‘Supersex’ (2024) Cast And Character Guide: Who Are The Real-life People In Netflix’s Show?

The Netflix original series, Supersex, is a fictional retelling of Rocco Siffredi’s real-life story. Rocco is knwiwn as one of the most famous adult film star coming from a humble background in Italy. Along with the main protagonist, the Netflix’s series also introduced us to a cast of interesting characters who played a significant part in Rocco’s life and his biopic series. In Rocco’s life, his brother Tomasso played a huge part and has also been represented in the series. Although the makers took inspiration from Rocco’s life, not everything portrayed in the series is true to life. They took some creative liberties to add a tragic background to these characters for dramatic effect. So let’s talk about these characters to learn about their journey throughout the series. 


Rocco Siffredi

Portrayed by Alessandro Borghi, Rocco is one of the biggest celebrities in the Italian adult film industry, but this series is just loosely based on his life. Rocco’s childhood was tough, as he hailed from a middle-class family in a small town in central Italy, Ortona. After witnessing his brother’s death in front of his very eyes, Rocco felt devastated and tried to escape from his pain. After he got his hands on an adult magazine named Supersex, it changed his ideas about sexual intimacy between men and women. However, his elder brother, Tomasso, also played a big part in brainwashing him to be an outlaw, so that together, they could rule the criminal underworld and become filthy rich, but Rocco didn’t want to follow in his brother’s footsteps. He was deeply attracted to sexual frenzy and tried to experience it in numerous different ways. Finally, his charm and ability in bed caught the attention of a contemporary adult entertainer, Pontello, who gave him his first break in the industry. After repeated failures, Rocco finally secured his position in the adult film industry and never had to look back. 


Portrayed by Adriano Giannini, Tomasso was Rocco’s half-brother and the eldest son of the Tano family. He was the son of a sex worker, which was something that bugged him for the entirety of his life. His father’s disdain and the humiliation he received from his neighbors made him frustrated. Later he influenced his little brother Rocco to become exactly like him. Tomasso married the love of his life, but love was not the only reason why he married her. He also got associated with criminals and failed to pay off his debts, which was the reason both the police and his moneylenders were after him. However, Tomasso’s story ended on a tragic note, as he couldn’t end up with the person he loved the most in his life. 



Portrayed by Jasmine Trinca, Lucia is another fictional character presented in the series. One of the most beautiful woman in Ortona, she was Tomasso’s childhood sweetheart, and she later became his wife, but their union was short-lived because of Tomasso’s violent and obsessive behavior. Just like every other boy in town, little Rocco was deeply infatuated by Lucia’s beauty, but he respected her because she was his brother’s girlfriend. Even after Rocco grew up and became a handsome young man, he couldn’t lay his eyes on Lucia. Lucia worked as a sex worker in the streets of Paris only to bring some extra money to the table, but Tomasso was never grateful for her efforts. Even when she was pregnant with Tommy’s child, her husband became paranoid and questioned her loyalty, thinking that the child must be from some other man Lucia had slept with. Lucia couldn’t bear the humiliation anymore and decided to leave Tomasso for good. 

Rosa Caracciolo

She is the real-life wife of Rocco, with whom she had an on-and-off relationship throughout the Netflix series. Rosa was also an adult entertainer, but all she wanted was for her boyfriend, Rocco, to be honest and real with her when it came to making love. Rosa pointed out that Rocco might have had amazing sexual capabilities, but he was unable to “make love” to someone. That’s why Rocco initially decided to dump her so that his inability to make love wouldn’t bother her anymore, but Rosa knew that Rocco was in love with her, so she waited for him to change his mind. Finally, the two reunited at the end of the series and got married. Now, Rocco and Rosa are a happily married couple who also have two children together.



Portrayed by Tania Garribba, Rocco’s mother, Carmela, was a strict woman who always valued the chastity of a woman. She raised Tomasso with the utmost care and love, despite the fact that he was not her biological son and his actual mother was a sex worker. Carmela dealt with a great pain in her life when some gypsies in their neighborhood clubbed her son, Claudio, in the head. Even though she did her best to tend to him, trying to make sure that her son would recover from his injuries, Claudio eventually lost his life. Carmela couldn’t move on from the loss of her child and wanted Rocco to become a saint who’d never touch or look at a woman, but she didn’t have any idea what Rocco wanted to do. Carmela would end up falling ill and losing her life, but Tomasso didn’t reconcile with his family. He only attended his stepmother’s funeral, but then he continued maintaining his distance from the family. 


When a teen Rocco first came to Paris to live with his brother Tomasso, he felt attracted towards Sylvie (portrayed by Jade Pedri), a beautiful Italian woman from Corsica, and sister of Tomasso’s friend, Jean-Claude. Sylvie had been looking for a perfect man to fall in love with, and she was impressed by Rocco’s gentleness and charm. However, despite the fact that Sylvie fell in love with him, Rocco had no feelings for her except for sexual attraction. Sylvie became the first woman he slept with, but he failed to make love to her, which broke Sylvie’s heart. She started feeling used by Rocco, who didn’t care about how Sylvie might feel. The two of them drifted apart and never got along with each other. 



Portrayed by David Kammenos, Jean-Claude was a friend of Tomasso, who had previously sought financial assistance from him. However, after Jean-Claude helped him out, Tomasso failed to repay his debts and tried to save himself from his men. Jean-Claude later decided to take the responsibility of Tomasso’s wife, Lucia, and offered a marriage proposal. Lucia, realizing that she needed to give her son a better life, agreed to get married to him.

Gabrielle Pontello

Gabrielle Pontello was the celebrated adult film star in Italy, often known as Mr. Supersex, who had been featured in the adult magazine that Rocco got obsessed with in his childhood. Pontello was the one who noticed Rocco’s charm and offered him a role in his adult film, which changed Rocco’s life forever. Even though Gabrielle Pontello is a real-life adult film star, the series took a creative liberty to add a fictional arc to his character.

Gabrielle Galetta

Portrayed by Enrico Borello, Gabrielle Galetta is based on Rocco’s real-life cousin brother of the same name. Gabrielle was intrigued by Rocco’s rise as an adult entertainer in the industry, so he also wanted to work alongside him. Gabrielle had been there for his cousin, Rocco, through thick and thin, and often convinced him to reconsider his retirement. Although Rocco had never retired from his profession, his impulsive decisions deeply concerned his brother. Initially Rocco didn’t want his brother to come into this industry, but Gabrielle was passionate about it and later became a famous director in the adult film industry.

Riccardo Schicchi

Portrayed by Vincenzo Nemolato,  Riccardo was an Italian adult film director, who gave Rocco a golden opportunity to work with him. We have no idea if this character is entirely fictional or if Riccardo Schicchi did exist in real-life and made films with Rocco. 


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