‘The Gentleman’ Episode 2 Recap Spoilers: Is Jethro Dead Or Alive?

Episode one of The Gentlemen ended with Freddy getting overwhelmed by the humiliation he was put through and killing Tommy Dixon. Tommy Dixon was adamant about wanting to record Freddy in a chicken costume. Tommy Dixon had reduced the debt on Susie’s request, and the chicken dance was something he wanted in return for it. The second episode would probably have Freddy facing the repercussions of his actions and Eddie again jumping into action to save his brother. 


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Jethro Try To Run Away?

The Gentlemen episode 2 was a continuation of the first episode, and it began with the aftermath of Tommy Dixon’s murder. Jethro witnessed the dead body of his associate and initially promised to stay mum about Tommy’s death. He soon tried to run away from the estate to avoid getting killed by one of them. Jethro was on their property, and his fear for his life was palpable. He was eventually cornered by Freddy, Eddie, and Geoffrey and brought back to the bunker. He was kept captive until matters had been sorted out inside the mansion. Jethro tried to send an SOS message to Tommy’s brother, but it turned out to be gibberish, and Freddy threw the phone into a water body nearby.


Who Was Called To Clean Up The Mess?

This was the first time Eddie’s witnessed a murder in close quarters, and he had no clue how to fix the mess created by his brother. Freddy, on the other hand, was on a high after killing the man who humiliated him. Since Susie was a part of their inner circle, she was in touch with many people who were criminals and had a different kind of skill set; Felix was one of them. Susie knew Felix was an expert in cleaning up messes after a murder, and he would know the right way to dispose of the body in a manner no law enforcement body would be able to locate.

What Was Eddie’s Plan To Save His Brother?

Eddie knew they needed to come up with a story to save themselves from Tommy’s brothers coming after them. Eddie planned to pin the death of Tommy on Jethro, who they would paint as having made off with the money. Meanwhile, they would send the young man to Australia, away from the noise, to start a new life. Susie and Felix believed Jethro needed to be killed because he was the only eyewitness. Eddie insisted the young boy was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and should be given a chance to live. 


What Did Gospel Suspect?

Gospel was Tommy’s older brother, and he was a pastor during the day and a gangster during the night. He was informed by his associate about Tommy going off the radar after reaching the mansion of the Duke of Halstead. Gospel wondered if Freddy was responsible for his brother’s disappearance and came by looking for them on the grounds. Eddie, as per the plan, was quick to stick to the story and blame Jethro. He made up a false narrative about Tommy and Jethro getting into an altercation, and they probably got into an argument leading to Tommy’s death on the way back. Gospel had to believe the story because he did not find any holes in it and wanted to locate Jethro. 

How Did Eddie Get The Gunshot Wound?

Since Eddie and Susie had decided to ship Jethro off to Australia, he needed his passport. As Eddie headed to Jethro’s apartment in the city to retrieve the same, he witnessed the presence of another man who was probably there looking for Jethro as well but was sent by Gospel and his gang in retaliation for his brother’s death. The man and Eddie got into an altercation in the apartment, followed by Eddie getting shot in the abdomen, and the man eventually dying at the hands of Eddie. The trail of killings that was supposed to stop at Tommy’s death was now suddenly increasing. 


What Happened At Johnston’s Party?

Eddie and Susie attended the party thrown by Stanley Johnston, the prospective buyer of Eddie’s estate, even though the young Duke was not very keen on selling his home anymore. Stanley was too insistent and was willing to offer any amount for the mansion. Eddie met his childhood friend Princess Rosanne, who revealed that Johnston enjoyed being in the company of aristocrats and that he was involved in a narcotics racket. This only made sense, given how badly he wanted the mansion, and Eddie believed Johnston might be aware of the cannabis production that happens on his property, making him eager to make the purchase. 

Susie introduced herself as an antique dealer to Johnston, and he had only a few words of wisdom for her. Johnston claims he and she will always be the outsiders, and people like Eddie and other aristocrats will never include them in their circle. Susie knew better than this and chose to stay away from the man, and she quickly realized Eddie had a gunshot wound. She also learned Eddie hired Felix to clear the mess at Jethro’s apartment to make it look like the boy also killed the person who came looking for him and ran away with the money. Jethro was still in Eddie and Susie’s custody, and a ton of crime was being pinned on him by someone who claimed the boy would remain fine as long as he was on the property. 

How Was Gospel Convinced?

Gospel comes back to Eddie’s estate and reveals Tommy’s body was found by the dock. The body had a phone on him, which carried the video of Freddy dancing in the chicken costume. Gospel also wondered how Jethro had the rifle specifically used by aristocrats. Eddie was quick to chime in and let them know Jethro had stolen the rifle that belonged to his father. Gospel again did not find any holes in their story and chose to believe them. There was no reason for him to not believe Eddie’s version because, despite Freddy’s mishap, only a few people knew about how Tommy died. Thanks to Susie and Felix, the brothers were able to keep themselves safe.

Why Did Eddie Meet Susie’s Father?

Eddie informed his brother about the cannabis production unit on their land, and that their father was smart enough to establish this to sustain money for their livelihood. Eddie showed interest in meeting Susie’s father and hoped to talk about a business proposition. He knew her father was the decision-maker, and having a proper deal would help him have clarity of thought going forward. Her father, Robert Glass, was in prison but was given many privileges by the government. This was a commentary on how seriously the government takes criminals and the crimes they commit, so long as they’re rich. 


Eddie puts forward his plan to keep the production on their estate for a fixed time, and until then, Susie could make more profit than they have ever made. He plans for them to vacate the premises in a year. The plan was to keep the estate crime-free. This came as a surprise for Susie and her father, who believed Eddie would want this money, but the Duke had other plans. Eddie cared about their legacy and never wanted to ruin it. He was sure law enforcement would come looking for them, and to avoid that embarrassment, he proposed the idea. Susie and her father considered it. 

Is Jethro Dead Or Alive?

After the whole ordeal regarding Tommy Dixon and his brother Gospel was over, it was time to send Jethro off to Australia in the hope the boy would begin his new life in the land down under. Eddie was slowly turning to a life of crime, but he had not become as ruthless yet as Susie and Felix had expected of him. Eddie was still trying to do the right thing by giving people a chance to live when they had nothing to do with the world of crime. Jethro confessed to having gotten into this only for money and appreciated it if they would give him a chance to start over. Eddie believed in the young guy’s plea for a life away from the world of crime. Eddie at this juncture would have wanted the same, and given the choice, he would restart his life without Susie and her father in it. He wanted Jethro to be given the chance that Eddie would probably never have in this lifetime. 


Jethro was sent off to a container terminal to be shipped off to Australia, and the boy knew it would be a long journey and was sent off on the boat that belonged to Susie. The boat left the bank of the river, and Jethro was escorted by Felix. It was assumed that Jethro was killed, and Susie took it upon herself to get rid of the only eyewitness to Tommy’s murder. Susie would not want to keep any trail active, which also included Jethro, who agreed to move to the other side of the world. Susie most likely went behind Eddie’s back and hatched this plan. This decision of hers would cost her if Eddie was ever made aware of Jethro’s death. There was no way Jethro could be kept alive, as Susie closed all loopholes that would jeopardize her business. 

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