‘The Golden Spoon’ Episode 7 & 8: Recap And Ending – Why Does Seung Cheon Move To The USA?

Seung Cheon used “The Golden Spoon” again to return to his real family, and with that, he returned to a life of poverty and endless problems. Tae Yong was in no better condition and could have murdered Ju Hee’s father. Sick of his poverty, Seung Cheon used the spoon again to become Tae Yong without knowing that Tae Yong was rich, but his life was twisted.


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Why Does Tae Yong Kidnap Yeo Jin’s Father?

When Seung Cheon finds out about Ju Hee’s father’s death, he asks his new father if he knows anything about how he died. His father is surprised and thinks that Seung Cheon has forgotten about the night he killed Ju Hee’s father. He hugs his son and tells him that he will always protect him, but Seung Cheon has no idea why his father suddenly gets emotional.


Seung Cheon’s stepmother tells him that he was brought home drunk, but she is surprised to hear that because Tae Yong had never gotten drunk before. Seung Cheon visits Ju Hee’s father’s funeral and sees Ju Hee’s brothers fighting over money. That’s when he finds out that his uncle, Seo Jun Tae, has bought shares in UBS TV.

Seung Cheon finds out about Alex Boo, who funded his uncle for his investment, and offers to take back all of his funds if he wants to create a business relationship with him. Seung Cheon defeats his uncle and tells his father that he doesn’t want those outside of their bloodline to meddle in their business and ruin their reputation.


Seung Cheon’s family is surfing a wave of good luck as Sung Ah gets promoted, his father gets a job, and his mother gets enough money to find them a better home. Seung Cheon is happy for them, but he still needs to take care of one more thing. Yeo Jin’s father had tried to harass his mother, and to avenge him, he reported him to the National Tax Service, who raided his office.

Jun Tae is aggrieved that Tae Yong blocked his way to the top, and with a grudge, he starts investigating what happened on the night Tae Yong was brought home drunk. He discovers that many things from that day were fabricated. Ju Hee’s brothers want Ju Hee to accept whatever inheritance they give her, but Tae Yong won’t let her sign the papers.


Later, Seung Cheon meets Ju Hee and tells her that she has to give up on the inheritance because most of it is debt. Seung Cheon has a meeting with his father and a surprise guest who turns out to be Alex Boo, but he leaves the meeting when he reads the text message from Sung Ah. Tae Yong has kidnapped Yeo Jin’s father and has run away.

Seung Cheon’s secretary locates Tae Yong, and they stop him before he can go any further. Seung Cheon tries to explain to Tae Yong why he shouldn’t act recklessly for the sake of his family, as they don’t have any money. However, Tae Yong tells him that he won’t live like a coward just because he is poor, and if Seung Cheon hadn’t interrupted him, he would have killed Yeo Jin’s father.


Yeo Jin doesn’t like how Seung Cheon is overpowering her and tells him that she saved Tae Yong from killing himself and that she owes him for that. Seung Cheon doesn’t understand why Tae Yong would try to kill himself. However, Seung Cheon gets a surprise when the police arrive at his home and arrest him on the charge of murder.

How Does Jun Tae Trap Seung Cheon?

Seung Cheon gets scared when he sees a tattoo on a police officer’s neck and realizes that he is not really a police officer. The thugs cover his face while he begs them to leave him alone. They drag him outside the car and uncover his face, only for him to be welcomed by a group of people.


Seo Jun Tae welcomes him to Amikus, a community of youngsters from upper-class families. It is new for Seung Cheon, and he barely recognizes anyone. However, Yeo Jin is there to help him. She tells him that the group does volunteer activities as a hobby, but stock market manipulation is the real aim of this group.

Jun Tae drugs Seung Cheon because he wants to know if he really killed Ju Hee’s father. Seung Cheon denies the allegations but starts saying that he is not Hwang Tae Yong but Lee Seung Cheon. Yeo Jin sees everything and reports it to Seung Cheon’s father later. Along with the information, she tells Seung Cheon’s father that she wants to get engaged to Seung Cheon, and in return, she will protect him.


Seung Cheon’s father beat Jun Tae for putting handcuffs on Seung Cheon and calling him a murderer, even if it was for a prank. He asks him directly if he wants to take Seung Cheon’s place in the family. Furthermore, Seung Cheon criticizes Jun Tae’s presentation in front of the company representatives, which agitates Jun Tae more.

Ju Hee has been thrown out of the house by her half-brothers for 500 million won, and she is staying in a hotel for now. She still believes that her father was murdered, and her old housemaid calls her and asks her for money if she wants to know who visited her father on the night he died. Yeo Jin hears Ju Hee and Tae Yong talking about it and informs Seung Cheon.


Seung Cheon needs to stop the housemaid from meeting Ju Hee, but the housemaid gets hit by a truck and dies. Ju Hee notices Seung Cheon at the accident location, but she has to look after Tae Yong, who gets a panic attack after seeing the accident. Seung Cheon’s father had given money to the housemaid to keep her mouth shut, and he had to kill her for her betrayal.

Seung Cheon’s stepmother finds out the jacket that has Ju Hee’s father’s bloodstains and gives it to her brother to threaten Seung Cheon’s father. Jun Tae asks Seung Cheon’s father to give him all the bonds and shares under his son’s name and also to send him to the USA. Seung Cheon’s father has no choice but to send his son abroad if he doesn’t want him to end up in prison.


Seung Cheon doesn’t believe that Tae Yong could have killed anyone in the USA, as Jun Tae had told him. While packing for his things, Seung Cheon finds an old magazine from his school in the USA and finds Jun Tae’s picture in it. If he has to go to the USA, he makes sure that he will uncover the truth behind the accident that traumatized Tae Yong.

“The Golden Spoon” Episode 8 Ending

Seung Cheon sent a text message to Ju Hee to inform her that he was leaving the country, and Ju Hee managed to meet him at the last moment. She wanted to ask him why he was leaving urgently, but they did not have enough time. She thinks that Seung Cheon murdered her father and starts blaming him. On the other hand, Tae Yong faces what Seung Cheon had faced in the past.


Tae Yong sees his parents struggling with money again, and he cries about their poverty. At the same time, he gets a call from Alex Boo, whom he had met by chance. Alex has a golden spoon with him and asks Tae Yong if he wants to become rich.

“The Golden Spoon” has a new twist every week, and this time, we go 10 years into the future, where a lot has changed. Tae Yong is seen wearing a suit, and he approaches a homeless man in fancy clothes, who turns out to be Seung Cheon. Is Alex’s golden spoon the same as Seung Cheon’s, and did Tae Yong use it to get rich? If so, it has to have something to do with Seung Cheon’s substandard living.


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