‘The Gentleman’ Episode 4 Recap Summary: Who Killed Max?

Episode three of The Gentlemen ended with Mercy brutally butchering Tonibler to death for attempting to steal from her two times. Eddie and Freddy barely escaped the wrath of Mercy; they both had to watch her kill Tonibler. The car and the drugs in it were returned, and this was just another day for the three of them to realize the crime world was filled with bloodshed. 


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened At Dorset Hall?

The Gentlemen episode 4 begins at Dorset Hall in Harrington. As the tourists were taking the tour of Dorset Hall, an old, naked man opened fire in the air like a crazy person. A second later, the man died of a heart attack on the grounds just outside the mansion. The man who died was the Lord of Harrington, and it seems he had lost his sanity as age caught up to him. It is implied that the aristocrats, who were once very rich, were now running several businesses and opening their homes to tourists who enjoyed the history of the countryside in England. The same could be said about Eddie’s father, who had to resort to allowing the production of cannabis on the estate to survive. 


Was Susie Planning To Expand Her Operations?

Susie and Eddie discussed closing the deal by the end of next year, as he wanted them off their property. Eddie was clear about what he wanted for himself as a duke and expected Susie to comply with his demands. Eddie was perplexed about her plans to expand on his property and wondered if Susie and her father took him seriously or not. Eddie would have to look for another property just like theirs that would help Susie expand her business, one where the owner would not have any concerns regarding the nature of her business. 

What Did Sabrina Suggest To Eddie About The Business?

Sabrina and Eddie attended the funeral of Lord Harrington, and she suggested that her son could have a conversation with Max, the only heir to the seat at Harrington, to see if they would be interested in entertaining a business proposition. Max was a struggling actor, and he was Freddy’s junior in college, and just like Eddie, he was ridden with debt and other financial issues—something that could be sorted out with a little nudge and a meeting with Susie Glass. Sabrina recently had a lot of recent information about the rich and the rates of their property and discussed their neighbor, Mr. Rokes, a farmer who was being investigated for fraud. The neighbor was on the verge of selling the property for urgent money. 


Who Was Max?

Max, as per Princess Rosanne, was the only son of Lord Harington and was a struggling actor trying to make his way into commercial British and Hollywood films. Eddie proposed the idea of establishing an underground cannabis plantation under Susie to Max. Max Harrington was intrigued by the idea of having something illegal on his property, but he was impressed by the amount of money and profit he could make to sustain the mansion and fund its upkeep. Max was keen on striking a deal with Eddie and Susie, but the young Lord was facing an issue, and he hoped Eddie could help him with it. Max was being blackmailed by an anonymous man who claimed to have documents that could ruin the reputation of Max’s family. The blackmailer demanded a handsome amount in return for the documents; if not, the man planned to go to the media with the information. Max requests Eddie not to go through the documents, as he wants his deceased father’s secrets to die with him. Eddie agreed to take up the task in the hope Max would help him get rid of Susie’s business from his property.

Who Was The Blackmailer?

Frank, a middle-aged man, turned out to be the blackmailer who claimed to have the documents. Frank lured Eddie to a Chinese restaurant. The blackmailer owed the money to the owner of said Chinese restaurant, and he got into an altercation with Eddie. The Duke was tired of running through this maze and wanted to get the task over with. The Chinese restaurateur took the money, but Frank never gave away the documents he was supposed to part with as per the deal. Frank was forced to give the sealed documents to Eddie and Susie, and as per Max’s request, he was not keen to know what the documents pertained to. Frank was livid that nobody wanted to know the truth about the aristocratic family of Harrington. 


Was Jimmy In Love With Gabrielle?

Jimmy was in love with Gabrielle, and he invited her to Eddie’s estate and gave her a tour of the establishment he worked for. Gabrielle was trying to get closer to Jimmy only to understand the kind of work he does and gather a mind map of Susie’s production unit. Gabrielle was the one responsible for the theft of the van filled with cannabis and blowing it up by the river. At this point, Gabrielle’s loyalties or the details of her employers have not been shared. She and her friends wanted her to gather as many details as possible about Susie’s business. Gabrielle had also begun to show interest in Jimmy, which was an indication of her feelings for him. 

What Were The Papers That Eddie Got Back?

Eddie and Susie bring Frank back to Max to deliver the papers, and Max is quick to burn them to avoid any one  threatening him or his family. Soon Eddie and Susie learned that Frank had never had any papers that could incriminate Max’s father, Lord Harrington. Frank was blackmailing Max, as he had an important detail about his life that could destroy his image. Eddie and Susie wanted the cat out of the bag to understand if this would affect their business dealings. The Duke of Halstead was keen to understand what was happening in Dorset, which many weren’t aware of. Max was forced to talk about the secret life that he led behind the facade he put up of a serious actor. Max was secretly a pro-Nazi man and had the largest collection of paintings painted by Adolf Hitler in the UK. The man was also in possession of a tiny sliver of a body part that belonged to the late dictator of Germany, and Eddie was appalled by these revelations. 

Who Killed Max?

Max was excited about sharing his neo-Nazi ideals that he believed led Germany into becoming a prosperous nation until they lost the war. Max was one of the many secret Nazi supporters who always hoped the Third Reich would reemerge and fulfill the dream of the infamous late dictator Adolf Hitler. Max was being blackmailed because of his Nazi ideals, and if these details were revealed, he would be out of a job with no financial backing to rely on. Max went on a rampage when he learned Frank was recording the entire conversation. This was the only opportunity for Frank to make money and further blackmail Max for more money. This led to an altercation between the two. Susie and Eddie were mere spectators as they witnessed Frank smashing the glass tumbler that contained Adolf Hitler’s body part onto Max, killing him instantly.

Frank, Eddie, and Susie saw Max for who he was during the conversation—a delusional pro-nazi man who carried some demented ideas about himself and the society he lived in. He wanted to be a Nazi supporter, but at the same time, he wanted to be a successful actor as well. For that to happen, he had to keep his real identity a secret. Sadly, it did not end well for him, because people like Frank existed to expose men like Max. The body part was eaten by their pet dog. The deal to move Susie’s operations to Max’s property fell through after the demise of the last living heir of Lord Harrington, bringing Eddie back to square one. Eddie was desperate and wanted to make concrete decisions in case there was no confusion by next year.


The Gentlemen episode 4 ended with Susie’s expansion plan being sorted out when Mr. Rokes agreed to sell his land to Susie and her father, thereby solving the problems of both parties. It is unclear if Eddie was okay with this plan.

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