Jule Andergast In ‘Sleeping Dog,’ Explained: What Was Jule’s Purpose? 

The standout character from the German-language Netflix original Sleeping Dog has got to be Jule Andergast. Apart from a great performance by Luise von Finckh, the character herself is extremely engaging and fun for a series that is surrounded by dark themes. She’s like a ray of sunshine in the middle of all the clouds. Jule Andergast works at the DA’s office under her mentor, Corinna Steck. She’s keen on making a good impression on her boss and mentor, along with being great at her job. In truth, Jule has all the skills to be great at what she does, but she’s bogged down by the pressure to be better because her mother, too, was a DA.


Through Sleeping Dog series, we understand that Jule’s mother had died, and that she’s been living under the wings of Steck since then. Steck and Andergast used to be friends, so Jule believes any pressure coming from Steck towards her is maternal instinct. Ironically, when she gets over this maternal instinct, she reaches her full potential. Steck has a great influence on Jule, and when she makes a mistake on her first day of work, Jule immediately cries. Steck tells her to stop crying and get strong, like her mother. We can see that there’s a need to be tough for Steck in this “man’s world” because it’s a male-dominated field, and she’s trying to prepare Jule in the same manner. While in theory, it makes sense, each person deals with the pressure differently, and for Jule, understanding is very important.

Spoilers Ahead


Jule’s Relationships 

Interestingly, Jule herself admits that she might have a “father complex” because she’s always looking for older men to be with. She’s looking for a caregiver because she didn’t have a dad growing up, but she also had a very tough mother. Jule seems to gravitate towards disastrous relationships, probably because that’s what she saw in her parents. Steck mentions at one point that Jule should not look at men the way her mother did, and additionally, we learn that her parents were never together, so maybe she thinks any kind of romantic relationship will end badly for her. When Jule meets Tom from the LKA, she finds someone who actually listens to her professionally. He’s open to her ideas, even if they may sound bizarre, making her feel heard when all her life she’s wanted that. Tom fills a void for her, and that’s why she chooses to give him a chance and let him in. This is a very conscious and cautionary move, though, because she takes a good amount of time to get to know him first, unlike her other relationships, which have mostly been physical. It is really unfortunate that the only person who ever gave Jule what she needed ended up dead soon after, but she comes out of it satisfied, at least.

On the other hand, Jule’s mentor, Steck, ended up being just a power-hungry person who was keen on catching the gang members. Jule finally separated Steck from her mother when Tom told her that Steck was part of the case he was investigating. Jule always did the right thing, and we never see her falter because of fear or threats, which shows that the tough love from her mother did mold her in a good way, but on the other hand, Steck was forcing her hand into doing incomplete work or leaving important evidence behind just so that the DA’s office would appear to be extremely efficient at capturing the members of criminal gangs. In the end, Jule knows that Steck wasn’t directly involved in the killing of the four people, but she did cover them up, so she quits working for her, but in a kind moment, when Steck asks if she will call her sometimes, Jule replies yes. Jule eats by herself near the lake, and neither she nor Steck initiates any kind of personal bonding at work. The only true friend she makes is Tom. She has an awkward personality, but when it comes to work, it all fades away.


A Good Person

Jule is the main character of the show and remains untouched throughout. She’s good from the get-go, and she never steps away from doing the right thing. It’s only her trust in Tom that stops her from calling the authorities when the private investigator dies. Jule even witnesses a murder right in front of her eyes, but she continues to dig up things on the case because she wants to get justice for those who were wronged. If she weren’t tough, she could’ve easily stepped away from the case and let things be as they were. She didn’t just put herself in danger; she continued to do the work herself, never even delegating it to people like Atlas, who may be better equipped for it. Jule is not naive or a rookie; she works like a professional and knows exactly what she’s doing, which is a fresh take on such a character. We don’t know where or what Jule will do next, but she takes a step for herself for once by the end of the show, becoming free from everything that was troubling her while simultaneously proving herself to everyone.

Final Thoughts 

It is Jule who opens the investigation into Judge Herres’ case because she finds Mussa innocent. Even after being told by her boss to stop, Jule continues to fight for the good because that’s what she’s there for. Even though she’s afraid of Steck, she doesn’t back away. Jule’s arc through the show is one of growth, and we see her go from meek and afraid to powerful and fearless by the end of Sleeping Dog. If it weren’t for her, none of this would’ve happened, making her play a key role in saving Atlas from drowning in his misery. It would be fantastic to see Jule back in action, investigating more crimes and teaming up with Atlas to save the day again. Ultimately, she wanted to do good, making her the character to love in the show.


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