‘Sky High: The Series’ Episodes 5 And 6: Recap And Ending: Who Was Marta’s Father?

In the earlier episode of “Sky High: The Series,” we learned that the Chinese didn’t want Sole to repay them with money; instead, they wanted her to commit a heist in the museum in Paris to recover a priceless antique piece of pottery that had been stolen from Beijing in 1860. However, Sole was compelled to consider that she couldn’t commit the theft due to the museum’s strict security measures. She, therefore, went back to Madrid. Rogelio, however, got a tip from one of his minions that there was a snitch among his group, and he started to think it might be Fernan. Mercedes helped bail out Poli and his friends after they were detained during the cocaine trafficking. Rosa, Sole’s spy, discovered that Mercedes, however, couldn’t be trusted. Sole devised a plot to rob Mercedes at her home in order to expose her true business to the police. But, as it seemed like Mercedes had her prior connections with the police, would she be easily deceived by Sole? Let’s find that out.

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Episode 5: Recap And Ending – Did Mercedes Turn Against Sole?

In “Sky High: The Series” episode 5, the police learned about Marcedes’ illegal acquaintances. Sole planned her tactics very cleverly, but she was unaware that Mercedes had the ability to deceive her as well. Rosa went to Mercedes’ house to see Marta, and while the two girls were making out, one of Sole’s gang members broke into the house and made an impression of stealing. Fernan and the other gang members opened the safe and showed an attempt to take all of Mercedes’ pen drives and recorders while Rosa was able to divert Marta. However, the alarm informed Duque, who then dashed towards Mercedes’ residence in order to interrupt the heist, but the gang had already escaped after completing their mission. They intended to provoke the police to seize all of Mercedes’ recordings and reveal her true business in front of the cops. Nevertheless, while trying to flee, Fernan was seriously hurt.

Marta also alerted Mercedes, but when Mercedes arrived, she discovered that the police had seized her box of pen drives and recordings. She began to suspect that Sole was the only one who could have planned this heist on purpose. So Mercedes addressed one of the gang members, Gitano, and questioned him as to why he felt the need to break into her home. Mercedes couldn’t believe a word Gitano said, which gave the impression that he had broken in to steal the money. Now it was her turn to launch an assault. She understood that if Sole was involved in the treachery, she would betray her as well. Rosa dug through Mercedes’ belongings since she was also a part of the heist, and while doing so, she discovered a paternity test.

Mercedes, though, had already made contact with Duque. Given the evidence discovered in her possessions, the authorities were aware of all the illegal actions that Mercedes had been participating in, so in order to save her neck, Mercedes consented to assist the authorities in finding Sole and her illegal business. Although the police were after Rogelio, Mercedes corrected them, saying that although she was much less experienced than Rogelio, she was a genius at her work and would be creating her own empire in the underworld very soon. We can see that Sole had her eyes set on the security system of the museum in Paris in preparation for orchestrating the robbery. She wanted a skilled burglar to carry out the operation and discovered Poli to be the strongest choice for this.

Episode 6: Recap And Ending – How Did Sole Find Out About Estrella’s Murderer? Who Was Marta’s Father?

In the opening scene of “Sky High: The Series” Episode 6, Sole’s gang is eventually successful in stealing the Chinese vase from the Paris Museum. The Chinese accepted Sole’s share in the company in exchange for returning the vase. With no assistance from her father, Sole finally triumphed in one of her operations. Due to the lack of concrete evidence obtained against either of them, she and Mercedes continued to be acquaintances. But Mercedes requested that Sole include her father as one of their investors. Rogelio came to meet Fernan while he was still recovering from his wound in order to gather evidence against him. Nonetheless, Fernan gave the impression of being Sole’s most dependable aide, which heightened Rogelio’s skepticism. Rogelio refused to check his phone, but Fernan insisted on making him do so.

On the other hand, because Fernan had still not given them any information about Rogelio, Duque and the police force could no longer put their trust in him. Rosa suspected Rogelio of being Marta’s father, so she snuck a DNA sample from his cup of tea and sent it for paternity testing. Marta was happy when the results came back positive, but it shattered her heart to learn that her mother had lied to her about her father her entire life. Finally, Rosa thought it was her duty to let Sole know that she had a stepsister. Sole experienced mental anguish after hearing the news, and her anger toward Mercedes gradually waned. Marta, however, temporarily lost patience with her mother. She yelled at her before leaving her house to stay at Rosa’s.

Marta needed someone she could trust through her darkest moments, and Rosa embraced her. Marta was aware that she had a father, whom she would never be allowed to see again since he was too dangerous and might even kill her if he saw her alive. Because of this, Mercedes protects Marta by withholding the truth of her father’s identity from her. Rosa, however, while going through Estrella’s belongings, discovered a video on her phone that showed Ferran murdering Estrella. When Rosa realized the truth was right in front of her, she wasted no time and decided to inform Sole that it was Rogelio, and no one else, who was actually behind Estrella’s murder. However, as Sole had left for Africa for the port dealings with Carmen, the assistant of the Colombians, she wasn’t yet aware of the situation. She had yet so many realities to check, such as Fernan being the snitch all the while, which would eventually break her heart. Let’s find out what will happen in the concluding episode of “”Sky High: The Series.”

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