‘Superman & Lois’ Season 3, Episode 12 Recap & Ending, Explained: How Will Lex Plot Revenge Against Lois?

In a season that has already proven itself to be the highest point of Superman & Lois, with emotions running wild as the Kent family struggles with Lois’ cancer diagnosis and in their conflict with the villainous Mannheims, humanizing even the most irredeemable ones, the CW’s Superman & Lois aims even higher for the final two episodes. After building up the threat posed by Lex Luthor throughout the season, the penultimate episode finally brings the devil into the flesh, and things are about to get more intense. In the previous episode, a tragic conclusion to the Manheim arc was drawn as Peia succumbed to her terminal illness and overexposure to Bruno’s experimentative drugs, and Bruno was deservingly put behind bars.


A number of events lead to Sarah dealing with low self-esteem, and her parents, Kyle and Lana, suggest she take up the waitress job at the Smallville diner, as no matter the nature of her profession, she will have a purpose to keep her motivated. After months of enduring pain due to cancer medication, Lois’ mastectomy surgery finally gets performed successfully amidst all of this, and Clark is forever ready to help his beloved wife on her road to recovery. However, the Kents are going to face their biggest threat so far as a vengeful Lex tries to seek Lois out to settle past scores.

Spoilers Ahead


Are Lois and Clark Ready For The Upcoming Challenges?

So far, we have seen how excruciating an ordeal it was for Lois and her close ones to go through her cancer diagnosis and treatment, accept the changes, and prepare for the surgery. As “Injustice” begins, we witness the aftermath of the ordeal as Lois learns the price it takes to heal both physically and mentally—the time that heals all wounds is inestimable. For Clark, nothing has changed at all, but Lois recognizes a part of her that is missing when she gazes into her image in the mirror. Everybody knows, and shares advice about being patient, holding onto hope, and being proud of the fight one has put up as the keys to overcoming all of this, but only the one who has to go through it all knows what it takes. Adjusting to the new normal and accepting the bodily changes will test Lois’ mettle all over again.

However, even while dealing with the situation regarding her recovery, Lois still has her head in the game about Lex’s situation. Seventeen years ago, Bruno and Peia orchestrated the murder of Boss Moxie and his lackeys, and using Peia’s sound manipulation powers, Bruno incriminated Lex for the offense. The evidence misled Lois at the time, whose scathing articles resulted in Lex’s imprisonment. Now that Bruno is incarcerated and his confession published by none other than Lois herself, Lex will be acquitted and will look forward to getting even. Anticipating his retribution, Lois starts to gather new evidence on the villainous megalomaniac, and Clark asks her to ease up a bit given her condition, but Lois reminds him of the fiendish ways Lex can adopt to get what he wants.


The scene shifts to the supermax prison of Stryker’s Island, where Lex has received his discharge order and is now a free man.

Twin Trouble: What’s The New Situation Regarding Jonathan And Jordan?

Lois and Clark simply can’t catch a break as new situations regarding their teenage sons start cropping up. Previously, we saw Jordan getting a bit reckless about his secret identity during his Superboy drills, which led to multiple sightings of him across Smallville. News of a new superhero in Smallville has reached Metropolis thanks to George Jr.’s overenthusiasm regarding the matter, and he can’t stop talking about it to Sarah, who is more concerned about protecting Jordan’s identity. However, Jordan, on the other hand, seems to be enjoying the rumors and praise a little too much as he indirectly brags about his actions in the friends’ group, leaving Sarah feeling aghast at the situation. Sarah meets her mother, Lana and shares the incident, as she is wondering why she even bothered keeping Jordan’s identity secret by lying to everyone when the person concerned is acting carefree.


Lana meets Clark and Lois at the “Smallville Gazette” office and gives them a heads-up about the situation, which results in Clark and Lois discussing the matter with Jordan and deciding to give his superhero career a break. Sam arrives at the Kent household and takes back the super-suit and goggles he had given to his grandson.

