer basis and confesses to have committed the murder. Now that he is Mickey’s client, and so is Jésus Menendez, Mickey cannot reveal anything to anyone, especially the cops, thanks to the attorney-client privilege clause, as breaking it would mean Mickey is liable to be sued by Russell, and he might end up losing his license to practice as a lawyer in the state, and there would be no one willing to work with a lawyer who rats out their client.


Mickey quite literally walked into a trap by working with Russell without having done any background checks, which we guess would become the norm after this. With Jésus on one side and Russell on the other, the situation is peculiar, for he can only represent any one of them, and since his tryst with Trevor, he had hoped not to come across such cases. Russell also turned out to be smart and played Mickey well for whatever he was doing to save himself from being prosecuted and jailed. With Mickey stuck in a loop, only time will tell how sooner or later he will be able to get out of this colossal legal technicality. There must be a way out for him because he cannot let Jésus go back to jail, and as a morally upright citizen, he would want Russell Lawson behind bars.

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