‘The Deep State’ Ending Explained & Series Recap: Why Were Bashar, Khaled And Reem Accused?

The Deep State, streaming on Netflix, has been directed by Bashar Al-Shatti. The plot of the series focuses on the crash of an aircraft, in which two pilots are killed. The National Security Minister, Adnan, is to be blamed for the horrendous accident. Khaled and Bashar, two secret service agents, try to safeguard the minister, but when his real face comes to the forefront, they realize his motives and want to expose him. Will Khaled and Bashar be able to expose Adnan? What will eventually happen to them? Will Khaled and Bashar be able to revive their tarnished reputations? Why will they visit Cuba? Let’s find the answers to these questions!


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens After The Plane Crashes?

When a plane crashes, causing the deaths of two pilots, Minister of National Security Adnan is held responsible. The head of the secret service agency, Mutaib Doud, thought that it was an attack from the terrorist organization. While on an expedition to catch some suspects, Bashar was severely injured. He later decided to resign from his position, keeping in mind the welfare of his family.


A National Assembly press conference is held, mourning the death of Mubarak in the plane crash. Mr. Adnan, the Minister of National Security, is blamed for the accident by Sheikha, an MP, turning the matter into an electoral issue. She tried to ouster him from the parliament by collecting more data against him. The event also messed with the president’s position and reliability, as the others started questioning the safety and security criteria that were not maintained by the state. The space-craft engineer Walid said that the crash was caused by the fuel tank malfunction of the aircraft, testifying against Adnan. Adnan tried to save his ground by stating that the aircraft was from a French company whose terms were not known to him. He further stated that he was not the minister during the signing. Adnan resigned from his post, trying to maintain his image within the parliament.

Why Were Bashar And Khaled Sent To Cuba?

Bashar and Khaled, two secret service agents working under Adnan, tried their best to save Adnan’s reputation. They were sent to investigate the French company’s aircraft in Cuba. The country was all communist, hence making it difficult for Khaled and Bashar to function as all their actions were being monitored. Bashar and Khaled approached the Kuwait Embassy in expectation of being supported by them. They found out that fake reports were sent to Kuwait to tarnish Adnan’s reputation.


They sought after Pablo Escada, the main figure in the Cuban dissident movement. Bashar and Khaled went to the headquarters of the Cuban dissident movement, where they found Pablo and took him to the embassy. He was interrogated, and his interview got broadcasted on the television, revealing Adnan’s innocence. Bashar and Khaled settled the matter and returned to Kuwait. Later, Sheikha asked for a public apology for not verifying the allegations against Adnan and resigned from her post.

What Did Khaled Find Out?

After their conquest of Cuba, Adnan asked Khaled and Bashar to join the ministry and act as his advisors. Bashar decided to take a break and return to his family, while Khaled took up the position. Khaled found the Falcon Aircraft report, and just within a figment of time, he saw that the files had been deleted from his computer. When he went to ask the other officials about the hard copies of the document, he was told that they were shredded. Khaled thought that the aircraft report was original and found two different reports from the same source. He joined all the sealed parts of the document so that he could pursue the matter further. Meanwhile, Bashar and Khaled were brought into Q8 leaks (a news website office) by Reem. She told them that Fahad, Adnan’s undersecretary, who had disappeared to Cuba, could help them resolve the confusion. Meanwhile, Adnan is seen investigating the Q8 leaks, which was leaking major information from the national documents. He was keen on shutting down the Q8 leaks for causing unnecessary trouble for the state.


Why Did They Go To Cuba Again?

Reem, Fahad, and Khaled again went to Cuba to settle their unfinished business of digging out the truth of the case. They wanted to go to Cuba to seek Pablo and find out why he had lied during his interview to save Adnan. They also wanted to seek Fahad and find out all the truth from him. They went to Javier’s party in order to find Pablo. They found him locked up in a room and managed to rescue him. Pablo told them that his only motive was to protect his people and, hence, he had done as told by Javier and Adnan, to save his reputation in the ministry. He told them that Adnan contacted Javier to save him and used Pablo to prove his own innocence, as people would believe his version of the story. They had told Pablo that they would support his dissident movement in return, but after Pablo did his part, they betrayed him and locked him up. Later, he was killed by Javier’s men. Adnan tried his best to keep Bashar and Khaled out of the matter and hence did not hesitate to go up to Bashar’s wife, telling her that her husband was with some corrupt people in Cuba. He also warned her that he would harm their daughter Mariam if Bashar did not retract.

