‘Slotherhouse’ (2023) Ending Explained & Movie Summary: What Happns To Emily & Alpha?

You know this film will be highly unserious if it’s titled with a pun. So, if you go in expecting nothing more than what it can offer, Slotherhouse delivers a delightful sense of campiness and a great message. Horror is a creative genre, and we get to see all sorts of things under the label. There’s a lot of fun to be had with this film, and the acting resembles any Hallmark or popular teen Netflix film. Also, Puppet Killer Sloth is quite adorable, and there is some self-aware dialogue that is very well-timed and funny. Emily is a sorority sister who is looking for meaning in her sorority life. She wants to stand for president of the house against popular girl Brianna. Emily is very concerned about her popularity and is trying really hard to make it big on social media. When she saves a dog in a mall from coming in the way of some children and getting hurt, she meets a strange man who suggests she make a new furry friend. What lengths will Emily go to in order to become popular? Let’s find out what happens in Slotherhouse film.


Spoilers Ahead

What happens in the film?

On the first day back at university, seeing Brianna’s campaign makes Emily feel like she really wants to be the next president because she can make a difference to the Sigma Lambda Theta House. She’s reminded of the strange man she met at the mall. Emily really liked the picture of the sloth the man had posted and decides to actually get it for herself. After all, cute, furry animals are great for scoring popularity points. On the other hand, Brianna’s team doesn’t even know how to spell president, so we can’t really tell what Emily is worried about. As Emily’s friend pointed out, Madison points out that just because Brianna has followers doesn’t mean she has friends. Emily, though, has both friends and a loving boyfriend. It turns out Emily’s mom was once president, and that’s why she wants to live up to her mom’s legacy. Emily texts the strange man, who sends her an address and tells her he’ll be waiting for her (creep).


The man is drugging the sloth and treating all the other wild animals he keeps badly. He decides to bring out the sloth for a little walk before giving it away to Emily. That’s when the sloth decides to show its true colors and kills the poacher. The next day, Emily shows up at an open door. She finds the innocent-looking sloth in the middle of the room and takes it away. In the sorority house, Emily brings in the sloth in a box to hide her from Brianna, but Brianna sees the big box and tries to get a look at what’s in it. She ends up throwing the box down the stairs, making everyone panic. When Emily brings out the sloth and protects her, everyone is in awe of the cute, furry animal. Emily then suggests making her the house mascot because, according to the rule book, pets are allowed if they’re the mascot. All the girls vote to make the sloth the mascot, leaving Brianna furious and Emily thrilled. She then stands up for herself and announces that she’ll be standing for president.

Madison thinks it’s a terrible idea to keep a poached wild animal out of its habitat and tells her to take the sloth to a rescue shelter. Emily refuses to do so, and soon enough, the sloth even has a name—Alpha, because out in the wild, she’s low in the food chain, but out here, she’s the alpha (sure). While Brianna is falling apart because her plan of becoming president for the third time is failing, Emily is getting more popular by the day. Supposedly, Alpha is trained to use computers and gets triggered by an image of the poacher she killed. Meanwhile, Brianna tries to get one of the girls to “get rid” of Alpha. The girl leaves Alpha out in the rain during a party when Emily is distracted trying to mingle and make people like her. When the girl is alone, Alpha shows up and kills her. She’s only Alpha’s first sorority kill, though, because soon enough, Alpha starts killing the girls one by one, and no one finds out. Everybody thinks these girls are just going missing out of the blue (they’re rather calm about this situation, though). At the same time, Emily gets especially popular, and so does Alpha. Everybody loves both of them.


Madison still doesn’t like what’s going on, and after seeing Alpha down a beer, she decides it’s high time to rescue the animal from human life. Emily finds her before she can take Alpha away, though, and tells Madison that she needs Alpha desperately. Madison tries to explain to her how that’s problematic, but Alpha throws her phone in the middle of the street, so she gets hit by a speeding vehicle. It also happens to be election day, but Emily is hit with reality after seeing her best friend run over. In the hospital, Emily promises Madison that she’ll do the right thing. Madison sends her back to the house so she can win the presidency. She makes it just in time and wins the presidency to everyone’s joy. In the meantime, Alpha has killed some more girls and has stolen Emily’s phone and car to go finish the job of killing Madison (yes, the sloth can drive). She’s even taken pictures to post on social media with hashtags; at this point, there’s nothing this Sloth can’t do. Fortunately, the nurse comes in just in time to save Madison.

What Happens to Alpha?

Alpha uses the heater in the showers to electrocute a bunch of the sorority girls all together (yikes). Alpha gets Brianna, but Emily hears her screams and comes to rescue her. Of course, this is an undying sloth too. Ms. Mayflower, the caretaker of the girls, tries to kill Alpha after seeing the mess she’s made. She finds Emily and tries to get her to escape, but Alpha finds Ms. Mayflower there too. She wounds her severely, but Emily gets out to be with her. Ms. Mayflower tells Emily that she shouldn’t be so caught up in trying to be popular because that’s what she has done all her life. She tells her not to waste her life in the hopes of becoming president or being the “it girl” because it’s all momentary happiness. She talks about not having used her own degree and regretting it. After finishing her piece, she passes away and falls onto a terrified Emily’s lap.


Tyler, Emily’s boyfriend, congratulates her on the win and then stumbles upon the killer sloth. He freaks out and rushes to find her. Zenny, Emily’s friend, is the only one who has survived the shower slaughter. The three of them try to save Brianna, and Zenny uses a sword (don’t ask us how she got her hands on one) on Alpha. Alpha still doesn’t die and wounds Zenny terribly too. Alpha is about to use the sword on the teens when Madison shows up and finds a gun in the room. She shoots Alpha down, and they all run out.

Emily finally decides to take Ms. Mayflower’s advice and goes back in to save Brianna, her sister. Emily gets to Brianna on time, and Brianna escapes, leaving Emily with Alpha. Alpha climbs onto Emily, wearing the presidential crown. Emily uses the same crown and pushes it down Alpha’s head. Trying to finish her off. Of course, Alpha is just fine and takes her big leap to kill Emily once and for all, but Emily manages to shoot her. Again, Emily points the gun at Alpha, probably to shoot her in the head because nothing else is working. Just before she shoots, Alpha points at a picture of Panama and calls it “home”. Emily finally does the right thing and sends Alpha to her natural habitat.


Slotherhouse‘s ending takes place a year later, when it is revealed that the four surviving girls of the sorority house started a campaign to spread awareness about illegal poaching and saving animals. They call themselves FETCH—fighting for ethical treatment, care, and humanity. Brianna and Emily are good friends now too, and nobody is going to get a sloth ever again. On the other hand, Alpha is having a blast in the forests, showing undisciplined kids that when someone tells them an animal is dangerous, they really are. Slotherhouse shows us how the things humans think are special about us are the things that make for the worst creatures. A sloth isn’t dangerous, but a humanized sloth becomes a killer immediately. Remember, friends, say no to poaching.

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