Sooraj In ‘Aarya’ Season 3 Part 1, Explained: Was He A Good Man?

The third season of Aarya garnered good reviews from audiences and critics alike. The first four episodes set the tone for the third season, and audiences cannot wait to witness where Aarya’s fate will take her. By the beginning of this season, Aarya had managed to make her family business strong and reliable. Her husband Tej and brother Sangram had only managed to attain a certain level of success in the same line of work. With Aarya taking over and surrounded by many allies, she has almost become invincible.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Season Three Begin?

The second season of the show ended with a new nemesis entering Aarya’s life, and she was more than ready to face him. Sooraj was Nandini’s widower, and he was informed about her kidnapping and subsequent disappearance. Her father, Udayveer Shekhawat, knew about her untimely death, and there is a possibility that he informed his son-in-law about it. Sooraj got in touch with Aarya and threatened to destroy her in retaliation for her role in Nandini’s death. Apart from his wife, she was also a mother to his kids. Nandini was arrogant about her father’s money and power, and she had always tried to one-up Aarya. On the other hand, Aarya was left with no choice but to kidnap Nandini to make sure Kedia was released from Shekhawat’s custody. Unfortunately for all of them, Maya accidentally killed her, and it changed the course of the game. Even though Kedia was released, as were Nandini’s kids, her death sent shockwaves across every cartel in town. Aarya never wanted Nandini to die, but her death would mean she would have to face the consequences of it.


Season three began with Aarya being attacked by Sooraj’s men. Though Aarya survived the ordeal, Kedia died while trying to save her. Kedia was the closest associate of the business who knew the DNA of the cartel. Kedia’s death angered Aarya, and she declared war on Sooraj. Sooraj hit her where it hurt and received a reaction he expected. Sampath, who worked for Sooraj’s father-in-law, changed his allegiance purely because of his attachment to Arundhati, Aarya’s daughter.

Sooraj had nothing to lose if Aarya retaliated, but he wanted to be ten steps ahead of her so that his strategy would shock her. He had entered into a secret deal with Anton to make sure that the consignment that Russians had assigned to Aarya was stolen. A mishap of this scale will not only put Russian bosses in a frenzy, but they will also not hesitate to kill Aarya. Sooraj’s plan to eradicate her cartel will be successful without him having to pick up any weapons or spill any blood.


Will Sooraj Abandon His Image To Kill Aarya?

Sooraj was constantly haunted by the voice note Nandini had sent him when they were pregnant for the first time. Nandini specifically referred to him as ‘a good man’ for being her pillar of support. Sooraj believes his wife’s words made him a great father to their kids. Even though it was briefly mentioned that he was the most wanted criminal in the country, we assume he did not allow an evil version of himself to ever manifest. We assume Nandini saw a side in him that nobody else witnessed. ‘The good man’s’ tag changed when he took it upon himself to avenge Nandini’s death, but he remained conflicted because he was about to commit a crime of monumental scale. If Aarya is killed and Sooraj’s role is revealed, he will be chased down by her allies, including her son Veer.

Was Sooraj A Good Man?

The good man comes across as an ironic epithet throughout the four episodes because he ends up committing multiple crimes to destabilize Aarya. A nicer version of Sooraj sprung up when he refused to physically hurt Roop. He learned of her pregnancy and immediately changed his manner of dealing with her to get intel on the consignment. He wanted to do the right thing by keeping her alive, but he ended up giving her a sense of false hope and eventually killing her. He did not think twice before murdering Roop because it was his only chance to create a rift between Aarya and her son. He manipulated Roop into believing that Aarya would most likely not come to her rescue because she had become a liability rather than an asset. He knew Veer would spring into action, and everything since then has worked like clockwork. Even though Sooraj was chased out of his safehouse by Aarya, he did not leave the town, but found a foolproof way to get closer to her.


Sooraj’s next target was Maya. She was Aarya’s closest friend, and ever since she became Jawahar’s widow, Maya has been looking for ways to sustain herself and her family financially. She started living with Aarya by the end of the second season because of her role in Nandini’s death, and she chose to bury the truth to save Maya. Just like her three kids, Aarya took it upon herself to safeguard Maya because she knew her enemies would not think twice before using Maya against her. Sadly, her worst nightmare came true when Sooraj disguised himself as a prospective art buyer and showed interest in the art gallery where Maya worked. A few hours into his impersonation and luring Maya into his household, Sooraj revealed his true identity and kept Maya hostage to force Aarya to come out of her den. Maya, out of desperation and fear, revealed that she was the one who had killed Nandini. He forced her to lead him to the spot where she and Aarya buried his wife.

Sooraj and Aarya finally have a faceoff. Aarya tried to call for a ceasefire because both families had seen enough death, and she believed Sooraj should help her coexist in this market. Aarya did admit her role in Nandini’s death, which was the closure Sooraj was chasing. Veer emerged out of nowhere and tried to kill Sooraj for his role in Roop’s death. Veer wanted retaliation, and Aarya attempted to break this cycle of revenge. Aarya accidentally ended up killing Sooraj. It was her maternal instinct that kicked in, which made her pull the trigger on Sooraj.


Sooraj being a good man loomed over him throughout the length of season three. He wanted to believe his deceased wife’s words, but he ended up becoming a man who had no choice but to fight for his family. His death did bring an end to the Shekhawat family, but the audience wondered if his allies were the ones who attempted to assassinate Aarya. Sooraj is a massively gray character who trudges between right and wrong but ends up choosing a life of crime.

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