‘Single’s Inferno’ Season 3 Episodes 8 And 9 Recap & Review: Who Is Going To Win This Game Of Chicken?

Despite being a self-acclaimed reality TV hater, I have come to realize that I go through a rollercoaster of emotions while watching Single’s Inferno, mostly ending on a frustrating note, but does this make it enjoyable? I couldn’t say so, yet I have found myself occasionally smiling at some of the small gestures made by the girls and some banter on the show that’s tolerable. It’s rather obvious that despite the men all being older, except Min-Woo, it’s the women who are the mature lot on the show, which is the reason I’m so frustrated. Not to mention, the judges are seriously old-school and are very obviously partial towards certain contestants, which makes it feel like the whole show is rigged. Additionally, their instigating innocent viewers against cast members is how people get cancelled on the internet. Okay, I’m getting a little bit dramatic here, but with just two more episodes of the show left, I feel almost cheated! Anyway, I’ll jump into episodes 8 and 9 of Single’s Inferno Season 3 before I burst a vein.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 8?

As we expected, Gwan-Hee chooses Min-Ji for the trip to Paradise. Min-Kyu takes Gyu-Ri, and Won-Ik takes Si-Eun, much to both girls’ disappointment. But specifically, Min-Woo’s all alone in the Inferno, without a chance to talk to either of the women he’s interested in. At the Inferno, Jin-Seok is left confused again when Min-Young expresses herself well, according to the judges, for the first time in the series. He’s probably swaying in her direction after seeing her act all cute now. Jin-Seok seems to be friendly with everyone on the show and even gives advice to Ha-Jeong later on. He’s also quite encouraging to everybody, almost like a father figure, despite being one of the younger guys on the show. Min-Ji is exactly the kind of girl that Gwan-Hee seems to like: straightforward with her feelings and approaching him first (he gets more frustrating as the episode progresses). In the meantime, Won-Ik tries to explain to Si-Eun that he doesn’t mean to box her in, but he is very keen on her. He even admits to being happy that she doesn’t have time to speak to Min-Woo, which comes across as a little bit petty. Si-Eun, on the other hand, can’t hide her disappointment. Gyu-Ri also seems quite stuck on Min-Woo while talking to Min-Kyu, but he admits to her that he thinks they’re ideal together.


A lot of episode 8 of Single’s Inferno is spent on Gwan-Hee and Min-Ji, who showcases all her charming points to Gwan-Hee. It’s also apparent that the two of them are very similar and almost versions of each other, which could be fun but also not. Personally, I’m rooting for Hye-Seon just because I like her, but honestly, Gwan-Hee doesn’t deserve any of these girls (yes, Lee Da-Hee and I would get along really well). Ironically, both Hye-Seon and Ha-Jeong aren’t worried about Min-Ji, but Ha-Jeong has been long forgotten in Gwan-Hee’s head. She doesn’t even have the 1% anymore. While Ha-Jeong and Hye-Seon compare each other in demeanor and figure out what Gwan-Hee likes about them, he behaves like a completely new man with Min-Ji, even washing her pants for her because she got makeup on them. Things aren’t quite adding up here, sir! Why is this guy so popular? Surely humor isn’t all that women want?

Episode 8 of Single’s Inferno season 3 ends with a game of “Chicken” for the women to play. As usual, the top three get to go to Paradise with the men they choose in order of winning participants. The men have a blast watching the girls play, and everyone assumes it’s Gyu-Ri that they should be worried about because she won with ease in the previous game. The top three are all women pining for Gwan-Hee (blegh). It’s almost as if it’s Gwan-Hee’s Inferno, and they’re all just living in it.


What Happens In Episode 9?

This time, it’s Hye-Seon who emerges victorious. “Fiery” Ha-Jeong is in second place, and Min-Ji is in third. While the judges pretend to wonder who Hye-Seon is going to choose, we’re all certain she’s going to go with Gwan-Hee after spending the whole morning all sad in the room. I think she’s only wondering if she’s made the right choice with Gwan-Hee and if he will be loyal to her at the end of the day (run girl!). On the other hand, Min-Ji likes Gwan-Hee so much that she starts to cry after losing the game (what is with this guy’s popularity?). Si-Eun’s lost again, but this time she finally gets to have a word with Min-Woo in the Inferno. Si-Eun and Min-Woo talk with ease, which makes them comfortable with each other. They have similar composure and obviously like each other. Si-Eun’s face visibly glows when she’s with Min-Woo, but he’s also just had a really good time with Gyu-Ri, so who will he choose?

