‘Sultan Of Delhi’ Recap & Ending Explained: Did Arjun Forgive Bangali For Betraying Him?

Sultan of Delhi is the brand-new mafia drama from Milan Luthria, who talks in detail about the arms dealing and other illegal businesses that thrived in Delhi as India entered its 20th year of independence. A lot of friendships were made, enmities were established, and betrayals executed as the show progresses.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Was Arjun Bhatia?

Arjun Bhatia was the son of a refugee who moved to India during the partition, as he and his father had lost all of their family to a riot in Lahore. Arjun’s father, Ashok Bhatia, was a rich businessman who had to leave his fortune in the city behind to survive this painful ordeal. The Partition was a human tragedy on a monumental scale that killed many on both sides of the border on account of the political changes in our country post-independence.


Independence was supposed to be celebrated, but the partition of the country remains a festering wound that will possibly never be healed because Arjun, for the longest time in adulthood, couldn’t bring himself to forget that he and his father lost a fortune due to this, and he strove to become rich to restore his family’s glory.

Arjun spent a lot of time in the refugee camps until they were assigned a job and a place to live. He ended up having to abandon his father because he saw him mentally spiraling as a result of the tragedy they both faced. Ashok Bhatia was becoming an alcoholic, which was not easy for Arjun to watch. The kid was slowly becoming selfish and was on the path to becoming a ruthless man whose ambitions included becoming a rich and influential man in the city.


Arjun, who worked as a mechanic with a family that was close to him from the refugee camp days, ends up working as a driver and delivery boy with Jagan Seth, one of the biggest exporters of all kinds of legal tenders in the city. Jagan happens to have an illegal arms trading business as well where he offers weapons to local dacoits and receives handsome amounts in return. This was probably the only way to sustain as a businessman in the country that was headed towards the second war with the neighboring country. It is his job that introduces him to Bangali, who became Arjun’s thick friend as they carried out all kinds of work for Jagan Seth. Arjun probably got his dream job, and he stayed in it in the hope of becoming rich. Bangali had no ambitions as such, but he remained a loyal friend to him.

Why Was There An Enmity Between Arjun And Rajender?

Rajender came from an aristocratic family and not all was well around him. Rajender was in love with his father’s mistress, Shankari Devi, but his father sent him abroad. His father was probably a narcissistic man who saw competition in his son and decided to keep him away from the woman he thought belonged to him. This was probably the norm for royalty to entertain a mistress as much as they could.


Rajender wanted to step out of his father’s shadow because he claimed not to want to be like him. His father was ruthless and heartless, and Rajender was similar, but his methods to achieve success were different. Rajender seeked an ally in Jagan Seth because he thinks this man could make their lives sustainable financially. Rajender already had an established arm-dealing business, and adding Jagan to this prospectus would improve his standing amongst the syndicate that rules the city of Delhi.

Rajender claims to want to take revenge on Shankari Devi, but it is implied that she sent the man to Jagan to establish contact and ascertain his moves. Rajender’s plans worked, but soon he realized Arjun and Bangali were fiercely loyal to Jagan. Jagan was the reason for Arjun and Bangali’s current existence. He knew these two men could be a threat and created a rift between himself and Arjun, establishing the fact that Rajender would never be friends with Arjun or Bangali. Rajender was also proud of his father’s wealth, which he received as inheritance, and he kept Arjun at bay because of his poor background. Rajender was a spoiled brat whose father was probably right about him. Only time will tell if the enmity lasts or if they will find a way to co-exist peacefully.


When Does Jagan Start Trusting Arjun And Bangali?

Jagan is attacked at a party but is saved in the nick of time by Arjun and Bangali. Initially, many considered Faroukh, one of the other illegal arms traders, to be behind this attack. In retaliation, one of Faroukh’s men was also killed. This led to a scenario where a gang war could begin, but Arjun makes sure to enter Faroukh’s territory and convinces the man that he has nothing to lose by walking into the enemy’s den. Faroukh was impressed by Arjun’s confidence, which was conveyed to Jagan Seth. Jagan soon offered all important assignments to him and Bangali. Jagan had every reason to trust the boy because Arjun had repeatedly showcased his loyalty, and this time, he turned a foe into a friend, much to Rajender’s annoyance.

What Were The Tricks Used By Rajender To Get Rid Of Arjun?

Rajender’s plan to get rid of Arjun initially does not work because he is unable to understand the extent to which Arjun was willing to sacrifice himself for his boss. Rajender wanted to somehow get hold of Jagan’s trust and make him go against Arjun so that the said business could be destroyed. Rajender and Shankari Devi would happily see the man and his business go up in flames.


Rajender was aware of Arjun’s relations with Sanjana, who comes from a family of means. Rajender was quick to finalize his wedding with Sanjana while Arjun was arrested for stealing diamonds. Even though Arjun was acquitted because the police had no evidence of the stolen diamonds, it was too late because Sanjana was manipulated. Arjun was aware of Rajender’s role in destabilizing him in the hope he would make some mistakes that would push him away from Jagan Seth.

