‘The Buccaneers’ Episode 7 Recap & Spoilers: Is This The End Of The Love Triangle?

After every episode of The Buccaneers, I’m reminded of how it’s everything that Bridgerton season 1 wanted to be and more. Don’t get me wrong, Anthony and Kate’s pining will forever be etched in my heart, but for a feminist retelling of an old-school show for an audience that spends most of its days scrolling Tiktok videos, The Buccaneers definitely takes the cake. Of course, the source material alone makes a huge difference; however, it’s the boldness with which the show presents its true protagonist—female friendship—that keeps me excited for what’s to come. Never mind who Nan chooses or what Conchita and Richard end up doing. I’m always waiting for the moments when the women get to see each other and simply talk. Also, one can’t deny the realness of some of the dialogue in the show, which all lands like heartfelt punches to our poor souls. I will admit episode 7 is one of the slowest of the show, but maybe we should treat it as a filler before whatever grand finale is waiting for us.


Spoilers Ahead

Does Everyone Know About Nan?

At the end of episode 6 of The Buccaneers, Nan admits to her illegitimate bloodline in front of all her friends. To everyone’s surprise (mostly his mom’s), Theo declares his love for Nan and cements their relationship with a Christmas kiss, making sure everyone knows that her lineage doesn’t matter to him. One week later, Nan and Theo arrive at the Brightlingsea household for their New Year’s bash. Before they know it, everyone’s gossiping about Nan and Theo, forming their ideas for the reasons he’s chosen to marry her, knowing the truth. While Theo, a Duke, knows how to handle himself in such a situation, Nan can’t handle it at all (with you there, girl). Nan makes a run for it, pretending to look for her friends but finding a drink for herself. Theo is, at this point, running out of patience, and the sight of Guy in the room isn’t helping. When he finds Nan, he shows her his true self by calling her ungrateful (how dare he!). He claims it’s Nan’s good fortune that he chose to marry her despite her secret, and she’s appalled. Nah, Theo doesn’t get any points for being a jealous prick. The only solace Nan has is in the bathtub with her dear friends (minus her sister Jinny, of course).


What’s Happening With Richard?

 Now we thought Miss Testvalley (who may be Nan’s real mom) was somewhat secretive in her courtship of Richard, but it seems she had a plan all along. It looks like there’s one thing in common between English and American parents: they’ll keep any secrets as long as their family honor is preserved. It looks like Honoria, the youngest of the lot, was the only one who sensed a problem but was denied any right to help. On the other hand, Richard’s mother simply paid Testvalley off to keep her mouth shut and sent her away. In the most awkward interaction, Richard vulnerably tells his mother about Testvalley, and she simply asks what she wants this time around (yikes). Although it seems Richard wants to desperately tell Conchita the truth, he just ends up apologising for bringing her to his dreadful parents, finally realizing their true nature (good for him).

Is Jinny Alright?

As much as we absolutely despise Jinny for outing Nan, not just to her husband but also at the beginning of the series, we have to admit that she’s only trying to keep her honor intact (something she’s been taught she has to all her life) by staying with James (calling him a pig would be a disservice to pigs, really). Unfortunately, to make matters worse, it appears she’s now pregnant and absolutely suffocated by James’ antics. On the other hand, Nan, of course, won’t even look her in the eye, and their parents have come a week early for a grand surprise that is more of an unfavorable addition to an already delightful (!) night. Jinny admits to her parents what she’s done (minus the part where James properly dragged her through the mud), and of course, her mother is disappointed. James, on the other hand, is still stuck on humiliating Lizzy; for what reason, nobody knows. It’s a game of hide and seek and blindfolded Lizzy is shaken to the core when James is the guy she catches (he wasn’t even meant to be playing). She notices Jinny (who arrived late to the scene) standing in silence and tells her that she’s just as bad as James. All Lizzy wanted was to protect Jinny, but there can’t be protection when something’s already broken. As the clock strikes 12, Jinny makes a run for it, heading out to nowhere, just to feel free for some time (he really needs to help this girl).


Who Is Free Now?

While it is all mostly sad, there is one good thing, and that is the fact that Mrs. St. George is completely fearless now. There’s no shame when there is love, and she chooses to be by Nan’s side no matter what, even if it’s to her own downfall. There is one good thing Theo does in this episode of The Buccaneers, and that is to ask Nan’s mom what she really wants for herself, something her own husband never bothered asking her. She’s reminded of how much she desperately wants to leave him, and so she does. Again, he brings up the fact that she’s nothing without him (oh, get over it!). However,  now she has the excuse that her daughter is marrying a Duke, so she’ll be just fine.

What’s Happening Between Guy, Theo, And Nan?

Nan finds some time to be alone with Guy because it seems he’s the only person she can be around after everything that’s happened with her (oh! these two). Theo’s envy can’t be hidden any longer, and he picks a juvenile fight with Guy by throwing a piece of dessert at him (true Duke behavior). They get into a proper physical altercation and ruin the New Year’s party by dashing into the door when James is meant to wish everybody (he totally deserved that). Theo, of course, screams in front of everyone for Guy to stay away from Nan, making things much worse for her. It’s time for the three of them to talk, and Theo tells Guy to tell Nan everything that was in the telegram, admitting that he knew about the telegram all along. I’m not quite sure how both of them remember all the words exactly, but we’ll pretend it’s normal and move on. It’s nothing we don’t already know, but of course, they are stunningly romantic words that, if Nan had read, would’ve made her pick Guy over Theo in a heartbeat. Of course, that is also because he’s just been the one for her. Nan runs out, with Theo following. More than anything, she’s surprised that Theo knew for months about Nan’s parentage but never said a thing. Theo reminds Nan that there is nothing he can do because it would be demeaning to her if he brought it up, plus it doesn’t really matter to him (as he says for the 100th time in one day). Theo knows deep down that Nan is very much in love with Guy and walks away.


Nan and Guy have a chat, where Guy admits that he did love Nan very dearly but got over her because she’s his best friend’s girl. He’s even proposed to Jean because he thinks he can fall in love with her at some point. It’s all hugs and goodbyes between Guy and Theo, who are reminiscing about their last big fight. They both admit their faults, and at the end of The Buccaneers Episode 7, Nan gets into a chariot with Theo. That sad ending is getting clearer by the episode.

Ruchika Bhat
Ruchika Bhat
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