Brynn Adams In ‘No One Will Save You,’ Explained: What Happens To Kaitlyn Dever’s Character?

The new film No One Will Save You has quite a unique title and a captivating concept to back it up as well. Revolving around Brynn Adams, the quiet young adult in the movie, the film surprises us after turning into an alien invasion plot. The film, which at first seems to be about Brynn’s everyday life in a small town, shows us how she fares in her lonely existence when the others have cast her out. The reason behind her exiled existence isn’t quite clear, but as the story progresses, it becomes clear that it is tied to an incident concerning her friend Maude Collins. Amidst her growing seclusion, the aliens arrive with a mission of their own. The movie focuses primarily on Brynn’s character, played skillfully by Kaitlyn Dever. She is a great actress in the making, having shown her talent with performances in films such as Booksmart, Short Term 12, and Beautiful Boy. She has done some great work on television as well, starring in series such as Unbelievable and Dopesick. Here she brings Brynn’s isolation to the forefront as well as the courage she has to show to save herself from the aliens. Let’s take a look at her character in No One Will Save You.


Spoilers Ahead

Kaitlyn Dever as Brynn Adams

The first mystery about Brynn is that she lives alone in a giant house near a pond. It seems she inherited the property after she was orphaned at some point in her life. Her caring mother died in 2019, and she lost her one true supporter. Brynn still misses her, as she often visits her grave but leaves as soon as people gather around. Something happened in her past that made the town distance itself from her, and now she was left completely on her own. The neighbors were in far-off places, and they didn’t ever reciprocate her efforts to connect with them. What was up with them? Brynn went about her business most days. She wouldn’t leave her house if she could avoid the trip to town. One look at her, and anyone could tell that she wasn’t comfortable in anyone’s presence. Brynn suffered from social anxiety, but she couldn’t do anything except breathe harder. The issue plagued her life. Only in her house was she comfortable enough to relax, think about Maude Collins, and write letters for her. Maude was her friend, and Brynn was obsessed with her. Brynn’s current life was a direct result of what happened between her and Maude. Passing her days in silence and living in isolation seemed to be her destiny. She didn’t know it yet, but some uninvited visitors would soon be coming to meet her.


Brynn, except for the social anxiety, was like any other young woman. She wasn’t really ready to fight off aliens. Who is? But once she was cornered, she had no choice. First, there was just one member of the alien species that invaded her home. Brynn was surprisingly much more brave and courageous than she showed herself to be. This must have been a revelation to herself as well. She almost lost control while fighting the alien and ended up stabbing the alien accidentally. The creature, which was the most frightening thing she had ever seen, was now lying motionless beside the stairs. Its rubber-like skin and slanted petal-shaped eyes were abhorrent to look at, but at least it wasn’t after her life now. Brynn now had an actual alien’s corpse rotting in her home. The neighbors were far away, and in a panic, she decided to run to the cops. The phones had already been made useless by the alien. There is always something with aliens’ arrival and electricity failing.

Brynn did not find respite anywhere, especially in town, where she had gone to meet Chief Collins. Maude was his daughter, but Brynn was hopeful that he wouldn’t bring that matter in between his duties as a cop. But Brynn ran into Maude’s mother there as well, who spat on her. What really had happened between her and Maude that a spitting was warranted? Several years ago, when Maude and Brynn were just on the cusp of being teenagers, Brynn hit Maude with a rock after getting pushed to the ground by her. Tragedy struck as Maude did not recover from the blow. She died, making Brynn a murderer. Sure, she was just a kid, but the sentiment had stayed with the town. Even though she might not have received severe punishment from the court, the town ensured she had to pay the price for her actions. Nobody gave her the benefit of her innocence and ostracized her. Her mother must have died prematurely, as she couldn’t have taken the cruel treatment by her own neighbors very well. So that’s why Brynn was always panicking while in town. She never knew what anyone might do to her in a fit of rage.


It wasn’t like she had gotten over the fact that she had accidentally killed Maude. She wanted to apologize to her. She wanted just a single chance to correct her mistakes. But in human reality, meeting the dead isn’t possible. But what about the aliens? It turns out that the aliens had the power to recreate reality in someone’s mind, especially realities where humans get a chance to live a happy life. The aliens’ saliva, released in its dying moments could have contained pheromones, consequently inviting the other spaceships to come and look into the matter. Brynn couldn’t tell Chief Collins about the alien and decided to run away, but the whole town seemed to have started to be infected by the aliens. She got back to her house, and after fending off several aliens, she finally succumbed to one who made her swallow an egg with tentacles shooting off of it. This seemed to be the aliens’ way of controlling the human population. Brynn, while the egg was wrapping around the inside of her throat, saw a beautiful vision where she saw a grown-up Maude, who had returned to meet Brynn. Brynn broke down in front of her and finally, after a long silence, got the chance to tell her how she was so sorry that she hit her with that rock. Once she got it off of her chest, she managed to vomit the egg out of her system. The egg was supposed to be a reproduction device ready to transform into Brynn’s clone.

Brynn was supposed to have been eliminated by this clone. But Brynn emerged victorious. She killed her clone without the aliens’ knowledge. The aliens terraformed the earth and made it a beautiful place. There was no humanity left, as everybody alive was just a clone. Only Brynn had survived. But she was finally living in a world where she felt at home. Nobody was cold and distant in this new world. The days were warm and bright, and their vision for humanity was quite wonderful. The clones partied in the evening and days were spent working joyously. In between all this, Brynn had nothing to complain about. She had gotten her town back. The only thing unclear is whether the clones would figure out that she wasn’t one of them. If they did, they might try to devour her or change her into a clone, like they tried to do when she was running out of town. But until then, Brynn was the happiest girl ever. She had felt what it was like to apologize to Maude. Her anxiety had also subsided. She was having the time of her life, but I’m not sure how long that can continue.


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