‘The Impossible Heir’ Episode 8 Recap: What Was Inha’s Plan To Kill Taeoh?

The eighth episode of The Impossible Heir reveals multiple secrets about Inju’s killers. The person Taeoh had once thought to be his closest had been backstabbing him and waiting for him to get a death sentence. Inha had gone mad after seeing Hyewon’s pictures with Taeoh. He even went to the extent of conspiring with Mo to murder Inju so that he could frame Taeoh. A background dig into Mo has led Taeoh to Inha, leaving him stunned! Will Taeoh get back at Inha for trying to frame him for Inju’s murder? How will Wan help Taeoh find out information about Mo? Let’s find the answers to these questions!


Spoilers Ahead

What Did Joongmoo Find Out About Mo?

Upon digging up information about Mo, it was found that a villa employee, Bae Yeongeun, was killed in a hit-and-run case 22 years ago. Yeongeun was Mo’s mother, and he went to school with Inha. Mo was later able to join the Kangoh Group with support from Inju. Joongmoo also found out that Mo had assaulted Taeoh on Inju’s commands, and he speculated that maybe Taeoh had taken revenge for it by murdering Inju. 


How Did Taeoh Find The Truth?

Meanwhile, Wan had also gathered information about Mo’s background and gave all the information to Taeoh. He said that Mo had lost his mother when he was just 10 and then moved to Inha’s villa after graduating middle school before coming to Seoul. He and Inha had spent seven years in the villa together. Later, when Mo’s phone was tracked, Wan found that he was still in touch with Inha. Through his phone it was found that Inha also said that he was grateful to Mo for having testified against Taeoh in court. 

Why Did Inha Want To Frame Taeoh?

Inha wanted to take revenge on Taeoh for trying to steal Hyewon. He had seen their intimate pictures, which made him bloodthirsty! He was also seen forcing himself on Hyewon, and when she refused him, he tried to choke her. Inha told Hyewon that he had chosen her because he did not want Taeoh to have her and not because he was in love with her. 


Why Was Inha Keeping A Check On Park Sajin’s Life?

Despite having troubles in his personal life, Inha was active professionally and kept a check on Park Sajin’s daughter, who had a drug problem. Inha came to know about it from the records of the Kangoh Hospital, as she had been admitted there once. Inha’s secretary told him that she was trying to recover from her addiction and was currently working at Seongdong Penitentiary. It is possible that he had been planning to blackmail Park Sajin, using his daughter’s previous drug problem as an issue. Maybe he was planning to completely erase the competitors of the Kangoh Group. 

What Happened To Taeoh At The Detention Center?

Taeoh was given the death sentence and was later moved to a detention center. There he met Mr. Tak, and he recognized Taeoh as the guy from Hanguk University who had beaten him to save Hyewon. Taeoh realized that Mr. Tak was the one who could help him there and hence formed an alliance with him, asking him to supply him with a phone. Mr. Tak eventually helped him in exchange for money. Meanwhile, a visitor came to meet Taeoh, who was revealed to be his mother. She had now become a monk, and she had come a long way to meet her son. Initially, he refused to meet her, but later, when he turned back to see her, he realized that she was gone. Maybe Taeoh had a grudge against her for leaving him unexpectedly in the past to become a monk. 


Why Was Hyewon Appointed The Planning Director?

Hyewon went to meet Taeoh at the detention center, and he advised her of ways in which she could gain a powerful position in the Kangoh Group. He said that Hyewon had to utilize Geumseok’s absence and talk to the chairman about the art foundation. He further said that the foundation was a place for Director Jang to help Geumseok handle her slush funds. Later, Hyewon approached the chairman and said that the art foundation could act as his slush fund handling source now. 

Later, Joongmoo called Inha and asked him to come to dinner along with his wife, where she was declared the planning director at the foundation. Jiseon opposed the idea and said that her father, the Justice Minister, had backed the Chairman in his project of the Royal Road and that her opinion should also be counted as valuable in the house. However, Joongmoo said that it was because of him that her father had been able to become the Justice Minister. 


Inha had advised Hyewon to claim her position from the chairman, as he wanted to make sure that she became an important part of the Kangoh Group. When Hyewon told him that Inha knew all about Taeoh and her (showing him the bruises on her neck), he promised Hyewon that he would take all measures to make sure that she would be the next owner of Kangoh. Meanwhile, Inha found out that Hyewon had gone to meet Taeoh in the detention center, and he was aware that they had been conspiring against him!

What Happened To Roy?

While sitting in his cell, Taeoh realized the man driving that night wasn’t Mo Gijun. Later, Taeoh contacted Wan and said that Mo killed Inju and his mistress and that he wanted more information on him. Just to dig up more information on Mo, Wan went to meet Honggyu, a drug dealer. He said that Mo had saved a guy named Roy after he got caught selling fake meth. Mo had saved Roy to keep the reputation of the club from being tarnished. Since then, Roy has been completely loyal to Mo. When Wan and his men went to catch Roy, he fled the place and informed Mo that some people were after him. Mo and Inha called Roy to Chrom and killed him there to stop him from spilling the beans (anytime soon in the future). 


What Was Inha’s Plan To Kill Taeoh?

Inha told Mo that he wanted to kill Taeoh, probably because he realized that Taeoh had started looking for the real murderer of Inju. They paid a guard, asking him to get Taeoh out of the cell at night, saying that he had a visitor. Meanwhile, Inha had also managed to track down Wan and was soon to get back at him for having helped Taeoh with all the information. 

What Will Happen Next?

The 9th episode of The Impossible Heir will be action-filled, just like the 8th episode. Inha will try his best to kill Taeoh, but whether he will be able to save himself is yet to be revealed! Joongmoo will also come to play a solid role in the next episode, trying to side with his illegitimate son, Inha. We can also set aside some speculations for Hyewon, who is likely to side with Taeoh and give him all the inside information to help him win the battle! 


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