‘The Golden Spoon’ Episode 5 & 6: Recap And Ending – Why Does Seung Cheon Use The Spoon Again?

There is another person who has used “The Golden Spoon,” and she knows about Seung Cheon’s changed identity. Jang Nara exchanged her parents for Oh Yeo Jin’s some time ago, and she knows Seung Cheon’s truth. Seung Cheon got worried when his real father got hospitalized and called him “Dad” without being aware of the presence of his new father.


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Where Is Seung Cheon A Year Later?

Seung Cheon’s new father gets confused when his son calls someone else as “Dad”, but Seung Cheon gives an excuse that he thought his father was injured as well, so he shouts “Dad” without seeing who it is. Seung Cheon’s real father got injured while working for his new father’s company, and Seung Cheon stayed behind in the hospital to maintain the reputation of the company, which cared about its company workers.


Seung Cheon feels guilty and thinks that his father has received punishment for his swapping. He doesn’t want them to suffer and runs to find the old woman to ask her to give his old parents back. The old woman already knows what has been happening in Seung Cheon’s life and is waiting for him, but he only has time until sunset to meet the woman. Seung Cheon fetches the golden spoon from his house, but his step-uncle gets into a fight with him.

Seung Cheon reaches the old woman’s spot after sunset and finds no one. However, the old woman was waited for him and showed herself. She told him the solution to swap his parents back. The solution is easy, and he only needs to eat one meal at his real home with the golden spoon. Seung Cheon’s sister catches him eating rice at their home sneakily and calls him Seung Cheon, not Tae Yong.


Tae Yong had bought a new pair of socks for his new mother, but suddenly, he changed back to his real self and forgot about his new family. He returns to his real family, but his habits have changed. He asks for Kimchi Jjigae as soon as he wakes up and calls for his mother. His secretary is confused as to why Tae Yong is acting weird again. Seung Cheon created a positive and confident image for Tae Yong.

Tae Yong’s father asks him if he bought a new apartment for Seung Cheon’s family. Tae Yong has no idea about it but slightly remembers having done something like that. His father tells him off for being too generous to the poor. Tae Yong doesn’t remember his life as Seung Cheon, but he remains familiar with his habits as Seung Cheon.


Seung Cheon is back with his real family, and their financial problems are never-ending. Seung Cheon’s father’s employer lost his contract because of the accident and also got his car damaged because Seung Cheon’s father fell on it. The employer demands a hundred million won in compensation.

Seung Cheon sees that the only possible way to get the money is to ask Tae Yong’s father. However, Tae Yong’s father declines Seung Cheon’s request. Ju Hee was concerned about Seung Cheon and asked her father for money, but he refused it as well. Ju Hee sells her luxurious bags to gather money for him, but just when she is about to give him the money, Oh Yeo Jin offers him money first.

A year later, Tae Yong and his rich friends hold a get-together, and Yeo Jin asks Ju Hee if she is in touch with Seung Cheon. Seung Cheon cut off contact with Ju Hee after they graduated from high school. No one knows what Seung Cheon is up to except Yeo Jin, who texts Seung Cheon to meet her after work. Seung Cheon arrives at the party to pick up Yeo Jin but doesn’t even talk to Ju Hee.

Seung Cheon and his family have been working at Yeo Jin’s house to repay the hundred million won they borrowed. Seung Cheon doesn’t like his parents working like slaves for someone else, but they have no choice. After finding out that Seung Cheon works for Yeo Jin, both Ju Hee and Tae Yong visit Yeo Jin’s house at the same time when Yeo Jin is not home.


Yeo Jin and Seung Cheon meet at the lakeside, and Yeo Jin tells him the truth about her swapped parents and also that she knows about Seung Cheon’s swapped identity. She asks Seung Cheon whether he wants to live as Tae Yong again. When he denies wanting to do so, she throws away his golden spoon in the lake. While at Yeo Jin’s home, Tae Yong finds a golden spoon hidden in a vase.

What Happened To Tae Yong In The USA?

Yeo Jin only tested Seung Cheon on whether he desired to become Tae Yong again. She still has the real golden spoon and waits for Seung Cheon to come to her again. On the other hand, Tae Yong thinks that the golden spoon is just another trend and proceeds to have dinner at Yeo Jin’s place.


Tae Yong sees Seung Cheon’s parents getting treated disrespectfully by Yeo Jin’s father and asks him if he pays them for their work. Tae Yong tells Seung Cheon’s mother that he would be embarrassed if he was their son. Seung Cheon’s mother urges her husband to find another job so that they can pay their debt. Not long after this incident, Yeo Jin’s father informs Seung Cheon’s family to pay the debt within a week.

Yeo Jin wants to own the Dosin group, and that’s the only reason she wants Seung Cheon to become Tae Yong. She made her father ask Seung Cheon’s family to repay the debt so that Seung Cheon could taste poverty. All of his family members are trying their best to make more money, and Seung Cheon invests his savings and his sister’s loan into stocks.


Ju Hee’s father has been facing a loss in his business, and Tae Yong’s father has removed his investment from his company. When Ju Hee’s father meets Tae Yong’s father, the situation only worsens, and they break off Tae Yong and Ju Hee’s engagement. Tae Yong is not happy about his father’s decision, and his stepmother finds his weak point when she sees him getting worked up over Ju Hee. On the other hand, Seung Cheon takes Ju Hee out on a date after he finds out about his father’s business.

Tae Yong told his secretary to find out more about the accident he was involved in in the USA. He takes him to his stepmother’s room, where he finds old newspaper articles about him. He finds out that the reporter related to the case is missing and that he was close to Ju Hee’s father. Ju Hee’s father tells Tae Yong that he has actually killed the people, and he covers it up.


‘The Golden Spoon’ Episode 6 Ending

Tae Yong sees a nightmare in which he finds Ju Hee’s father dead and her crying beside him. However, when he wakes up, he finds out from his father that Ju Hee’s father is actually dead. Tae Yong goes crazy and runs away from home. He thinks that he killed Ju Hee’s father and tries to commit suicide by running erratically on the road, but Yeo Jin saves him.

Seung Cheon sees his mother getting harassed by Yeo Jin’s father and tries to confront him, but Yeo Jin stops him. Yeo Jin’s father is too powerful and Seung Cheon will get into more trouble if he gets in his way. He later faces a huge loss in the stocks he invested in and loses all of his money.


Seung Cheon’s family has already moved out of their house, but Seung Cheon rushes to Tae Yong’s house. He eats another meal with the golden spoon again and becomes Tae Yong, but he doesn’t know what lies ahead of him. Real Tae Yong could have murdered Ju Hee’s father, and Seung Cheon would have had to bear its weight.

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