‘The Hottest Summer’ Ending, Explained & Film Summary: What Happens To Lucia & Nicola?

The phrase ‘right person, wrong timing’ suggests that two individuals may share a deep connection, yet external circumstances prevent their union. However, what if it’s the other way around and the challenge lies not in timing but in choosing the wrong person? Attempting to mend such a relationship may feel like rearranging a jigsaw puzzle with pieces that don’t fit. Although love is a powerful force, it cannot always overcome fundamental incompatibilities. In the captivating film The Hottest Summer, the scorching heat of the season serves as a metaphor for the intense challenges that people face when navigating through life’s complex choices. The story revolves around Lucia and Nicola, who find themselves entangled in a web of decisions, constantly questioning their path, and grappling with indecision.


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What Happens When Nicola Arrives As A Deacon?

In Lucia’s life, happiness swirls like a vibrant summer breeze. Her dreams of moving to Rome with her boyfriend, Omar, fill her heart with excitement. However, as summer fades, a cloud of uncertainty casts a shadow over their plans. Omar’s fear of his parents and their disapproval of his relationship with Lucia causes a rift between the couple. Amidst these complexities, Lucia finds solace and joy at the villa, where she spends time with nuns and children, engaging in summer activities and basking in the company of adorable alpacas. The villa has held a special place in her heart since childhood, and its significance fuels her determination to protect it from being sold.


As the departure of priest, Gabriele creates a void, Deacon Nicola enters the scene. Handsome and with a natural instinct for fixing things, Nicola is devoted to becoming a priest and takes his spiritual calling seriously. However, his arrival brings an unexpected twist—everyone, including Lucia’s best friend Valentina, is smitten with him. With comical flair, Valentina dreams of intimacy with Nicola, as she is the last member of their group without a loving relationship. She turns to Lucia for help in winning Nicola’s affection, putting Lucia in a hilariously tricky situation. As Lucia finds herself caught between her loyalty to her friend and the responsibility to uphold her values, mishaps, and misadventures ensue.

Does Lucia Help Valentina Win Deacon Nicola’s Heart?

The Hottest Summer takes a different turn when Valentina’s relentless pursuit of Deacon Nicola intensifies, pressuring Lucia for assistance as she had once helped her find Omar. Lucia attempts to reason with Valentina about the forbidden nature of her actions, but Valentina remains determined to win Nicola’s heart, oblivious to the consequences. Unexpectedly, Valentina starts making an effort to change her appearance, seeking to impress Nicola. Despite Lucia’s concerns, Valentina persists in her infatuation, fixated solely on Nicola and no one else. As time goes on, Nicola begins to notice Valentina’s advances and consciously keeps his distance from her. But Lucia confides in Nicola about Valentina’s intentions, hoping to make him understand the seriousness of the situation. However, Nicola initially takes it lightly.


Tensions escalate when Lucia plans a trip to Spaccuzza, and Valentina deliberately tries to draw Nicola’s attention during the outing. Nicola becomes upset, witnessing Lucia’s willingness to help Valentina despite the awkward situation and the inherent wrongness of it all. Amidst the burdens weighing heavily on Nicola’s mind, he decides to take a break and visit his family. The internal struggles he faces as a priest make him question his worthiness, leading him to feel like he’s evading something he can’t quite define. This inner turmoil causes him to lash out at Lucia, misinterpreting her actions as a mockery of his faith.

Within the church community, a woman named Carmen closely monitors Nicola, hoping to find evidence that might disqualify him from being a priest. A fateful accident occurs when Carmen’s dropped cigarette ignites a fire in the alpacas’ hut. Lucia and Nicola immediately spring into action to save the animals, which in turn draws them closer in the face of adversity. The incident serves as a turning point, kindling a newfound connection between Lucia and Nicola. As they bond over their efforts to rescue the alpacas, their hearts open up to each other. Now, Lucia finds herself entangled in a complex web of emotions. She’s torn between her love for Omar, her loyalty to her friend Valentina, and the unexpected feelings blossoming for Nicola. The lines blur, and her heart becomes a battleground of conflicting desires.


