‘Bodkin’ 2024 Cast And Character Guide

Bodkin is the new Irish Netflix original, which is about the disappearances of three people from the small idyllic town of Bodkin in Ireland. This incident happened twenty-five years ago at a festival, and the mystery around it has never died down. Three people from the big city come to find out the truth about the missing persons. Only two of them are excited to be venturing into this small-town story. Since the story is set in a town that is aware of this mysterious disappearance, several characters in the show may or may not have information about this incident that changed the history of the town. 


Dove Maloney

Siobhán Cullen, as Dubheasa ‘Dove’ Maloney, is the central character of the show, who hails from the town of Bodkin. She is not keen on going back, but her work forces her to face the trauma of her past, which she faced while living in the convent run by ultra-conservative nuns in Bodkin. 

Dove is dealing with the fall out of a controversial expose she did on the NHS. She is asked to stay away from the limelight in the sleepy town to find the mystery behind the disappearances. Dove is joined by her colleague Emmy and an American podcaster, both of whom are excited about the assignment. She, on the other hand, is aware of the incident and remains pessimistic about everything she learns about the incident that happened two decades ago. Unlike the two, Dove is emotionally distant and pragmatic about the investigation. Her honest approach towards people and situations creates friction with her small team, but that does not let her lose grip over the work assigned to her. She is keen to find answers, and she is willing to go to any extent for it. Her confrontational skills cause concerns, but she is confident about it and the results. Dove is a victim of emotional abuse, which is evident from her visit to the convent, and she refuses to let them have any control over her. 


Gilbert Power

Will Forte, as Gilbert Power, is an American with Irish roots visiting the country on the assignment provided by the Guardian for his podcast, which has become very popular. Unlike Dove, Gilbert’s approach to interacting with sources and people in the town is friendly, and he believes it will be beneficial to them to get into the depths of the case assigned to them. 

Gilbert Power tries to find goodness in everyone with whom he interacts, which is the opposite of how Dove carries out her work. Gilbert soon understands people are nice for a reason, and many are not keen on letting them do their work and will attempt to sabotage their trip too many times.  Gilbert does not back off and trudges through the storm, even to the extent of finding information for his podcast. Unbeknownst to many, Gilbert is financially in trouble, and his personal life is not on track, which makes him hungry for publicity. Gilbert’s friendship with a local takes him through an unexpected whirlwind, and he begins to realize Dove may have been right about the people of the town.



Robyn Cara, as Emmy, is the researcher from the Guardian who joins Dove and Gilbert to dig up information from people who are considered the usual suspects. Emmy is just like Dove, who craves secrets and information, yet her approach is different from how Dove approaches her work. Emmy most of the time supports Gilbert because she is carried by his style of work, the way he sells himself, and his brand of podcast. Emmy and Dove fall out several times throughout their stay in Bodkin. Emma is a sensitive person, and Dove reminds her to be tough in this field to avoid being walked all over by people. This encourages her to take extreme steps, but the results do not come in her favor. Emmy sees Dove for who she is and calls her out as well. Emmy hopes to gain something out of this assignment and wants to become an investigative journalist. 

Seamus Gallagher

David Wilmot as Seamus Gallagher appears late in the show, but when he does, the man becomes a center of attention for the viewers watching the show and for the characters in Bodkin. Seamus initially comes across as a normal local with not much to offer, but soon the trio learns of his history, and all hell breaks loose. Seamus Gallagher soon learns many unpleasant truths about the festival, which led to the disappearance of many close to him, leaving nothing the same for him evermore. Seamus is hell-bent on finding more secrets he believes people have hidden from him all this while. Seamus himself carries out several crimes and has chosen to stay away from diverting any attention towards him, as he has his secrets kept away from the townsmen. 



Teddy Power: Ger Kelly as Tedy Power has a minor role, but it is his performance towards the end of the show that leaves quite an impact on the narrative. A blacksmith by profession, Teddy is known to be one of the best singers in town. He may have had a traumatic experience in childhood that has made him aloof all these years. Teddy is the personification of a gentle giant, and he is fiercely passionate about the work he does as a blacksmith. He leaves his signature mark on every weapon he makes, and that becomes crucial in the show. Teddy Power is the embodiment of a good man trapped in a small town, hoping to find closure in life and move on. 

Sean O’Shea: Chris Walley, as Sean O’Shea, is the driver hired by Gilbert, Dove, and Emmy to take them around town in the course of the investigation. Sean develops a crush on Emmy and jealousy when she finds someone else attractive. Sean, on the other hand, gets involved in several shady works, which shocks the trio as they assume him to be a nice guy. This proves Dove’s theory that no one in the town could be trusted. Sean O’Shea is an interesting character as the story moves; he has a crucial role to play and will be helpful to the trio he has been chaperoning around. 


Sergeant Power: Denis Conway as Sergent Power is another supporting character who seems to come across as someone not keen on helping Dove and her team with the findings in regard to the disappearance of three people from the Samhain festival twenty-five years ago. The trio is quick to learn a couple of secrets the Sergent Power is trying to keep to himself, and their investigation brings them to a big revelation that rattles the police officer. Sergeant Power seems to be the antagonist, but as the show moves forward, several shades of gray could be seen in him. 

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