‘Tall, Dark And Dangerous’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Did Alice Get Rid Of Chris?

Tall, Dark, and Dangerous has been directed by David DeCoteau, starring faces like Jamie Bernadette and Matthew Pohlkamp. The plot revolves around Alice being followed by a stalker after she decides to explore a dating website. This film brings out the perils of using social media without caution, highlighting the fake profiles that are used by many to conceal their true identities. The murky movie keeps the audiences on their toes, with its neck deep down into some scary stalker activities. Will Alice be able to save herself from her stalker? What psychological issues did Chris have? Would he give up on stalking Alice? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Chris Start Stalking Alice?

Alice was at the zenith of her career at a law firm and did not have much time for indulging herself in romance. When her best friend insisted that she try a dating app, she installed it and pinged an appealing guy (Jason) there. Jason immediately responded, showing his interest in Alice. After the two met, Alice realized that he looked nothing like his pictures. When she asked him about it, he said that his real name was Chris, and he had used his roommate’s pictures as he was not confident about his own looks. Right after getting to know that he had faked his identity, Alice left. Before leaving, she advised him to never use a fake identity to play someone. This did not sit well with Chris, and he started stalking Alice. 


How Did Chris Pester Alice?

Chris started sending roses to her office and called her to ask her out again for a Valentine’s Day date with him. Alice decided not to show up, but Chris was seen waiting for her at the restaurant. This shed light on the fact that he couldn’t take no for an answer. Later, Chris sent her a voicemail saying that he was extremely disturbed by her standing him up at the restaurant, as it was quite embarrassing for him. Alice eventually blocked him, but that did not help her in the long run. Chris later came to her office and befriended her boss, saying that Alice was his girlfriend. Alice tried confronting him about pestering her, but he insisted that they were in a relationship. He later sent her a packet of food and a note along with it saying that it was never too late for a Valentine’s Day date together. When Alice tried complaining against him to the police, the complaint was not registered as he had not yet done anything illegal. 

Meanwhile, Chris created deep-fake images of himself and Alice and posted them all over his social media account. When Paulina (Alice’s secretary) showed her the images, she wanted to seek legal help. Paulina said that deep-fake images were not illegal. This event brings out the vulnerability of women even in modern times, where anyone could use their images to create fake videos or images. Chris even went to the extent of visiting Alice’s parents, telling them that he was her boyfriend. When Alice asked him to leave her parents’ house, he said that he would kill her parents if she tried to tell them anything about it. She was so worried about her parents’ safety that she went to the police to file a restraining order against Chris. The restraining order angered Chris, and he started harassing her in every way possible. He punctured her car tire, and when she tried to file a complaint, the police said that he could no longer be found at his registered address. 


What Happened After Alice Went To Meet Jason?

Alice contacted Jason and asked him to meet so that she could find some useful information about Chris from him. He told her how Chris had been obsessed with another woman named Mercedes. He said that he didn’t know Chris even though they were roommates. He would often go through his things when he was not at home. He handed over a bill from his psychiatrist to Alice, saying that the bill was all that he could help her with. Later, Alice even contacted Mercedes and asked her to meet. Mercedes agreed to meet her and narrated all the ways in which Chris had tried to harass her. Chris had made her life a mess the same way he had been trying to mess up Alice’s life. He even tried messing with her career, telling her boss that she was looking for higher-paying jobs elsewhere. 

What Psychological Issues Did Chris Have?

Alice went to meet Chris’ psychiatrist, who told her that he had not come to meet her in a very long time. Initially, she was reluctant to give Alice any information about Chris, but later she said that he had been suffering from ‘imposter syndrome’. She said that this syndrome made one have self-doubt and feel like a fraud, seeking other identities. They would often feel intimidated by other people who were either better-looking or more successful than them, tempting them to try and steal identities. 


After Alice was gone, Chris came to meet his psychiatrist. She advised him not to stalk Alice, as it would make both their lives miserable. Chris was furious that she had said everything about his illness to Alice and strangled the doctor to death. Later, the police found out through the CCTV footage that Chris had murdered the woman. Even though the police were seeking Chris, he did not stop stalking Alice. 

How Did Alice Manage To Get Rid Of Chris?

Alice went to stay with her parents because she thought that she would be safer there. When she reached her parents’ house, she saw that Chris was already there. He threatened to kill her parents if she tried warning them about him. However, she secretly asked for help from  her dad as she handed him a glass to drink. Her father was immediately alerted and tried attacking him with a baseball bat. He called the police, but by the time the police came in, Chris had already fled the scene. 

Alice decided to go and stay at her friend Jane’s house, as she thought that Chris wouldn’t have the address for that place. Chris somehow managed to tail Alice and end up at Jane’s house. He took Jane captive in her own house and blackmailed Alice, asking her to go away with him. As Alice tried negotiating with Chris, asking him to leave Jane alone, she managed to get her hands on pepper spray. She sprayed it at Chris, and by the time the police arrived, he had fled Jane’s house. 

Final Thoughts

During Tall, Dark, and Dangerous‘ ending, we thought that Chris’ stalking game had ended, but it was exactly after 1 year that he sprung back. However, this time, he was seen trying his luck on another woman. The joke that the police always arrive after the crime has been done and wrapped up has been proven to be right in the film Tall, Dark, and Dangerous. The generic thriller lacks a good plot and a quality screenplay. The movie gives out a strong message against the excessive use of social media, but I believe that a better narration of the story could have helped the audiences save some of their precious time! However, the film ends very abruptly, making us anticipate a sequel to the film. 


Debjyoti Dey
Debjyoti Dey
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