‘The Glory’ Episodes 5 And 6: Recap And Ending, Explained – How Will The Four Monsters Strike Back?

Things are getting really intense in “The Glory,” with Dong-Eun marching on her way to the top of her revenge game. With Hyeon-Nam helping her, she has all the information she needs to get the five perpetrators for what they did to her. In the previous episodes, we saw Dong-Eun’s male friend and potential romantic interest (it’s going to happen for sure) showing up out of the blue and giving her his contact information. Will she be reaching out, and if so, how much of the truth will she let him know? We know Jae-Jun is the real father of Ye-Sol because of their shared color blindness, and we know Do-Yeong, Yeon-Jin’s husband, is enjoying playing Go with Dong-Eun. Now that Dong-Eun is Ye-Sol’s homeroom teacher, what is her next step going to be?


Spoilers Ahead

Episode 5: Recap – Me-Mori (I am Dead)

Do-Yeong visits Dong-Eun at a convenience store to have a chat and asks her a few questions about herself. She, of course, dodges all the questions, but he finally introduces himself to her as Ha Do-Yeong. Hyeon-Nam gives Dong-Eun her bills and remarks that revenge is expensive, to which Dong-Eun writes back that she has a lot of money saved up for this purpose and not to worry. We see the two are getting closer, and Dong-Eun is actually worried about her calling her “aunt.” Yeon-Jin tries to bribe Dong-Eun at the school, and the weird teacher, Chu, happens to see them together in the classroom. Dong-Eun lets Yeon-Jin know that she knows her daughter is colorblind and tells her that she would never harm Ye-Sol, but she has the capability to break her marriage with the information she has. Jae-Jun receives an anonymous package with Ye-Sol’s toothbrush in it. Yeon-Jin tries to convince Do-Yeong to send Ye-Sol abroad or give Yeon-Jin a chance to speak to the chairman because she thinks the homeroom teacher is “crazy.” Do-Yeong thinks it’s a weird request. Yeon-Jin visits her mother, who has a close friend who is an ex-cop and asks him to get all the information he can on Dong-Eun. Yeo-Jeong is seen receiving therapy. Hyeon-Nam manages to pick up Hye-Jeong’s phone. Dong-Eun confronts Sa-Ra and hands her a bag to fill with money. Dong-Eun contacts Yeo-Jeong again, and he excitedly asks to meet her. They met at the same park where he taught her to play Go. She asks him about a tablet but then later tells him this was an excuse to see him. She is here only to say goodbye permanently. Dong-Eun meets with Myeong-O, and he asks her which of the four she thinks killed So-Hee. Myeong-O buys himself a one-way ticket to Russia and then sets up meetings with all four members of the group, only to end up dead. Is it at the hands of one of them?


Episode 6: Recap- Injuries, not scars 

Yeo-Jeong decides to move out to where Dong-Eun is currently residing. In their last conversation, she told him she didn’t need a prince who could make her happy but an executioner to support her. Yeon-Jin goes to the shaman as she is afraid for Ye-Sol, more than anything, for her finding out what her mother has done in the past. Teacher Chu attempts to harass Dong-Eun verbally, but she manages to fight back after these many years of oppression, finding an enemy at school once again. Hyeon-Nam tells Dong-Eun that Myeong-O has been missing since the day he bought his plane ticket, and Dong-Eun conjectures that he’s been murdered. Do-Yeong’s construction firm’s Go arena is ready, and he is excited at the sight of his dream. Sa-Ra is going insane from not having her drugs, and Yeon-Jin has scratches on her foot. Hye-Jeong has a rich boyfriend, and they’re about to be married, so she’s going ring shopping, looking for a rock bigger than Yeon-Jin’s. Dong-Eun gets tailed by Yeon-Jin’s men; she causes them to bump into her car so as to get rid of them before meeting Hyeon-Nam. Do-Yeong receives a photo of him and Dong-Eun at the convenience store along with Myeong-O’s card. Do-Yeong visits Jae-Jun to find out where Myeong-O is, as he can’t reach him, and notices that Jae-Jun is smoking the same cigarettes as Yeon-Jin. Dong-Eun finds herself getting dizzy as she hears the sound of meat barbecuing and ends up visiting Yeo-Jeong’s new home (he told her he moved nearby). She tells him her entire story, and he asks her why she can’t let it go since she’s the better person. She then showed him her scars. He tells her they’re injuries, not scars, and that he will be her executioner and do anything she needs to get back at these people.

‘The Glory’ Episode 6: Ending Explained: How Will The Four Monsters Strike Back?

Dong-Eun’s plan of action is fully in motion now, and she has three dear people on her side. Aunt Hyeon-Nam, Yeo-Jeong, and Seong-Hui, all of whom are terribly loyal to her; we’re hoping she doesn’t lose any of them in the battle. Our bet is that Yeon-Jin did, in fact, meet Myeong-O alone and kill him (how else could her feet have been scratched?). Yeo-Jeong’s secret is not out yet, but we learned previously that his father was murdered in the hospital by a patient, and he’s probably in therapy for the same reason. Jae-Jun is now suspicious that he’s Ye-Sol’s dad and is sure going to throw a fit once he finds out. Dong-Eun plans on making Yeon-Jin live a lonely life and is slowly removing everyone important to her from her side. How far will she go next, and which weed will she pull out first? With Myeong-O out of the picture, the person she was most afraid of, things seemed to be getting easier for her. Since we know there’s a part 2 coming in March, we’re betting there’s going to be no more deaths in part 1! 


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