Why Did Lucia And Nicola Fall Apart?

As the days pass, Lucia and Nicola find solace in their discreet and forbidden love, hiding their relationship from the prying eyes of others. However, Valentina’s keen observations raise suspicions, as she notices that both Lucia and Nicola are often missing at the same time. Feeling betrayed by her closest friend, Valentina decides to keep a watchful eye on Lucia. Valentina’s doubts are confirmed when she catches Lucia and Nicola together, and their once inseparable friendship takes a bitter turn. Valentina is hurt not as much by the deception as she is by the impending separation, knowing that Lucia is about to leave for Rome. She sees this newfound relationship as the last thread holding them together. Just as Valentina’s emotions begin to settle, a surprising twist unfolds when Omar reenters the picture. He claims that his father has finally accepted their relationship. However, Lucia’s heart is conflicted.

Deep down, she feels her feelings for Omar waning due to his inconsistent behavior, while Nicola has become a pillar of assurance and understanding. As the days go by, Lucia and Nicola’s relationship blossoms, and they find themselves happier than ever. Their bravery in saving the alpacas and children from the fire is recognized and celebrated, earning them well-deserved awards. Buoyed by her sense of purpose, Lucia takes a courageous step and works to protect the villa by requesting the mayor’s help to secure its status under a national trust, ensuring its legitimacy and preservation. The blooming romance between Lucia and Nicola in The Hottest Summer becomes very interesting to watch as the relationship between them changes and they face a significant challenge.

Nicola confides in Carlo, seeking advice on balancing his calling as a priest with his feelings for Lucia. Carlo suggests finding a middle ground, leading to a difference of opinion between Lucia and Nicola and creating a rift in their once harmonious bond. Faced with conflicting emotions and uncertainties, Lucia makes a heartbreaking decision to end her relationship with Nicola. Despite their shared history, Lucia realizes that Nicola’s inconsistency and the string of difficulties they faced make it an untenable partnership. She bravely chooses to move on, seeking stability and consistency in her life.

Nicola, burdened by the weight of his feelings, respects Lucia’s decision, and the two part ways at the end of The Hottest Summer. It’s a bittersweet farewell, filled with fond memories and the realization that their paths must diverge for their own growth and well-being. The tale leaves readers pondering the unpredictable nature of life, where love and ambition sometimes clash, leading to heartrending goodbyes. After five long years, Lucia and Nicola unexpectedly reunite. To Lucia’s surprise, Nicola has transformed into a changed man and a content family man. It becomes evident that after Lucia’s departure, Nicola found clarity and made the right choices in life. He now has a loving wife and an adorable baby girl named Livia.


Although content with his married life, there’s a subtle hint that Nicola still holds a lingering sentiment for Lucia. Despite their chance encounter, Lucia and Nicola recognize that they have moved on in their lives. Nicola’s happiness with his family doesn’t change. Lucia, too, has found happiness in her single life, cherishing her strong bond with Valentina as they continue their journey together.

The Hottest Summer imparts a valuable lesson about navigating complex situations with maturity and without causing harm to oneself or others. It embraces the idea that sometimes we may not end up with the person we desire, but that’s perfectly okay. Life offers various paths, and we have the freedom to lead our lives as we see fit. The film’s lighthearted approach conveyed through its characters and their realistic portrayals enables the audience to connect with the story on a personal level. It emphasizes the importance of making choices that align with our values and aspirations. While the film’s overall message is well-defined and relatable, there are some parts that may not perfectly encapsulate the essence of its core message. Nevertheless, The Hottest Summer succeeds in delivering an intriguing narrative that celebrates life’s twists and turns, making it an enjoyable and thought-provoking cinematic experience.


Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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