‘The Buccaneers’ Episode 6 Recap & Spoilers: Does Theo Still Want To Marry Nan?

In episode 5 of The Buccaneers, Guy confesses his feelings for Nan after she furiously confronts him. This leads to them kissing (scandy), but she realizes very quickly that it’s a big mistake, leaving Guy and rushing back to Theo. Ironically, Theo already knows of Guy’s feelings for Nan and is trying desperately to keep them apart (oops). Conchita and Richard have decided to split up amicably but keep it a secret from the gang. Mabel and Honoria had a little moment, but Mabel went a little bonkers after, hurting Honoria’s feelings and herself. Lizzy and Jinny were getting tight again until James obviously couldn’t let Jinny have it her way, so he decided to punish her for “betraying” him (yuck).


Spoilers Ahead

What’s Happening With Jinny?

Jinny’s storyline must be the most frustrating out of the lot in The Buccaneers. Not only is James a despicable man, but Jinny herself seems to be blinded to all the goodness around her, always choosing to go the wrong way. James continues to punish her for leaving him behind on bonfire day, even on Christmas day. He’s clearly got a knack for ruining the holidays. James’ gaslighting goes as far as to make Jinny feel like her friends are the bad guys, separating the two of them (run, girl). When everyone’s playing in the snow, James and Jinny arrive late. Jinny, of course, can’t join her friends as per James’ instructions. When Lizzy falls down from being distracted by Jinny, he picks her up and takes her into her room. Lizzy is momentarily frozen by the shock of it all, but the second he leaves her, after hurting her further with words, she bursts out into tears (this woman deserves the world). Jinny finds an escape and meets Lizzy then, seeing as her husband randomly swooped in to save the day. Lizzy finally opens up about that fateful night during their vacation, and Jinny is immediately in denial. In fact, she goes so far as to insult Lizzy, calling her indecent, and James a gentleman (barf). Obviously, Jinny wants things to work out between her and her husband; that’s all she’s been taught, and James is clearly taking full advantage of this. Finally, Jinny chooses to ask James about that night with Lizzy, and he makes sure she understands that she’s the problem for not trusting him. Out of fear, Jinny asks James what she should do, and he tells her to prove to him that she really trusts him (girl, big mistake).


What’s Happening With Theo And Guy?

After some deliberation, Theo has chosen Guy as his best man (dude, he doesn’t really have any other friends, though). Guy is overjoyed, but at the same time, Theo has also invited Jean to join in on the festivities so that Guy can move on from Nan and find a partner in her. In truth, Guy and Jean get along just fine; in fact, she’s a wonderful person, and he quite likes her too (not love). Nan isn’t overjoyed by this proposition, and she does try more than once to see if Guy would be able to understand that, but he’s too busy trying to show her his own signs (for how much they love to talk, this is not working out). Maybe, just like how Theo’s mother shows Nan how to signal with gloves, she should’ve signaled to Guy her true feelings.

Are Honoria And Mabel Okay?

Mabel comes to her senses and apologizes to Honoria for treating her like garbage after deflowering her (player behavior). She’s come up with a new plan to stay in England and make things right for both her and Lizzy while being with Honoria too. Her big fault, though, is not telling Honoria her big plan. So, when one of the free-spirited men of the group, who is just as bold and fearless as Mabel, decides to ask for her hand in marriage, Honoria’s completely taken aback. We’re probably going to get one of those “marriage isn’t a joke” monologues next week.


Are Conchita And Richard Back Together?

Conchita wants desperately for Richard to leave his family behind and come live with her like an American. We already know English men prefer power over freedom, but it seems every time Richard is with Conchi alone, he forgets this part of himself a little bit. They have a great time over Christmas in Theo’s palace and spend time together with their daughter Minnie. Although this is quite confusing, by the end, it looks like they’re pretty much back together wordlessly. On the other hand, Miss Testvalley, their governess, decides to quit after seeing them happy together. When Richard tries to stop her from leaving, she tells him that he’s doing just fine with a family of his own and that “old attachments” must be forgotten. She also implies that Conchita is the latest on a list of many women who wouldn’t understand Richard’s relationship with her (I vote face-off between Laura Testvalley and Elena Lincoln).

Who Tells Theo’s Mother Nan’s Secret?

Remember how Jinny had to prove her trustworthiness to James? Well,  she told him about Nan being an illegitimate child, and he went and told Theo’s mother. No matter how much she thinks Nan and Theo love each other, her English nature would not allow Theo to marry such a girl (how disrespectful of Nan). She tells Nan to leave the castle immediately, without breathing a word to anyone, and at first Nan feels mostly liberated by the fact that she doesn’t have to marry Theo anymore, but later she decides to stand up for herself because she deserves to. This is after James tells Nan that it was Jinny who did what she thought was right by telling Theo’s mother, the Duchess, that Nan was born out of wedlock. Jinny, too, is surprised by this revelation, but she stands blank-faced when Nan tells her that she’ll never forgive her because James is right there and she has no choice but to keep her mouth shut. Ultimately, Nan interrupts Christmas lunch with all of Theo’s guests, including (mostly) her friends, revealing her truth. To no one’s surprise, except his mother’s, Theo doesn’t care about Nan’s birth, because he knows best that one doesn’t choose who they’re born to (you know, being a Duke must be so bothersome). They kiss in front of the whole crowd, proving their love for each other, but Nan looks sadder than she was before. Just before the camera turns to Nan’s face, there’s a brief moment when a butler enters the room suggesting the arrival of somebody, who may this be and what new drama are they bringing along?  


On the other hand, Guy makes his way to Jean, even after learning that Nan’s secret is out and Theo could leave her, meaning he’s decided to move on because he doesn’t see a future for them together (this is getting really sad). With only two episodes remaining, we hope Nan and the rest of the girls end up happy.

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