‘Sultan Of Delhi’ Season 2: Is It Renewed Or Canceled? What To Expect Next?

Milan Luthria’s Sultan of Delhi is a decent take on the emerging mafia of the capital city of Delhi. The country was only twenty years into independence, and a lot of changes had happened. Many were power-hungry and eager to be rich. The Disney+ Hotstar special was released on October 13th, and it is all about two men who crave to be rich and powerful and ultimately become Sultan of Delhi, a title given only to the chosen one.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Season 1?

Sultan of Delhi begins as the story of Arjun, who originally hails from Lahore but grew up in a refugee camp post-partition and rose to become one of the richest and most influential arms dealers. Arjun had the support of his best friend Bangali, who stood by his side through every obstacle that came their way. Sadly, season one ended with Bangali having to choose between Arjun and their sworn enemy, Rajender. Rajender took advantage of Arjun and Bangali’s weakest moment in their friendship and turned it into something that could benefit him in the long run.


This time, Rajender was not wrong, and everything worked as per his plans. Bangali was forced to choose between Rajender and Arjun, and he chose the former. Arjun did not think twice before killing his father and Jagan Seth. He lost his mind and the trust he had in the people around him now that Bangali had switched allegiances. The two of them did not have time to converse about their falling out, especially Bangali, before he chose to join hands with Rajender.

Things go awry very fast when Bangali is used as a barter in exchange for a pilot who knows way too much about Rajender’s work. Initially, it seemed that Arjun would welcome his friend with open arms, but Bangali had forgotten that Arjun is a ruthless businessman as well. Bangali was thrown into the path of an oncoming speeding train and was instantly killed. Shankari Devi was shocked by Arjun’s behavior. Rajender on the other hand was angry at Arjun’s erratic move. He killed Shankari Devi because he was done taking advice from her and probably wanted to chart his destiny from here on without any interference from her. He always wanted to get rid of her but probably was finding a reason to do that. Arjun, on the other hand, gives away Bangali’s share of their business to his wife, Nayantara. Arjun and her eventually end up having an affair because the attraction was always there, but they never acted on it because of Bangali. With him gone, nothing could stop either of them.


Is It Renewed For Season 2?

The makers and the streaming platform have not yet announced any news regarding the next season of Sultan of Delhi. The ending of the first season laid the groundwork for the next one, which will likely be announced next year, if not sooner. This article is just a compilation of speculation about Arjun and Rajender’s arc from here on.

What To Expect In Season 2?

Arjun plans to enter politics now that Jagan Seth has been stopped as the election results were manipulated thanks to Rajender. With Jagan Seth and Bangali gone, paving the way for his political ambitions will be easier for Arjun. He has finally become the Sultan of Delhi, and this powerful position will surely come with a lot of perks. With the rift between them at an all-time high and Shankari Devi out of the picture, it will allow Rajender to become more ruthless than before. Rajender will stop at nothing to make sure Arjun is finished; there will again be an attempt on his life thanks to his rival, but he will survive. This time, Arjun will take advantage of the friendship formed with Faroukh and a connection at the ministry to make sure a lot of arms deals come his way.


Rajender will play his game to make sure Arjun does not surpass him and become one of the richest men in the city. He always looked down upon Arjun right from the beginning because of the man’s middle-class background. This classist tendency towards borderline discrimination is a result of how Rajender was raised. His aristocratic background never allowed him to accept Arjun as an equal, even though he has proven his worth. Despite their differences, Jagan Seth was always vocal about Arjun’s role in making their business a success and bringing in unexpected allies.

Arjun’s affair with Nayanatara will be an important arc because this relationship will be the make-and-break for the main man. He will either get away with it discreetly or Rajender will come to know of this affair and make sure it is publicized so that it will affect Arjun’s marriage. There is a possibility of Arjun’s wife leaving him for this, and this would seem like the end of his life. He might lose focus on his business and probably not be able to deliver goods on time.


Arjun will be encouraged by Nayantara to pick up where he left off. There is also a chance Rajender, in his last attempt to destroy Arjun, will reveal his role in Bangali’s death. This will be the end of the line for Arjun. If this happens, he will not only lose his wife but Nayantara as well. Arjun had come very close to not just loving her but providing for her as well, and losing her this way would be heartbreaking.

Rajender, on the other hand, will initially struggle without Shankari Devi by his side. He was used to having this manipulative woman with gray shade and a disturbing past by his side. Rajender might get married again and will probably end up having a manipulative wife who will be a mix of Sanjana and Shankari, who will guide him through the world of politics and business. Rajender wouldn’t want to get into politics. He would rather be the financial kingmaker who makes sure the money reaches the political parties so that his businesses function smoothly and remain untouched.


Arjun and Rajender’s animosity will peak when they have a face-to-face tiff that could end badly for either of them. Season two might end with either of them dying. Knowing the predictable nature of the show, Rajender might die at the hands of Arjun. Rajender had a daughter with his first wife, and she might end up being raised to seek revenge for her father’s death. This will be a radical shift in how men are brainwashed to exact revenge. This time most likely the makers will work on a narrative where a young girl is raised to avenge her father. She might get groomed to take over the business eventually.

Final Words

Sultan of Delhi is a predictable fare that allows the audience to remain invested only for a certain amount of time. Hopefully, the next season will be better than the first. We really expect Milan Luthria to provide us with engaging storytelling in the next season, if there is any.


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