‘Sweet Tooth’ Season 2, Episode 2 Recap & Ending, Explained: Will Adi Find The Answers He Needs From Gus? 

The second season of “Sweet Tooth” has taken us right back into the action where we left off. We are seeing more of the adorable hybrids now, and the show is just getting pumped up for another big adventure. Gus has found new friends he wants to protect, and maybe he will find his answers about Pubba and Birdie soon enough. Let’s find out what happens in episode 2 of “Sweet Tooth” Season 2.


Spoilers Ahead

The Fake Facade Of The Last Men

While we were under the impression that people believed Abbot’s hogwash about the “Last Men” helping humanity fairly recently, it seems they have been extending their hands ever since the virus struck. Back in the day, when Jepp was desperately searching for his wife and baby, he too was brainwashed by his coach to believe in the Last Men, who were about to save humanity from the nasty hybrids. Although his own son was a hybrid, Jepp believed he could get answers if he joined the Last Men, and so he did. Now, with Abbot having a stronghold in the zoo, the “preserve,” which is now his prison for hybrids, he is able to convince more people that he will put humans first, and more hands are ready to join him because of their desperation. Becky, who has been traveling in search of Gus and Jepp, finds herself in the company of one such person, who is traveling with his grandparents (the only survivors in his family) and a few other people. They have a wagon of sorts, and Becky joins them. She’s hoping to find a quick way to reach Gus and Jepp, whose belongings she found near the airplane.


Aimee And Jepp Must Work Together

On the other side of things, Jepp wakes up groggy and lost in front of a worried Aimee. She hopes that Jepp will help her get all the kids out. Jepp is not sure how easy it would be to get so many kids out together when there’s essentially an army waiting for them at the zoo. Aimee has a plan set for midnight the same day to get them out, but she receives the call on the radio from Wendy and forgets all her plans, deciding to go to the zoo immediately. The element of surprise may be the only way they can get their kids out. Jepp doesn’t like this idea at all, but after some contemplation, he follows in her footsteps even though he is supposed to bring the truck out when she gives him the signal. This is fortunate because Aimee is almost caught by a big man named Hulk, whom Jepp saves her from. They think they’re safe until Hulk realizes who Jepp is because he is the man who shot him. Jepp and Aimee are able to knock Hulk down together, but before they know it, the rest of the Last Men see Hulk down and sound the alarm. This is when Jepp gets the idea of putting Gus’ toy “dog” in the food that the kids will get as a sign that they’re coming to get them.

Adi And Rani

Adi, who has been sleep deprived for several days, now looks unwell to Rani. He tells her that he’s looking for a way out of killing the hybrids to find the cure and talks about the talking “deer boy,” Gus. Rani gets moved out of the tiny observation room and into a more open and free one. She realizes the room belonged to somebody else, and she’s told this used to be a preserve for hybrids. Rani, who’s never met a hybrid before, begins to question her morals now. She’s been alive for so long through the pain and suffering of these hybrids. Rani makes the decision to meet the hybrids.


Johnny Abbot 

The man who is in charge when Douglas Abbot isn’t around is his dull brother Johnny. Johnny definitely doesn’t have it in him to be meanspirited, but with his brother’s influence, he is learning quickly. Johnny is the man who puts Bobby in a collar and decides which kid gets taken to Adi. Fortunately, Adi is able to convince him that Gus can help them by talking, so Johnny brings him what he needs to solve the problem before Doug arrives. Adi’s big plan is to bring in the purple flowers that act as hallucinogenic to the hybrids and use that effect to bring Gus back to his memories as a baby. Johnny agrees to all of Adi’s plans as long as he finds his answers before the return of the big man.

Gus’ Memories 

With the pollen of the purple flowers in effect on Gus, Adi is able to take him back as far as his first memories. Adi believed it was Richard who created Gus, but now he learns that it wasn’t. To get through to Gus, Adi tells him the truth: that Adi, too, is a prisoner, and he must help him get out together. It’s a breakthrough, and Gus mentions Fort Smith Labs, proving that the virus and hybrids both definitely came from there and were part of “Project Midnight Sun.” Now Adi knows where he needs to go to find his answers.


Aimee’s Big Mistake 

After Aimee and Jepp get caught by the Last Men in the zoo, they try to figure out a new way to get the kids. Aimee realizes the cost of being impatient, but she worries too much and is in a rush to get to Wendy and the rest. While they try to figure out what to do with the truck, a drone finds them. Jepp and Aimee had no idea about drones, so they rushed out quickly from their hideout. Now the drone follows them across the city, and even the kids hear about it. Their excitement is soon lost when the Last Men announce that the truck has left the city. Aimee regrets leaving the kids behind, but now she needs to be more courageous and listen to Jepp’s ideas to be able to get the kids together. Jepp has some friends in a town nearby, and they decide to drive there. As a truce, Aimee makes a sling for Jepp’s shoulder, and they make their way.

Rani’s Blind Fold Removed 

In the meantime, the kids had been trying to get rid of Bobby’s collar, but they couldn’t. Gus returns with new hope in his eyes—the same hope he had given Dr. Singh after all these years of doom. Gus tells the kids about his new plan. Now he knows exactly where his “home” used to be—the same cabin he grew up in with Richard. After having the hallucinations with the pollen, Gus came to the realization that Richard protected him because he loved him even without being his real pubba. Just as his father told him stories, Gus now tells the rest of the kids with drawings on the stones how they will live in Yellowstone all together, like one big happy family. The episode ends with Rani coming to the realization that the hybrids are more human than she thought because of a drawing of Aimee and Wendy she found in the room.


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