‘Single’s Inferno’ Season 3 Episodes 6 And 7 Review & Recap: Does Ha-Bin Finally Get To Go To Paradise?

When Viviz said they were “love phobic” in their song Maniac, I was a bit confused, until I watched Single’s Inferno. With the passing of every episode, I find myself more frustrated. Not only am I not really interested in knowing anything about the contestants, but the judges and I are just not on the same page. Specifically, when it comes to Min-Young, who they seem to really hate. Additionally, I find it rather strange that they simply sit and comment on these people who are talking about their feelings and then judge them even though it’s technically a contest and they’re here to beat each other out. I suppose I’m the daft one with no experience. I will admit, watching the contestants compete in physical activities is actually quite entertaining minus the dramatic angles and the animated reactions of the panel. 

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 6? 

At the beginning of episode 6 of Single’s Inferno Season 3, Gwan-Hee and Hye-Seon have a word about their feelings towards each other. They both claim that they’re most attracted to each other, yet there’s some kind of tension. Gwan-Hee is the most different from Hye-Seon, as noticed by the judges, and he never teases her like he does Ha-Jeong. On the other hand, in Paradise, Jin-Seok and Min-Ji return to the room (in bathrobes) from their swimming escapade, with Min-Woo waiting for them (weird). It seems Min-Ji and Jin-Seok are both very much into each other while Min-Woo is third-wheeling. Apparently feeling drawn to someone when they’re away is a problem, because as soon as Min-Young shows signs of wanting Jin-Seok back, the judges immediately throw shade at her. I suppose she does seem a little bit like a “pick me” at this point, but sometimes you do stupid things in love, no? I don’t understand why they can’t cut her some slack. Additionally, Jin-Seok is not some golden man for them to shower him with so much praise. Yes, he’s nice, but he certainly has his vices too; we simply haven’t seen them.

It’s finally time for the first girls’ game and everyone is delighted. The game is to “Catch The Tail”. Each woman picks a ball from a box, and those with the same colour go against each other. Rules are simple, whoever takes off the other person’s hat and tail first, wins. The 3 who win will fight it out again until a single victor emerges. Interestingly, Ha-Jeong is paired up with Hye-Seon, both the girls eyeing Gwan-Hee. The winner of the game is surprisingly Gyu-Ri, who looks the meekest of the lot. Technically it’s a game of agility but everyone assumes it’s about strength and considers Min-Young the scariest opponent, but she’s the first to lose. The other two runner-ups are Hye-Seon and Si-Eun. Hye-Seon even fell to the floor and Gwan-Hee helped her clean up in front of everyone as a gesture to show his interest in her (this guy is so confusing). 

Min-Young has a word with Jin-Seok and it seems like he’s quite mad at her for the way she’s behaving. He’s trying to make it clear that he has another option now, but she doesn’t want to hear it. At the same time, she’s only trying to be cute, which isn’t really working on Jin-Seok right now. On the other hand, Min-Woo and Si-Eun seem to have eyes only for each other, but somehow the stars really aren’t aligning for them. Gyu-Ri and Hye-Seon are both curious about Min-Woo, but Si-Eun has a word with Hye-Seon before they announce who they’re going with. Hye-Seon may have decided on someone else, however, Gyu-Ri picks Min-Woo first. Hye-Seon picks Won-Ik, and Si-Eun, who is the last of the lot picks Min-Kyu as payback. But, Gyu-Ri really doesn’t care because she’s very curious about Min-Woo. 

The judges love Ha-Jeong because she’s honest about her feelings and even yells at Gwan-Hee (when he deserves it), making them seem like an actual couple. Now, Gwan-Hee seems to have lost interest in her completely considering how brutal she was the other day, despite her wanting to apologise. However, he’s replaced her 33% with the new girl Min-Ji. He claims he’s never felt so connected with someone as fast as he did with Min-Ji, who (as the show pushes on us multiple times) stands out amongst all the earlier girls. In the Inferno, everyone hangs together and plays truth or dare without the dare part. When Ha-Bin is asked who he’s most interested in, he says Ha-Jeong, who couldn’t care less. Everyone leaves Ha-Bin and Ha-Jeong to talk for a bit, where he (who seems like a creep) admits to Ha-Jeong that he wants to go to Paradise with her where he can “break the rules”. This means he wants to know what she does, how old she is etc. 

