‘The Glory’ Episodes 7 And 8: Recap And Ending, Explained: What To Expect In Part 2?

The last two episodes of “The Glory” are filled with hints about what’s to come in Part 2. Both Dong-Eun and Yeon-Jin have their fangs all out, which will lead to a bloody outcome. In the previous two episodes, we saw that Dong-Eun had formed a team of loyal friends to support her revenge plot. Do-Yeong, Yeon-Jin’s husband, and the rest of the gang, including Yeon-Jin, have been threatened by Myeong-O (or so they think) and are all looking for him, but we know he’s dead. Will Dong-Eun reveal herself as the threat? How will things turn out for her in the end?


Spoilers Ahead

Episode 7: Recap – The Hunt Begins 

Episode 6 of “The Glory” ended with Yeo-Jeong seeing Dong-Eun’s injuries and agreeing to join her “hunt.” Do-Yeong looks through his wedding photos to find Myeong-O and asks Yeon-Jin about him. She asks him if Myeong-O threatened him, and Do-Yeong replies that her friends are strange, as even Jae-Jun asked the same thing. Yeo-Jeong’s mother finds the letter he received from prison. It turns out it’s a threatening message from his father’s murderer. At his home, Yeo-Jeong imagines killing the man who killed his father with a knife to his stomach and neck. Dong-Eun receives the bag full of cash (in dollars) from Sa-Ra. She reveals to Hyeon-Nam’s daughter that she plans on sending her abroad and has the money for it. Jae-Jun joins Hye-Jeong on her wedding dress trial to get insight into Yeon-Jin’s husband. When she asks if Yeon-Jin and Jae-Jun are still a thing, he replies that someone like her would never be good enough for him. Jae-Jun then goes to see Ye-Sol and confirms her colorblindness, telling her he’ll protect her from now on. Sa-Ra and Hye-Jeong go to Myeong-O’s home and find Jae-Jun’s stolen watch and clothes there. They also find his ticket to Russia and his passport and realize he hasn’t left. They meet Yeon-Jin, and she suggests reporting him to the police, but Sa-Ra is highly against it, considering he’s her drug supplier. Dong-Eun secretly delivers money to the men who tailed her for the accident in cash. Hyeon-Nam follows her to get the men. Yeo-Jeong tells his therapist he won’t go to her anymore because she can’t solve his problem. Jae-Jun meets a lawyer and asks him how he can get custody of Ye-Sol.


The lawyer tells him his best-case scenario would be the parents getting divorced because, legally, Do-Yeong is her father. Hyeon-Nam gives Dong-Eun proof that the men tailing her were Yeon-Jin’s men because they met with an ex-cop who is Yeon-Jin’s mother’s friend after seeing her. Dong-Eun is sure that they killed Myeong-O for Yeon-Jin and also thinks he met Yeon-Jin before he died. The person who killed Seo-Hee was, in fact, Yeon-Jin, and Dong-Eun saw her do it and even has proof; what she needed from Myeong-O was to get a confession from Yeon-Jin. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to give her that. Hye-Jyeong begs Dong-Eun to not tell her mother-in-law about their past at least until she gets married, saying that she will be on her side and do anything she asks for. Dong-Eun tells her to report Myeong-O missing at the police station. Jae-Jun meets with Yeon-Jin and asks her if she has anything to tell him, letting her know that he knows Ye-Sol is his daughter. He then visits Ye-Sol’s school and meets Do-Yeong there, joking about having a secret love child but then saying he’s here to meet an old friend—the homeroom teacher, Moon Dong-Eun. Do-Yeong is shocked to see her as the “crazy” teacher Yeon-Jin hates.

Episode 8: Recap: Cruelty Like This Hurts A Lot

Jae-Jun and Do-Yeong continue their conversation from the previous episode, and Jae-Jun tests Do-Yeong’s patience by provoking him. We see another flashback of young Dong-Eun being harassed by Myeong-O and Jae-Jun, and in the present, as Jae-Jun meets Dong-Eun on the school premises, he reminds her of that day and goes so far as to grab her hand and “blow” at her wound. Dong-Eun fights it through and tells him that if he wants Ye-Sol for himself, he needs to ally up with Dong-Eun and not Yeon-Jin. Yeon-Jin later finds out from Ye-Sol that Do-Yeong visited the school, and that Jae-Jun was there too. Do-Yeong meets Hye-Jeong to find out what happened between Yeon-Jin and Dong-Eun in school. Hye-Jeong tells him that it all began because Dong-Eun refused to clean the toilets when it was Yeon-Jin’s turn to do so, and so Yeon-Jin made Myeong-O beat her up. Yeon-Jin tells Do-Yeong to keep away from the “Pandora’s Box” that is her school life and reminds him that he likes her for her status and her beauty. Yeo-Jeong’s mother meets her husband’s murderer in prison and asks him why he’s sending letters to her son. He tells her he’s doing it because he’s bored.


The gang tries to figure out who reported Myeong-O missing to the police, and Sa-Ra makes a scene because she will be the first to get caught. Dong-Eun tells Hyeon-Nam she’s sending her daughter abroad and that Dong-Eun will do the job of killing Hyeon-Nam’s husband when the daughter is abroad. Yeon-Jin finds out where Dong-Eun is and realizes it’s directly in front of her own house. Do-Yeong confronts Dong-Eun and asks her if she approached him on purpose and even learned the game of Go for her schemes, which she very easily admits to. He then asks her for her side of the story because she “claims” to be a victim. In the meantime, Yeon-Jin illegally enters Dong-Eun’s house and sees everything she has about them on her walls. She lights up a cigarette, claiming that she made a mistake by harassing Dong-Eun; she should’ve just killed her instead. As it looks like she’s about to light the house on fire, Do-Yeong walks into the house. Yeo-Jeong finds Seo-Hee’s body missing from the mortuary.

‘The Glory’ Part 1: Ending Explained – Will Do-Yeong Take Dong-Eun’s Side?

Dong-Eun’s plan seems to be faltering just as it is coming together. Seo-Hee’s body is missing, Yeon-Jin hasn’t confessed to killing her, and Myeong-O, her inside man, is dead too soon. Is she in way over her head? We hope Hyeon-Nam and Yeo-Jeong don’t become collateral damage while helping Dong-Eun. Revenge is a lonely path to follow. Dong-Eun’s character in the show suffers terribly, but we see her overcome the hurdles in her way slowly and surely all by herself, gaining support from nice people. Ye-Sol turns out to be a kind child, even with her terrible parents. What will Do-Yeong do about her not being his own? Will his love for Ye-Sol make him take Dong-Eun’s side? Teacher Chu seems to be someone who might end up on Yeon-Jin’s team inside the school. With Dong-Eun’s plan already in motion, there isn’t much Yeon-Jin can do now, even after finding all of Dong-Eun’s “work.” Even those with influence can be brought down the right way, and Dong-Eun will show us how. The fallen have risen and have brought their all, so we’re ready to see Part 2 of “The Glory” right now!


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