‘The Golden Spoon’ Episode 3 & 4: Recap And Ending – Who Else Has Used The Golden Spoon?

Seung Cheon has changed his identity to Tae Yong with the help of “The Golden Spoon,” and he has been living his new life recklessly. He was bullied by rich kids when he was Seung Cheon, but as Tae Yong, he has the power to bully the rich kids. He pointed a loaded gun at Jang Gu, his bully, but he had to be careful because he didn’t know whether the power of the spoon came with any cons.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does The Letter Scare Seung Cheon?

Seung Cheon fires a blank shot at Jang Gun and saves Tae Yong from his torture. His secretary, Mun Ki, is surprised because the real Tae Yong would not even dare hold a gun in his hand because of his traumatic past. Seung Cheon waits to meet his new father in his office and finds out his written will. He hasn’t left anything from his huge estate to his son. However, he doesn’t bring up the topic of the will right away but informs him about the incident with Jang Gun before he finds out from someone else.


Both Seung Cheon and Tae Yong have the same birthday, and this time they get to celebrate it differently. Seung Cheon couldn’t care less about his birthday and planned to surprise and impress his new father. He bought shares of his father’s company and gave them to him again. He has taken the first step to inherit the Doshin group, and his father is surely impressed. Ju Hee’s father has arranged the birthday party for Seung Cheon, but Ju Hee hasn’t shown up yet. She visits Tae Yong instead and celebrates his birthday with him.

When Tae Yong finds out that Ju Hee is attending Seung Cheon’s party next, he tags along with her. Seung Cheon isn’t really happy with Tae Yong’s arrival but bears with him. Seung Cheon’s mother asks him to follow the birthday tradition and play the piano piece, but Tae Yong goes further and plays it. He surprises everyone, but Ju Hee has a bigger surprise for Seung Cheon. The old lady had given her a letter to deliver to Seung Cheon. The old lady had forgotten to tell him that the exchanged family members should not see each other.


Seung Cheon starts to look for Tae Yong everywhere, but Yeo Jin has taken him out for a coffee. His father is also in the business building, and Seung Cheon stops him from seeing Tae Yong at the last moment. Ju Hee visits her friend Na Ra’s memorial and comes to work late at night. On her way back home, a man attacks her, but thanks to Seung Cheon, she saves herself. The man is Ju Hee’s dead friend, Nara’s father. Nara was expelled from school because she stole Ju Hee’s watch, and she passed away soon after. Nara’s father blames Ju Hee for his daughter’s death and holds a grudge against her.

A shabby woman has been looking for the old woman in search of the golden spoon. She seems to have used the golden spoon before, but she looks poor now. Seung Cheon realizes that he has lost the letter, and the next day in school, he gets a cryptic message. The mysterious sender claims to know that Seung Cheon is not the real Tae Yong. Seung Cheon doubts that Tae Yong has sent the message, but when he calls the number, someone else’s phone rings.


Who Has Been Sending The Prank Texts?

Seung Cheon confirms that Tae Yong is not the sender of the message, and he starts doubting everyone in the class. Later, one of his classmates, Dong Kyung tells him that he put the envelope in Seung Cheon’s book, but he didn’t see a letter in it. Seung Cheon needs to find the person before his secret gets out. His suspicion goes to Ju Hee after he realizes that she gave him the letter in the first place. He tries to check her mobile phone but gets caught. However, Ju Hee shows him that she didn’t send him any prank texts.

After a while, Seung Cheon recalls something Ju Hee had told him about Oh Yeo Jin. Jang Nara, Ju Hee’s friend, used to live in a room at Yeo Jin’s house for rent. Seung Cheon has this unintelligible doubt that Nara has swapped lives with Yeo Jin and already knows about the golden spoon. He asks Yeo Jin to visit Nara’s memorial with him and, after coming back, asks her if it is true that she is not Oh Yeo Jin. At the same time, Yeo Jin gets a similar text message, and it turns out that everyone in the class has received a similar message.


Jang Gun had sent the messages to everyone for fun, but his classmates weren’t amused by it At least the message mystery is solved for Seung Cheon, but Yeo Jin is still on his radar. Yeo Jin pretended not to know Nara well, but she talked about her father despicably, as if she had experienced his abusive behavior personally. While on his way back, Seung Cheon sees his real father working at a construction site and getting scolded by his boss.

Seung Cheon feels pitiful for his father and thinks that he is better off without him as his son. He looks at his real family from afar and thinks that the best he can do is support them from a distance. He buys an apartment for his real family and sends his assistant to his sister’s workplace to offer her the home at a low price. Seung Cheon’s stepmother comes to know about this and hires someone to spy on him.


Seung Cheon had no worries about the golden spoon until he got the text message, and now Tae Yong also remembers having a golden spoon. Tae Yong searches for the golden spoon in his house, and his sister mocks him. His mother had to sell her gold ring to pay his high school fees, and that’s the only piece of gold they ever had. He becomes determined to find the golden spoon and turn it into a ring for his mother.

Tae Yong thinks that he left the golden spoon at his real home because he remembers having meals there. He goes there unannounced when Seung Cheon isn’t home. This gives him a lot of time with his real stepmother, and she starts noticing his similar habits and preferences to her stepson. Seung Cheon runs into his room as soon as he arrives home and catches Tae Yong with the golden spoon. Tae Yong seems to have forgotten the map of the house and his room.


Seung Cheon often hears about the tragic incident that happened with Tae Yong in the USA, but he doesn’t know whom to ask about it. The pills that he takes are for panic attacks, and he gives them to Tae Yong, thinking he might need them someday. Tae Yong encounters his real father on his way back home and gets scared. Even if his memories have altered, his senses are still in place, and he gets a panic attack in the middle of the road.

‘The Golden Spoon’ Episode 4: Ending

Among all the mess Seung Cheon has created, there is an eyewitness to it all. The day Seung Cheon and Tae Yong got into a fight and swapped their parents, Yeo Jin was an eyewitness and knew who had fallen into the water and who ran away. Seung Cheon’s doubt is clarified when Yeo Jin brings out her hidden golden spoon. Nara swapped lives with Yeo Jin to live away from her father and be rich. However, it is unclear how the real Yeo Jin died and whether Nara had something to do with her death.


Seung Cheon’s real father gets injured while dealing with the protestors’ mob and gets admitted to the hospital. Seung Cheon hurries to the hospital and blurts out “Dad” after seeing him on the bed. Surprisingly, his new father is also present there and looks at Seung Cheon with confusion. “The Golden Spoon” has mystical powers, but every good thing comes with a price, and Seung Cheon might face consequences that he has not imagined yet.

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