‘The Golden Spoon’ Episode 9 & 10: Recap And Ending – What Is The Last Rule Of The Spoon?

“The Golden Spoon” has become a sequence of twists as Seung Cheon keeps switching his parents. He swapped his parents with Tae Yong’s parents again, but this time, he had to pay the price. Tae Yong apparently murdered Ju Hee’s father, and hence, his father sent him to the USA. However, a 10-year leap into the future showed Seung Cheon in a miserable condition.


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How Did Seung Cheon Acquire Dosin Hightech?

Ten years have passed, and Tae Yong has appeared for an interview at the same hotel where he worked part-time. He impresses the panelists, but the son of the hotel owner is not amused because Tae Yong speaks French more fluently than him. He knew at that moment that he wouldn’t get the job. He has been working part-time jobs and has been hired as a security guard for the Amikus club’s party. Ju Hee wants to do an undercover investigation, and Tae Yong lets her into the party.


Seung Cheon has returned from the USA but hasn’t met his parents yet. When Yeo Jin finds out that he is at the party, she arrives right away. Yeo Jin runs her own business now and doesn’t have time for useless parties. Seung Cheon saves Ju Hee from getting caught by Yeo Jin, but she gets caught by Sun Tae in the end. Yet again, Seung Cheon requests Sun Tae to let Tae Yong and Ju Hee go and saves them.

Yeo Jin takes Seung Cheon to his home, and his father is disappointed to see him. He asks his son if he has any plans, but Seung Cheon straight up denies it. However, he claims that he will make his father proud within a week. The next day, Tae Yong finds Seung Cheon asleep on the street and buys him breakfast because his father has blocked his cards. Seung Cheon has become infamous for his irresponsible behavior.


Ju Hee has been investigating her father’s death but has only reached dead ends so far. She is not happy to see Seung Cheon but hopes that she will be able to find the truth. Seung Cheon has his name involved in many dating scandals, which relieves Jun Tae as it only improves his chances of inheriting the Dosin group. He is behind most of the rumors spread against Seung Cheon.

Seung Cheon may behave irresponsibly, but he has set up a company behind his father’s back. His secretary has been helping him as well. They do it secretly because Jun Tae has tried to kill Seung Cheon countless times in the USA, and it is a miracle he has survived. On the other hand, Tae Yong finds Seung Cheon’s old diary from high school, in which he has written about the golden spoon. However, he doesn’t understand anything after reading it.


Right before Sun Tae’s end of term as the CEO of Dosin Hightech, news about Seung Cheon’s drug abuse spreads like wildfire. Dosin’s stock prices start falling drastically, and that’s when Seung Cheon buys the majority of shares from Dosin Hightech after selling his own company. During the board of directors’ meeting to reinstate Jun Tae as the CEO, Seung Cheon makes a surprise appearance.

Seung Cheon exposes all of Sun Tae’s malpractices while he was the CEO and gets him fired. With the shares that he has acquired, Seung Cheon becomes the new CEO of Dosin Hightech. His father is impressed, but Jun Tae feels humiliated and meets with Ju Hee. He tells her that his father’s bloodstains were found on Seung Cheon’s clothes. Ju Hee pretends to have forgotten the past and asks Seung Cheon to give her an interview.

Why Did Seung Cheon Agree To Do an Interview With Ju Hee?

Seung Cheon previously refused to give an interview because he knew that Ju Hee had an ulterior motive. Yeo Jin gets happy to see that Seung Cheon said no to Ju Hee because she needs confirmation that Seung Cheon doesn’t have feelings for Ju Hee anymore. Seung Cheon’s father appreciates him for making a grand comeback, and they hold a family meeting for his wedding with Yeo Jin.

Seung Cheon’s stepmother is still mad at Seung Cheon and takes out her frustration on Yeo Jin. She humiliates Yeo Jin for her mediocre looks and subpar wealth compared to Seung Cheon. However, Seung Cheon defends her and tells his stepmother that he is marrying Yeo Jin because she has supported him for ten years. Yeo Jin is impressed, but Seung Cheon calls their relationship a business deal. 


Yeo Jin doesn’t like Seung Cheon’s demeanour towards her and thinks of reminding Seung Cheon that she has his golden spoon. Seung Cheon doesn’t know one final rule of the spoon that can still change his life. If anyone eats with Seung Cheon’s spoon, that person will find out about the switched identities. Ju Hee still hasn’t given up and meets with Seung Cheon’s stepmother to request an interview with Seung Cheon.

Ju Hee has a different motive for the visit and puts a spy camera in Seung Cheon’s room after failing to find any evidence. Seung Cheon’s stepmother interrupts her father’s meeting because Jun Tae tells her that she cannot do anything for him. It makes Seung Cheon’s father mad, and he threatens to expose her secret to Jun Tae. He knows that Jun Tae is her son and not a brother, while Jun Tae is not aware of it.


Seung Cheon agrees to do the interview with Ju Hee because he just cannot see her suffer. He also wants to prove to her that he didn’t kill her father. He visits her office, and Yeo Jin follows. She gets into a fight with Ju Hee and tells her to stay away from her fiance. Tae Yong sees Ju Hee and Seung Cheon together and gets jealous as well. He confesses to Ju Hee that he still likes her and will listen to her answer after he secures a job.

‘The Golden Spoon’ Episode 10: Ending Explained – What Is The Last Rule Of The Spoon?

Back at Tae Yong’s home, his father also reads about the golden spoon in Seung Choen’s diary, and he thinks that it is a fictional story that his son has written based on their poverty. Seung Cheon has become a CEO on his own, but his father still controls his business. However, Seung Cheon has no desire to obey him. He misses an important meeting with his father because he wants to have dinner with his real family.


Seung Cheon invites Tae Yong and his family to dinner at Alex Boo’s restaurant, and Alex recognizes Tae Yong. He had given a job offer to Tae Yong ten years ago, but Tae Yong had refused it. Seung Cheon’s father finds out about his plans and attends the dinner party as well. Seung Cheon’s family is subtly humiliated for being poor, and Seung Cheon is embarrassed.

Seung Cheon’s father doesn’t like him hanging out with Tae Yong’s family and tells him the real reason he sent him to the USA. He wanted Seung Cheon to experience the real world without anyone close around so that he would stop pitying others.


Seung Cheon goes ahead with his interview with Ju Hee and even invites her team to his home. Yeo Jin receives his picture together with Ju Hee and gets angry. She meets Tae Yong and makes him eat a meal with “The Golden Spoon.” Back at Seung Cheon’s home, Ju Hee finds the book that she had gifted the real Seung Cheon, which also has a letter in it. Seung Cheon is trapped by both sides, and his own supporter Yeo Jin has also turned against him.

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