‘Sweet Tooth’ Season 2, Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Is Gillian Washington?

In episode 2 of “Sweet Tooth” Season 2, we are taken back to the beginning through Gus’ memories and the purple flowers. Now, Adi has a starting point to figure out his cure and save the hybrids and all of humanity. Hopefully, he will be able to figure things out before the return of General Abbot, who may have other plans for him. Episode 3, aptly titled “Chicken and Egg,” begs the question: what came first, the chicken or the egg? In this case, is it the virus or the hybrid, and will chicken be the saving grace of humanity?


Spoilers Ahead

Gillian Washington And Project ‘Midnight Sun’

As we know, humans have the tendency to try to extend their lives and make themselves look younger as the days go by. A woman named Gillian Washington had the same plan. She was the driving force behind the project “Midnight Sun” that Birdie was working on.


Adi And Gus In Fort Smith

Gus’ use of his story-telling talents comes to a standstill when he’s called again by Adi and Johnny. The kids are beginning to get restless and wonder why it’s always Gus who gets called by the Last Men. Now they worry Gus will run away like Roy, leading to Wendy telling them the truth about Roy. Rani tells Adi about what she’s learned in the past few hours. She tells Adi that if the kids can talk, they have feelings and think just like humans, so she worries about their karma. Adi tells her he finally has a breakthrough with Gus and is heading to Fort Smith to do good and save themselves from all their wrongdoings in the past. Gus, Adi, and Hulk arrive at Fort Smith, where they begin their search for anything that could be a clue as to why all of this started. They find a bunch of chickens in the lab but pay no heed to them. Gus finds a box with Pubba’s name on it and takes some pliers the kids can use to escape the kennel. They have decided to take matters into their own hands. Gus has been saying they are not alone, and suddenly they’re attacked by a crocodile that almost takes Hulk’s hand out. Before it takes another person out, Gus realizes the crocodile is a hybrid like him and begs him to stop. The crocodile then stands up on two feet and runs up to Gus, who asks for his name, which is Peter. Before Peter can say another word, Hulk gets more guys to tie him up and take him to the preserve. In the meantime, Rani, who gets to see the hybrids, hands Wendy some vegetables for the kids to share and eat.

Aimee And Jepp

Aimee and Jepp make their way to the little town of Jepp’s mighty friends. But the mighty have fallen, and Jepp needs a drink to deal with everything that has happened in the past few days. Aimee and Jepp get to know each other a little better in the meantime, and they figure they’re quite similar in many ways. They find a telephone in the bar, and Aimee makes a call to some people she knows. They are people who dropped off hybrids at the preserve when they found them—as Jepp puts it—delivery boys. While they’re in the small town known as a factory town, Abbot arrives with his army and gathers everybody around for an announcement. He is able to convince young people by using Adi’s dose for Rani on people with “the sick” in front of them, so they enlist themselves into the Last Men. Aimee knows that Abbot is using her kids to get the antidote for the virus, realizing that they need to hurry up before all her kids are gone.


Becky And Jordan

Becky finds out that the guy’s father was killed by the Animal Army. Becky hasn’t told him who she is, and she plans to keep it that way. Everyone fears the “Doomsday variant” of the virus, and so Jordan is planning on enlisting to help his Oma and Opa and keep the only family he has left safe. On their way, a passing train drops off some supplies for them, along with flyers to join Abbot’s army. This further proves the point that Abbot is using fake promises to enlist young people into the army and make them hate the hybrids. Seeing Jordan’s grandparents gets Becky thinking about the life they could’ve had. She and Jordan are part of a generation that never got to go to college or dream about homes, getting jobs, etc., but Jordan believes they might be doing well now, sticking together.

Genetic Unit Series 1 (Gus)

The space where Adi and Gus had ended up after being chased by Peter was where the project “Midnight Sun” had taken place. They find a tape there and a working TV (how exactly?). It’s a video of Gillian talking about the project. She begins with an introduction to James Thacker, who had a degenerative disease back in the day, and in 1911, he visited the Arctic to find answers about a village where people lived over the age of 100 disease-free. Gillian’s lead scientist is Dr. Gertrude Miller, Birdie’s real name. Through James Thacker’s work, Birdie was able to find microbes that could boost the immune system through excavations of ice cores. Their experiment to use these microbes on chickens was hugely successful, and so they moved on to the next step. But the experiment didn’t end there, and the eggs had developed something entirely new that couldn’t even be imagined. Birdie then proceeds to bring out baby Gus, calling him “Genetic Unit Series 1”. Adi decides to bring back the chickens and all the tapes to the Preserve to finally create a cure with the help of Birdie’s work. He plans on finishing what she started. Gus warns Adi that he will not help Adi again if he hurts Peter, and Adi promises that his deal is permanent and he won’t put any more hybrids in danger. Adi plans on using the chickens’ eggs to incubate the antigens for the cure. The kids are all upset with Gus for lying to them; will he be able to convince them that he did it to help them?


Humanity First? 

In the meantime, in the middle of nowhere, the man who created the slogan “Humanity first,” Douglas Abbot, orders his people to kill the man they cured a few hours ago. This is obviously because the dose couldn’t last forever, and they didn’t need another liability, but Abbot’s reaction is to dance in the middle of nowhere to celebrate his day’s victory, getting more people to join his side of the fight. Finally, Becky finds her way to the zoo after hearing Jordan mention it. She’s sure Gus has been taken there and decides to enlist in the Last Men herself. Aimee gets a call back from her friends, and it looks like Jepp, and she are on to save the day and the kids. Maybe a large family reunion is really in the works!

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