‘The Gentlemen’ Episode 3 Recap Spoilers: Why Did Mercy Let Freddy And Eddie Go?

The second episode of The Gentlemen ended with Jethro having possibly been killed by Felix on the orders of Susie. Eddie was able to close all the holes in his story that would direct Gospel to them for Tommy’s murder. Eddie reveals the cannabis business to Freddy. As the Duke of Halstead, Eddie wanted to get out of the business, he proposed the idea to Susie and her father, Robert Glass, about leaving his estate within a year after gathering enough profit. 


Spoilers Ahead

Who Robbed Jimmy?

The third episode of The Gentlemen began with a high Jimmy meeting Gabrielle at a diner on his way to deliver a van full of cannabis, and they hit it off. Jimmy was smitten by Gabrielle and the attention she was showering on him, and they continued to keep talking about the food they ordered. Gabrielle stole his van keys and passed them on to someone to carry out the deed. Jimmy was left with no car after his meal, and that was the last time he was ever seen. 


What Did Tonibler Want?

Tonibler was the prospective client for whom Jimmy was making the delivery. The man had paid for the cannabis, but it never showed up, so Susie requested a few days to retrieve the car and her employee. Tonibler was a car dealer and was a part of the drug supply network as well. He wanted to steal a Lamborghini Huracan from Mercy, another luxury car dealer who had a super exclusive clientele. Mercy’s garage was a highly secure one, and stealing a car from under their nose would be a difficult job. Susie shared the concern with Eddie, and he was expected to get the job done in a few days because the car was expected to be transported to a new place. Eddie was informed this job would give Susie some time to locate the van filled with cannabis and Jimmy. If Eddie could steal the car, it would ease off the pressure of delivering the actual drugs Susie was supposed to deliver. 

Did Sabrina Have A Secret?

Sabrina was made aware of the new business Eddie and Freddy had ventured into, and she was worried about her children all the time. Since her husband’s passing, Geoffrey has been her friend and solace. He happens to understand her concerns as a mother who would not want any harm to befall her children. From the conversation, it is implied that Geoffrey and Sabrina might have been lovers at one point, but her marriage to the Duke became a point of contention between the two. Sabrina’s words also make the viewers wonder if the father of one of her sons was Geoffrey, which was why he was extra interested in helping Eddie and Freddy get any kind of work done without any hassle or questions asked.


How Did Eddie Plan To Steal The Expensive Car?

Eddie asked Freddy and his wife to pose as a lucrative Russian oligarch couple who were interested in buying an ultra-luxury vehicle from Mercy. This would make it easy for them to create distractions in the garage and allow Eddie to work on duplicating the key. The plan worked like clockwork, and the three of them were successful in distracting everyone from the garage. The time Freddy’s wife spent test-driving the vehicle was enough for Eddie to duplicate the key. The Duke was shocked to see a tiny finger in the drawer where the keys were left unattended and wondered if Mercy was far worse than any of them were led to believe. It was obvious Mercy, and her team were ruthless, and Eddie was worried about stealing from them, but he had to finish the task. 

Eddie and Freddy returned in the evening to steal the car; and the former created a distraction to make sure he entered the garage. Even though Freddy was asked to leave the premises to avoid being caught, the older brother stayed back to prove his mettle. Eddie, on the way to pick up the Lamborghini Huracan, saved a man who was held hostage, and he quickly learned he was the man whose fingers were cut off by Mercy. On the way back from stealing the car and carrying out a rescue mission, he learned from the maimed man that the car carried cocaine worth a lot of money. This man was killed by a speeding truck not before he revealed he had worked for Tonibler and had tried to steal the same vehicle but was caught and maimed by Mercy.


Eddie was quick to conclude that Tonibler lied to them from the start, and they were not ready to get embroiled in any other gang, which could potentially start a war between the two. He also learned that Mercy was not just the owner of the dealership; she was a hardcore gangster who would brutally punish those who betrayed her.

Was Freddy Caught By Mercy?

Eddie was quick to reveal the real face of Tonibler and how the man could be pushing Susie and him to the brink of a gang war with Mercy. Susie was surprised by these revelations, and realized the situation could get worse and wanted answers from the man who assigned them the job. Eddie was horrified to know Freddy had been taken hostage by Mercy and her team, and he was sure the woman would not hesitate to kill his brother. Freddy had hung around the garage in the hope of helping his brother, but ended up getting caught instead. Freddy had been trying to act smart throughout, and it had only gotten him in trouble, with Eddie eventually saving him and salvaging the situation. Eddie and Susie only had one option to save Freddy from being brutally killed by Mercy, and that was to present a fair deal that would benefit her the most.

Why Did Mercy Let Freddy And Eddie Go?

Eddie and Susie delivered Tonibler along with the Lamborghini Huracan and the stolen cocaine in the trunk. Eddie had to bring out the big guns to make sure Freddy got out of this mess alive. There was no other option but to offer Mercy something that would make her reconsider her decision to kill his brother. Freddy was a fool, and despite that, Eddie rescued him from several situations purely out of the love and respect he had for him. Since he was the duke, he had a responsibility towards the family, and saving Freddy was a top priority. He wanted Susie off the property in a year, and this hostage situation proved that family meant a lot to Eddie.

Mercy was initially not keen on letting Freddy go after being offered Tonibler. The woman took betrayal very seriously, and she wanted everyone to suffer for trying to steal from and lie to her right from the start. Freddy and Eddie had no way out but to keep hearing her ranting about loyalty and the ruthlessness with which she carried out business. She was not willing to accept an apology from anyone for betraying her. It was obvious Mercy would kill Tonibler, but not before she forced Freddy to watch her carry out the act. Mercy butchered Tonibler to death with a machete, and Freddy had to witness it. She believed Freddy and Eddie had to pay for the crime, and witnessing a man being murdered mercilessly was the punishment. Susie, Eddie, and Freddy left Mercy’s garage, and the older brother could not hold the sight of a man being killed and hurled one too many times.


The Gentlemen episode 3 ended with Gabrielle speaking to Jimmy in the hope of knowing more about him and the kind of work he was involved in. The episode ended with Gabrielle and two more people burning the van containing cannabis, blowing up the vehicle. Gabrielle could be a part of an anti-drug movement. Her plans to meet Jimmy and understand him could be to get herself access to the manufacturing unit. Gabrielle was initially thought to be someone who was Susie’s rival, but it turns out she and her friends might be trying to send out a message. 

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