The Aliens In ‘No One Will Save You,’ Explained: Why Did The Aliens Leave Brynn?

Apart from being a film with almost no dialogue, the other interesting feature of the new film by Brian Duffield titled No One Will Save You is that it features its own theories about extraterrestrial invasion and the aliens’ intention behind interacting with humanity. There have been countless films about this topic, and what began as just a fascination with UFO sightings has evolved to the point where it now has to have a concrete plot as to why the aliens have arrived. Some films focus more on the language aliens use to communicate. Some show them as harmless creatures, while others project our own fantasies onto them of being saviors or destroyers. The intelligence of the aliens is also a deeply arresting topic. So, with all these various angles available to explore the aliens and depict them with fresh insight, No One Will Save You offers an amalgamation of all these possible permutations. Brynn Adams, a young woman living alone in her house, gets visited by the aliens. No history or background is explored, but through Brynn and her past, the film sheds light on the alien lifeforms and their motive for visiting the planet.


Spoilers Ahead 

As far as pop culture references are concerned, the film borrows heavily from previous portrayals of these extraterrestrial beings. The design of the UFO is particularly similar to what we might imagine an alien spaceship to look like. A simple saucer-like craft, the likes of which has been alleged to have been seen a number of times by someone or other in various parts of the world. That’s only the outside of the spaceship. The interiors are quite different. As far as the creatures themselves are concerned, the makers have created an image that quite closely resembles the depiction of aliens in the past. The oval-shaped, slanted, and bulging opaque eyes, with their blackness, immediately creeped us out. Brynn, too, is terrified when she sees one in her house at night. She tries to hide, but the creature, with its impeccable vision and hearing, catches her. It was only by sheer luck that Brynn landed a fatal blow, killing it on the spot.


Before she could figure out what the alien wanted, it was dead. Seeing something we don’t understand fills us with anxiety and fear. In a flight or fight response, all scope of communication dies out. With an unnerving mouth that looked like that of a predator, Brynn’s decision to fight the alien was probably correct. Later, we see what the aliens were planning to do with humans. There are people in this world who have recounted their horror stories about being the victims of alien abduction and how the aliens performed sadistic experiments on them. Such tales may be a projection of someone’s own fears or perhaps pure hallucinations, but it cannot be denied that we are fascinated by aliens’ intentions toward humanity. Brynn killed the first one, and then the rest came with a vengeance in more disturbing forms.

Brynn had hit her friend Maude Collins with a rock as a child, killing her. She hadn’t meant to, but she didn’t know what the result of her actions would be. Her mind was plagued with guilt, and the town had banished her. Her anxiety went through the roof whenever she went to the market and saw people staring at her with contempt. They didn’t care about her redemption. Maude Collins was the daughter of Police Chief Jim Collins. His wife hated Brynn’s guts, and it’s understandable, as they had lost their only daughter because of her. The aliens were interested in the human psyche, it seemed. Brynn’s mind was unusually disturbed, and this attracted them to her. Brynn had memorabilia and special letters addressed to Maude, which was proof that she hadn’t gotten over her death. The first alien died before he could see this part of Brynn’s life. The others came, especially a terrifying, tall one that seemed to be in the mood for vengeance, but Brynn managed to trap and burn him. So the aliens sent a powerful one to do the job, which had telekinetic abilities that it could summon at the drop of a hat. They wanted her to ingest their egg-like entity, whose tentacles would wrap around her throat, which would initiate the ‘cloning process.’


When Brynn couldn’t leave town because of the people who had already been made to ingest the egg and were in full control of the aliens, she came back to her house, making preparations to fend off the aliens. Brynn didn’t know that the people around her had already been cloned, and when she ingested the egg, she, too, had begun the process. The aliens’ process seemed to be associated with a person’s past traumas, which is why Brynn found herself in a world where she could apologize to Maude. It was as if she had never died.

When Brynn felt relieved after taking the guilt off of her shoulders, the egg was vomited out. This egg started to produce a clone of Brynn. The idea seems to be that the clone was a ‘better’ version of the person, with only the happy memories of their life. All the negative ones had been removed, so as to make humanity a ‘perfect’ race from the aliens’ perspective. The clone was a zombie version of Brynn, with aliens controlling it for their purposes. Brynn was supposed to have died after the clone killed her, but the opposite occurred. Having killed one of the aliens, she stabbed it in the same spot, managing to kill it.


The aliens abducted her and sucked her up into the spaceship. They mistook Brynn for the clone or perhaps saw that she had resolved her issues. She had forgiven her past self after apologizing to Maude. She was sent back to Earth, where others were still clones in control of the aliens, while Brynn seemed to be the only human. The aliens terraformed the earth into a beautiful place, with only happy people inhabiting the planet. This was their transaction, it seems. They got a planet for themselves and gave Brynn a safe place where she would be free from anxiety and dread. The aliens created a utopian society, which for humanity was a dystopian one. The clones were in control as the egg was still wrapped around everyone’s throat. Brynn, however, reveled in this environment. She knew that her neighbors were clones, but at least they were pleasant towards her, unlike the real people in the past who had cast her out.¬†

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