Although Min-Woo is interested in Gyu-Ri, after spending some time talking to Si-Eun, he comes to realize how sure she is of him. This makes him swerve lanes to Si-Eun, and he even says this conversation is enough for him to make up his mind on her without talking to the “other person” he’s interested in (this youngling is definitely going to go back on his word). Elsewhere in the Inferno, Min-Ji makes it clear to Gwan-Hee that she doesn’t have a second option. Earlier, he had asked her to grant him a wish if he won a game, and he had. On their Paradise visit, he tells her to write him a 10-syllable letter, and she keeps her promise. According to the judges, Gwan-Hee is the kind of guy who focuses more on what other people think, but to me, it just seems like he’s lazy and bored. This man has three beautiful women wanting to be with him, but he wants them to make the decision for him?! Gwan-Hee goes as far as to say he’s chosen Min-Ji, but if Hye-Seon picks him, then he’s definitely going to change his mind (what?!). He then says it would be better for everyone if she didn’t pick him, and Kyuhyun makes a fantastic comparison. He says it’s like when a man avoids going to the club because he’s sure he’ll flirt (blegh).


Gwan-Hee finally has a word with Ha-Jeong, and in an attempt to tell her that he’s over her, he pretends it’s the fact that she apologized to him instead of “letting things flow naturally between them” that has made him wary of her. He’s only avoiding telling her that she’s been replaced by Min-Ji. Sure, he dodged a bullet there. Hye-Seon spends the afternoon in the room by herself, making Gwan-Hee “worry” for her. At this point, just like Da-Hee, I’m completely done with Gwan-Hee, and he’s simply playing around with all these women, acting like a child who doesn’t know what he wants (this man is 36!). Ultimately, Hye-Seon chooses Gwan-Hee. This leaves Ha-Jeong and Min-Ji to pick their second options. Earlier in the day, Gwan-Hee told Min-Ji to pick Jin-Seok (not really sure why he would do that since she showed interest in him earlier), but Min-Ji goes with Min-Kyu because she sees him as a comforting older brother. Ha-Jeong finally picks Ha-Bin, the one cast member who has never been to Paradise. What do we even know about this guy?

Gwan-Hee completely freezes out Min-Ji because of the choice she makes, making her cry on the helicopter ride (disgusting). Min-Kyu has to offer her the hem of his shirt as tissue so she can cry comfortably.

Has Gwan-Hee Made Up His Mind?

Honestly, if he suddenly decides to switch to Ha-Jeong, I wouldn’t be surprised at this point. But the rest of episode 9 of Single’s Inferno is Hye-Seon and Gwan-Hee’s date, with inserts of Min-Kyu trying to comfort Min-Ji, who cries again because of how he treated her. Hye-Seon is sure about her feelings, and she’s made up her mind; now it’s up to Gwan-Hee to make a decision. They’ve come full circle, as she predicted, but he’s still not convinced that she’s the one (Min-Ji can’t be going back to him after this treatment, though!). The judges are shocked to see the ease with which Gwan-Hee enters the hot tub with Hye-Seon (keep the club analogy in mind) after confusing all of us about who he really likes. At the end of episode 9 of Single’s Inferno Season 3, Hye-Seon admits that if she’s stuck in the Inferno, that’s fine with her because she had a good time, but if she’s going to Paradise, it’ll be with Gwan-Hee. That’s where her feelings are (why, though?! TT).

Of course, in the preview, we see another new side of Gwan-Hee; this time he’s the one crying (how pitiful, boo hoo). There are two love triangles, and Gyu-Ri even compares Min-Woo to Gwan-Hee at some point (yikes). This is probably simply to get us excited for the last two episodes (psst. It’s not working). Anyway, until next time, I’ll be sipping my cynical tea while I wait for this show to end.


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