‘The Buccaneers’ Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Does Nan Choose?

Bring out the tissues because The Buccaneers finale is a sobfest. We said this show would end up being sad, but it goes beyond our expectations! In the last episode, we were blown away by the love and care the show puts into the female friendships, and these feelings are only strengthened in the final episode. While at first, it feels like a show about some young girls who’ve just come into money and haven’t a care in the world, it’s the way the show progresses into this state of lingering sadness that keeps you watching. In episode 7, everyone’s secrets are out in the open, but instead of leaving people liberated, this may have messed things up much more. We’re so sad to see the show end, but there’s definitely hope for a second season!


Spoilers Ahead

What Does The Duchess Want Of Nan?

Short answer: she wants her gagged. Although it was very clear that the Duchess would not approve of Nan marrying Theo at the end of episode 7 of The Buccaneers, it seems she’s become more supportive of her son’s decision. While the Duchess did like Nan at first, it’s the lying that really threw her off. The Duchess tells Nan that her role as the new Duchess will be only to support Theo in whatever decisions he makes. She’s not meant to have any opinions or share any ideas with anybody, and her only duty is to her husband (yikes). The Duchess reminds Nan that leaving Theo on the altar would be letting down an entire town, especially since her little secret is out in the open. Amongst the girls, Nan’s had to grow up the fastest through the series with everything that’s happened to her in such a short time. To add to the mess, she’s in love with her fiancé’s best friend; however, innocent and fun Nan is now replaced with responsible Nan.


Nan spends some time drinking and frolicking with her girls, for what seems like the last time (at least for a while). When she returns to the castle, Theo announces to a party of people that she’s going to be the next Duchess of Tintagel, and all she can do is smile and wave.

What’s Happening With Richard And Conchita?

Amidst the wedding festivities, Conchita receives a letter from her family. Richard is finally freed from all of his worries and is only just realizing his capabilities to stand tall in front of his parents (uff, poor guy). While Richard’s mother is still determined to put Conchita down at every opportunity she gets, Richard is now determined to fight back for his wife. He goes as far as to sever ties with his family (finally). While this is great news for Conchita, she looks rather worried and puts on a brave face for Richard. Later, she reveals that her father’s lost all their money, so they’re basically without titles or money now. Somehow, this makes Richard happier, and he’s glad they can start over with a blank canvas (ah, the naivety of people in love). Later, though, Richard’s father admits that he’s dying, and Richard must take over from him and become the next Lord Brightlingsea, making Conchita Lady Brightlingsea. We can’t be certain that the chapter with Miss Testvalley is closed just yet. She’s only gone from their lives, but she can always return, as she has before. Although for a while we could’ve thought Miss Testvalley was Nan’s mother, this theory seems more unlikely based on the end of the season. Only in season 2 will we learn what Richard will do with his lemons.


Is Jinny Going To Be Okay?

The worst among the girls’ plotlines in The Buccaneers has to be Jinny’s. From the outside, it seems like she’s got it all, but on the inside, she’s being tortured by her husband, who claims to be a gentleman (scum of the earth). Jinny has been hiding her scars well, but she’s also been hurting those close to her, specifically Nan. In a moment with her sister, it appears as if Jinny will spill the beans, but it is Nan who knows how to be honest about her feelings and calls Jinny selfish. Feeling completely overwhelmed by everything that’s going on with Jinny, she ends up fainting. After checking on her, Miles reveals that she’s pregnant—another thing she’s been hiding from James.

James is furious, claiming that the baby might not be his (I can’t with this man) and using it as an excuse to slap Jinny in the face. Now Jinny has her unborn child to worry about, so she rushes to Nan for help when James is asleep. She shows Nan her bruises, and immediately, any kind of conflict from before is forgotten in seconds. Jinny tries to defend her husband as a good man, saying it’s probably his disdain for disorder that makes him so particular about Jinny’s whereabouts, calling herself the problem. Being the wonderful sister she is, Nan reminds Jinny that she will never be the problem. Jinny reveals her pregnancy, and Nan is immediately terrified for her.


What’s Happening Between Nan And Guy?

As if we didn’t already think Guy was the right choice, he shows up at Nan’s window in a rather uncharismatic way. Yet again, we hear him profess his love for her, suggesting they elope together. In the moment, Nan is overjoyed and says yes. They spend the night together, and before they know it, Jinny’s knocking on Nan’s door. Guy reveals himself to Jinny, promising to be of help. At that moment, the best thing they can think of is for the three of them to run away together. Unfortunately, their plan is cut short when James shows up (I really thought I was going to die at this point) and takes Jinny back to their room. When Guy and Nan return to hers, The Duchess is waiting on Nan (the second-hand embarrassment though).

Did Mabel Really Do That?

What could easily be one of the sweetest moments of The Buccaneers is when Mabel reveals her love for women to her sister Lizzy. At first, Mabel calls herself broken, telling Lizzy that she has a problem, but it’s Lizzy who reminds Mabel that love is a feeling that can never be wrong. If girls give her butterflies, then that’s love for her. (Lizzy has all my heart.) Although their mother made Mabel feel like she was a monster, these simple words from Lizzy completely changed things for her. Mabel decides not to marry Miles but to try to be with Honoria for real. Although, in theory, this sounds fantastic, things are probably going to get messy for these two girls, who are still viewing the world with their rose-tinted glasses. With Mabel not marrying Miles, Lizzy and Mabel will probably have to return to America, bringing them back to square one.


Who Makes A Big Sacrifice?

James “allows” Jinny to be a bridesmaid, apologizing for being “another man” a little before the wedding. There’s a moment the girls share—a warm hug—before the storm that’s about to hit them. Nan has planned everything out. Jinny and Nan move in the opposite direction of the wedding, where Guy is about to meet them with their ride out of there. Jinny wonders if this is the right decision, and she asks Nan if she truly feels for Guy enough for them to run away. What Jinny doesn’t know is that Nan isn’t going with her. Guy is going to look after Jinny while Nan becomes the Duchess of Tintagel, so she can protect her sister and her mother. Nan is willing to sacrifice her true love for her sister (this whole show is for the sisters). In the meantime, Mrs. St. George, who believes Nan won’t show up to her wedding, apologizes to the Dowager Duchess for Theo’s sake. It is Theo’s mother who reveals Nan’s plans to Patti.

James and Patti run out of the palace to look for Jinny, but she’s already long gone. At the end of episode 8 of The Buccaneers, Nan is named the Duchess of Tintagel, but at the same time, her biological mother is revealed to be at the wedding.


The Buccaneers finale leaves a lot to unpack. We can’t be pointing fingers at Testvalley anymore when thinking of Nan’s biological mother. It appears as if whoever is the real mother probably wants the financial support and status that comes with Nan’s new position in society. We can only hope that Patti isn’t left to suffer alone because of the new turn of events. It’s also rather concerning to see how easily Guy agreed to look after Jinny. What is he really getting out of this? Maybe there’s something more to this plan than meets the eye. Oh la la, just how long will we have to wait to see what comes next for Nan and her rebel girls? 

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