Jin-Seok has a word with both Min-Young and Min-Ji, where he’s showered with compliments by the judges. He doesn’t tell Min-Ji that she’s the one for him, however, he also tells Min-Young that it upsets him that she chose now to want him back, not anytime before he went to Paradise (I really don’t see the problem here, but whatever). Min-Ji also has a word with Gwan-Hee later and their conversation makes it obvious that Gwan-Hee gets on everyone’s nerves, way more than he knows. He’s said some harsh things, but he thinks it’s okay and now two of the girls have called him out on it (red flag alert). Ha-Jeong has another “mature” conversation with Gwan-Hee where she makes it clear that he’s the one for her, but he isn’t quite receptive to these feelings. 

What Happens In Episode 7? 

Episode 7 of Single’s Inferno begins with Gwan-Hee and Ha-Jeong’s conversation. According to Gwan-Hee, Ha-Jeong is like a different person with him, than she is with the others. This isn’t wrong because she actually likes him and she admits to being jealous while he kept talking about other girls without respecting her boundaries. Again, the judges are rooting for her, but since he’s the most sincere with Hye-Seon, it would make more sense to see them end up together. Ha-Jeong also advises Min-Young to be honest and seize the moment rather than simply acting cute. 

Looks like Hye-Seon picked Won-Sik as a friend rather than a partner. Their conversation is very sibling-like and he’s more curious about her feelings towards Gwan-Hee than anything else (weird). Maybe she chose him for comfort, or she really did want to try it out with him. On the other hand, between Gyu-Ri and Min-Woo, Gyu-Ri is taking the lead for once. They’re both the most relaxed they’ve been on the show, but Min-Woo seems a little bit cautious about his feelings. He does like Si-Eun a lot, however, Gyu-Ri was the first person he was interested in on the show. After the initial shock of realizing the man is 2000 born, Gyu-Ri really takes the lead and they both slot in together quite well. Elsewhere, Si-Eun and Min-Kyu discuss each other’s worries as their true loves may pick different partners in the end (it’s rather adorable). Min-Kyu seems to be caring with everybody on the show, which is nice to see. 

While the girls are talking, Min-Ji admits that she will “snatch” Jin-Seok if it comes to that in the end (she even makes a hand gesture, uff). The judges are smitten by her too, calling her a “Gen Z love technician,” whatever that means. Ha-Bin and Min-Kyu think Hye-Seon is actually interested in Won-Ik and always has her eyes on him (Ha-Bin is making unnecessary observations). Fortunately, Gwan-Hee, who is very affected by these words from his friends, asks Hye-Seon if it’s really true. She tells him that she’s most attracted to him. 

Next, we have the boys’ game and this time it’s a race! The first 3 to reach the Blue Flags win. Gwan-Hee, being an athlete, is the first to reach of course, followed by Min-Kyu (no shock there) and then Won-Ik, again, this man is full of surprises. Hye-Seon, being the kind soul that she is, tells Gwan-Hee that she’ll be okay with it if he chooses to go to Paradise with Min-Ji. She reminds him of the time they were in the swimming pool and she had said that they would end up circling back to each other after trying things out with other people. Elsewhere, Min-Ji tries to charm Jin-Seok, who is feeling very flattered, and on the other hand, Si-Eun tries to make it clear to Won-Ik that she has feelings for another, without actually saying it out loud. Will he understand though? 

Looks like Min-Woo is swaying towards Gyu-Ri and she likes his company too, but Si-Eun is terribly loyal to him. It’s really unfortunate because even when they’re just about to talk, time runs out. Si-Eun ends up so frustrated by it all that she cries with Min-Ji in the room. Min-Kyu and Ha-Jeong are the social butterflies of the group, so Ha-Jeong decides to help Min-Kyu out a bit, taking him to the girls’ room to watch her curl her hair (she’s unintentionally hilarious). Gyu-Ri takes the bait asking if the two of them are talking to each other. Ha-Jeong makes it very clear that they’re simply bored. 

The episode obviously ends on a cliffhanger when Gwan-Hee is meant to choose his partner. The preview shows Hye-Seon, Min-Ji and Ha-Jeong in Paradise, making it seem like they’re all with Gwan-Hee, but I think it’s Min-Ji who is with Gwan-Hee. On the other hand, it could be Hye-Seon with Min-Kyu and Ha-Jeong with Won-Ik. Despite not having any kind of spidey sense about dating reality, I would think everyone wants to try with new partners since there are only a few days remaining. 

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