‘Sky High: The Series’ Episodes 7: Recap And Ending: Did Soledad Have Fernan And Mercedes killed?

We saw in earlier “Sky High: The Series” episodes that Sole had discovered what Mercedes was up to. After the police learned about Mercedes’s shady connections, she devised a plan to have Sole detained. She convinced Sole to sign a contract for the illegal port dealings in Africa, but it turned out that Sole had previously recognized the trap, so she intensified her cooperation with Mateo, a Colombian investor. She was able to set an even worse trap for Mercedes with Mateo’s assistance, but there were many other things going on that she was unaware of. Rosa learned that Ferran, the police officer, and Rogelio’s sidekick, was responsible for Estrella’s death. However, if Sole found out about Fernan being the snitch in the gang, would she be able to forgive him? Let’s find that out in the finale episode of “Sky High: The Series.”


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Sole Find Out About Fernan?

In “Sky High: The Series” Episode 7, Sole, Fernan, and Mercedes traveled to Africa to conduct business with the Colombians. However, with the assistance of the police, Mercedes had set a perfect trap for Sole. As the police had been following Sole since their encounter with Mercedes, they would arrest her as soon as she signed the deal with the Colombians. Unexpectedly, Sole was also aware that he was about to be arrested. She had previously spoken to Mateo, who had set up Mercedes’ assassins as a form of retribution for her betrayal. But, as she was traveling, Sole received a message from Rosa containing a video of Ferran killing Estrella. Sole found it difficult to believe that her father, whom she could have never suspected of having a hand in Estrella’s killing, had actually been the culprit who had tipped off Ferran. However, it appeared that Rogelio had only asked Ferran to get rid of those bags of money rather than actually ordering the murder. Ferran, however, vehemently refuted that assertion and made it obvious that if he went down, he would take Rogelio with him.


In Fernan’s phone, Rogelio discovered a password-protected secret app. It seemed as though Fernan was the informant he had been seeking. He warned his daughter about Fernan’s motivation, but Sole refused to believe it. Yet one of the men working for the Colombians dispelled Sole’s illusion by informing her of the truth that Fernan was actually a police informant. Even though Sole couldn’t believe how badly she’d been deceived, she set up the goons in order to punish Fernan and Mercedes for their betrayal. Fernan, who was aware of the entire conspiracy that Mercedes had crazily concocted, was confronted by Sole. He attempted to alert Sole but discovered that she was dealing with Mateos to entrap Mercedes and had known her scheme all along. And now that Fernan’s life was virtually in her hands, she would toy with it. She made the decision not to be as inhumane as her father, though. Since she had previously planned the attack on Fernan with the aid of Mateo’s contacts, she told Fernan to escape. Sole left to meet Mercedes while Fernan fled for his life.

Episode 7: Ending – Did Soledad Have Fernan And Mercedes Killed?

Mercedes pretended as if she knew nothing when Sole told her that their dealings had been duped. But Sole made it abundantly clear that she was playing a trick on everyone the entire time. She once more decided to choose humanity over being a ferocious opponent. She was aware that she could simply order the Colombians to kill Mercedes but that her sister Marta would always believe that Sole had murdered her mother—something Sole chose to avoid. She also requested that Mercedes flee the thugs in order to spare her life. Rosa was preparing to strike chief Ferran for killing her sister, as she was unable to control her fury. Rosa confronted him and started to fight with him, but she was left defenseless in their confrontation.


Ferran eventually pointed a gun at Rogelio, who then intervened and shot Ferran to death, releasing Rosa. As Marta had arrived to take Rosa with her, Rogelio first met his daughter. They gave each other lingering glances before walking away on their different paths. Sole escorted both Fernan and Mercedes in boarding the airplane out of Africa. Sole, a strong and desperate gangster, eventually gave in to her humanity and compassion for her loved ones and the family, sparing the lives of both of these cunning individuals. The three of them left Africa and flew to Madrid as the series came to an end.

Will There Be A Season 2?

“Sky High: The Series” is a plodding attempt at conveying a story using a script that is riddled with errors. It appeared more like a soap opera because of the largely inconsequential twists and turns. Through the series, neither a distinctive viewpoint nor a properly developed character could be seen. The seven-episode series doesn’t seem required because the plot could be presented in a single movie. Overall, the experience with the series was incredibly repetitive, and I felt a great sense of relief when it was over. If “Sky High: The Series” were to get a second season, I would anticipate it to take a different tack and introduce new characters with fresh motivations.


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