Jagan Seth was unwilling to mistrust Arjun for many good reasons, but Shankari and Rajender implied that Arjun was slowly becoming the main man around the business. Arjun only had good intentions when he helped Jagan safely place his weapons at an unknown location after Rajender and Jagan Seth split on bad terms. Rajender threatened Jagan’s business by conducting raids. Rajender somehow wanted to be the key player in the arms-dealing business because he wanted to become better than his father at this game. Since Shankari was by his side all this while, there was nothing he thought would stop him from reaching his goal. His plan to plant the seed of mistrust works because Jagan starts doubting his decision-making skills and the fact that Arjun might be taking over his business as the Sultan of Delhi. Jagan lost the game the moment he doubted Arjun’s intentions because the young man did everything to make sure Jagan retained his powers despite momentary setbacks.


Jagan Seth’s sudden hatred for Arjun was very uncharacteristic of him. Jagan was Arjun’s boss and caregiver, and for him to feel some sort of animosity against his employee comes very unexpectedly. It felt like plot convenience instead of an organically emerging rift between the two. Jagan Seth tried to have Arjun and Bangali killed, but his ruse is revealed by the people who captured them. Jagan is unceremoniously killed by Arjun and Bangali because they realize this man would not stop at just this attempt on their lives. It only made sense to get rid of him instead of continuing to work for him and being in denial about everything. Rajender got everything he wanted, and this is just the beginning of his rivalry with Arjun, who was made the Sultan of Delhi.

What Caused A Rift Between Arjun And Bangali?

Bangali reveals he’s in love with Nayantara, a bar dancer he and Arjun had met during their brief stay in Calcutta for a work assignment assigned by Jagan when he was alive. Bangali proposed marriage to which she said yes. It is implied that Nayantara and Arjun had an undeniable chemistry and somehow longed for each other. Arjun, being a good friend, didn’t interfere with Bangali’s dream and let both find happiness in each other. Arjun remained a fiercely loyal friend who not only appreciated Bangali’s work but also was brutally honest about his friend’s alcoholic nature, which could become an issue for them.


After Jagan Seth’s death, both went into business together in the hope of making all of their black businesses white. Rajender had not stopped trying to get rid of Arjun because the man was a direct threat to his goal of becoming the next Sultan of Delhi. A rift erupts between Bangali and Arjun about the mission gone wrong because of Bangali’s alcoholic nature. Arjun had asked him to give up alcohol to make sure it eventually wouldn’t disrupt the business they were trying to establish from the start. But Rajender made sure to interfere and manipulate the situation in such a manner that it created a crack in their friendship, which only deepened and broke it.

Bangali and Arjun were at a peculiar place at that time, which led to the situation escalating. Rajender was waiting for the rift to happen so that he could swoop in and make Bangali an offer he wouldn’t be able to refuse. Rajender turned out to be a lot smarter because he sensed friendship could be broken over a misunderstanding, but it would take forever for the two men to reconcile. This was the reason Rajender never made friends. His only confidant was Shankari Devi, who was doing all of this to retain her power over Rajender, who helped her be the puppeteer.


Did Arjun Forgive Bangali For Betraying Him?

Rajender found a way to bring Bangali to his side by offering to pay for his gambling debts, which makes the latter obligated to the former. Bangali had no intention to betray Arjun. The main man was livid at Bangali for disrupting their business, which threw him out of the partnership deal the two had established. Arjun’s ruthlessness knew no boundaries because he wouldn’t want anything to harm his business.

With Bangali gone on the other side, he realized that Arjun uses a barter system that would benefit Rajender and himself, with Bangali being the item to be exchanged. Arjun finally had ammunition that could bring Rajender down, and it allowed him to be in a position of power. Bangali had returned to Calcutta to be with his wife, Nayantara, in the hope that Arjun would not follow him. Since he was made part of the barter, he agreed to reestablish his friendship with Arjun in the hope his best friend would forgive him. Arjun welcomed him with an open arm during the exchange at a railway crossing, but not soon after, he pushed Bangali onto an oncoming train, killing his friend instantly.


Arjun initially felt betrayed by his father, who’d abandoned his only child for alcohol. It was selfish of Arjun to think his father was the villain here. Arjun also did not think twice before killing Jagan Seth, which should have been an indication of his intolerance for betrayal. He probably felt the need to manage everything on his own and bring out the Michael Corleone in him.

What Were The Game Plans From Here On?

Arjun gave away Bangali’s share in the business to his wife because he thought it was the right thing to do for a family that had nothing to rely on. The chemistry and the longing to be with each other intensify when they both realize they are under no obligation to worry about the consequences if they have an affair. Nayantara and Arjun wanted to be with each other, but fate had other plans in the past. With Bangali gone, nothing could stop Nayantara from having an affair with Arjun.


Sultan of Delhi ends by establishing the fact that the two will have a torrid affair despite Arjun being married to a nice woman. There was no reason to establish Nayantara and Arjun as a couple because it just glorifies cheating. Arjun was probably always in love with Nayantara, but Bangali’s love for her made him back off. Nayantara was also willing to be his paramour.

The other big revelation made during Sultan of Delhi‘s ending was that Rajender killed Shankari Devi, maybe because what he said to Jagan Seth about her was right. He wanted to get rid of her because his mother had suffered the agony of not having a husband, even though he very much existed, but not as a partner. Shankari Devi was rattled by Arjun’s motives, which made her advise Rajender to take a step back and analyze the situation before retaliating. Rajender has no patience to tolerate Arjun, which is why he killed Shankari Devi in the hope she would not tell him to step away at the crucial juncture of the mafia war. Rajender got rid of the powerful kingmaker, which paved the way for his glory. Meanwhile, Arjun might be on the back foot with the affair, for it will affect his business in the long run.


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