On the other hand, at the Fire Station, Kyle starts treating Jon differently, as he has recently learned about him being the son of Superman. Uncomfortable with his pampering gestures, Jon goes home and shares the incident with his parents, which prompts Clark to meet with Kyle and request that he not treat Jon any differently than other members of the team. Later, Kyle meets Jon and assures him that nothing like that will happen again, but he also lets him know that he is a bit upset at the fact that Jon didn’t share his grievances with him first and let his parents know instead. Needless to say, Jon didn’t like Clark approaching Kyle and bringing up the matter.


How Was Lex’s Life In Prison?

By instructing the warden of the prison, Lex keeps the news of his release a secret and starts walking toward his destination. As he remembers his time spent in prison, viewers get a flashback of the events. During his initial days, Lex’s rash behaviors caused him to get brutalized by seasoned prison inmates and shot callers as a form of schooling the new fish. A vengeful Lex blackmailed the prison warden with his family’s life on the line and gained absolute control of the prison, pulverizing the ones who dared to raise their hands against him. The scene where he uses the shot caller as his chair and sadistically tortures him while having breakfast tells viewers enough about the viciousness he is capable of.

In the present day, as Lex walks out of prison, a storm brews in the background, indicating the danger that is about to befall Kent, and the scene also resembles Max Cady getting out of prison in “Cape Fear.”


Turbulent Weather: Why Did Clark Get Into An Argument With Jon?

A tornado is seen to be forming at Smallville, and people start rushing toward shelters, underpasses, and basements. On his way to DOD, Sam stops and guides a bunch of passersby towards an underpass as the tornado starts getting stronger by the moment. Clark arrives in his Superman attire and starts neutralizing the tornado using his frozen breath, and Jordan, ignoring his parent’s previous commands, takes his super-suit from Sam’s car and joins his father. Clarks tells Jordan that he can control the situation just fine on his own, but Jordan insists on helping him. The father-son duo managed to successfully rein in the tornado before it could cause any significant damage. Unfortunately, Jordan’s hunger for attention and adulation acts up as he stands among the rescued people, letting them get selfies and whatnot while Sam and Superman watch in disbelief.

Sam could have covered up the rumors about the Smallville superheroes earlier with only articles published, but now that the footage exists, it is impossible for him to keep them a secret. He also fears that the worst might happen if someone indeed starts tracking Jordan’s movements, deduces his identity, and eventually learns about Clark as well. Lois and Clark reprimand Jordan, who acts increasingly aloof, and as Clark chides him about accountability, Jordan pushes him into a display of insubordination. Later, Sam advises Clark to rein his son in before his careless demeanor puts non-powered members of the family at risk. Clark’s vulnerability as a parent is extremely perceivable from the way Tyler Hoechlin acts in the moment.


How Will Lex Plot Revenge Against Lois?

The daily dose of stress is not yet over for the Kents, as Lex arrives right at their doorstep. Lex blames Lois for being wrongfully imprisoned for seventeen years, which has also contributed to an estranged relationship with his daughter. As a form of apology, an infuriated Lex asks Lois to quit reporting right now or be prepared for grievous consequences. Lois stands up for herself and gets mocked by Lex, who says that her bravery is only the result of Superman and the DOD backing her up. After directly threatening Lois and her family, Lex takes his leave and warns that Superman is next on his list.

Departing from Kent Farm, Lex goes directly to Bruno’s dilapidated research facility in the hopes that he can access the information regarding Bruno and Dr. Hook’s metahuman experiments. However, he and his henchmen meet Bizarro, who has turned into a gnarly, feral version of himself as he is seen feasting on rats. Before Lex can plan the possible option of approaching the doppelganger of Superman, Bizarro jumps on his henchmen, and it is hinted that he brutally decimates most of them. In the finale, Lex will probably come up with a way to control the monstrous being and use him to take down Superman. But most importantly, Jordan’s reckless behavior might have severe repercussions, with someone like Lex keeping the Kents under his watch already. With identities compromised, the consequences of clashing with a vengeful Lex Luthor might be tragic, which the upcoming Superman & Lois season finale next week is going to highlight.


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