What Was Selena’s Motive?

Selena, a member of the dissident community and an ardent follower of Pablo, wanted to seek political asylum to fight for people’s rights openly. Selena approached Bashar and Khaled for their help in exposing Adnan for exporting arms all across the world illegally. Meanwhile, Reem is kidnapped and tortured by Fahad’s men. They had been following Reem, Bashar, and Khaled to ensure that they were not successful in their endeavors, on Adnan’s instructions.

Selena took Bashar and Khaled to a revolutionary neighborhood, helping them understand their cause. Selena helps them in their mission to search for Reem and find Fahad. Meanwhile, Khaled is also seen having repeated nightmares about a past event in which a blast happened in a mosque. He realized that the charges against him for being involved in the blast were true. Selena went into the French company headquarters along with Khaled and Bashar to save Reem.

What Did Fahad Confess To?

After saving Reem, they eventually managed to catch hold of Fahad. He told them that large amounts were pumped into the Ministry of Security through the French company. Adnan had sought the opportunity and took care of funds through arms dealings. When the French company was about to declare bankruptcy, Cuban politicians and businessmen wanted to invest in it. Adnan was also a part of the deal and took 20 million Kuwaiti dinars in exchange for the backing. He made Fahad sign the deal on his behalf so that his name would never pop up, later making Fahad disappear in Cuba.


Adnan made Javier and his partners write two reports, the first claiming that the aircraft was defective but not including a date so that the government would consider it null and void. The second report stated that the aircraft was in good condition. When the pilots were killed in the aircraft crash, Adnan knew his enemies would gnaw at him, so he made the first report to make his enemies look like they were plotting against him. He later planned to publish the second report to prove his innocence and frame his opponents. Fahad also said that the manufacturing company made two versions of the same aircraft, one in France with original parts and the other a cheaper rip-off, and they paid the cost of the first in exchange for the second. These statements by Fahad were secretly captured by Reem. After listening to his confession, Bashar and Khaled decided to take Fahad along with them to Kuwait so that he would confess to Adnan’s crimes. They wanted to cross the Mexican border to reach Kuwait. In their attempt to cross the border along with Fahad, they were tracked down by Javier’s men, but they eventually managed to cross the border and reach Kuwait.

Why Were Bashar, Khaled And Reem Accused?

After coming to Kuwait, Khaled, Bashar, and Reem were arrested. They had been falsely charged with a cybersecurity attack on the ministry. They suspected that Reem was a spy working with Q8 leaks to spread fake news among the citizens. Bashar and Khaled were also framed as two of her accomplices in the act. Meanwhile, the head of the secret security force blamed Adnan for his shady business of misguiding the government. Adnan saw that a disposition was soon to be stirred and, hence, wanted to liquidate his money and transfer it to offshore accounts. Later, it is also revealed that Sheikha had been Adnan’s accomplice in the arms business.


What Happened In The End?

The secret recordings of Fahad’s confessions by Reem were exposed to the government by the Chicago Tribune. This led to Adnan being arrested and the release of Reem, Bashar, and Khaled, as the fake charges were lifted. Sheikha’s support for Adnan in the illegal arms dealing business was also exposed. Both Sheikha and Adnan had set up traps for one another over the shares of profit from the company, eventually leading to their fall. Sheikha, Adnan, and Fahad were charged with corruption and ended up serving their time in jail. Selena’s story was eventually sent to international journalists, resulting in the USA granting her political asylum. This helped her fight for people’s rights legally in the long run. However, later, a rumor of Adnan being dead inside the jail went around.

Final Words

There are chances that Adnan was not dead and was just deceiving the government with the aid of some corrupt officials. It is likely that he would strike back at Khaled and Bashar for destroying his political career. We expect a second season of the series The Deep State, which would further amplify Adnan’s purpose. The series is full of grand action scenes, which adds a sense of thrill to it. The series is politically detailed, creating a sense of suspense in us with every twist that has been shown. The Kuwaiti action thriller is sure to keep its audiences glued to their seats for the entire span. The one-hour-long episodes have not been stretched and are sure to sit well with the thrill-loving crowd. However, there are a lot of mysteries that are to be unraveled in the next season of the series. Will Khaled and Bashar be able to lead a smooth life after this expedition of theirs? Was Adnan really behind the blast at the mosque? We are yet to find the answer to these questions.


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