‘Sight Unseen’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Killed Hamish? 

In the previous episode of Sight Unseen, we witnessed Tess Avery, the detective, joining the police force as a consultant. With the assistance of Sunny Patel from the EyesUp app, she investigated the murder of Sabrina Chalk, a swim coach who was both Tess and Matt’s old college friend and colleague. In the sixth episode of Sight Unseen, the new case involves the murder of a famous painter named Hamish. When Tess’ brother visits her home, seeking refuge, his clothes carry the scent of paint, raising suspicions about his involvement in the murder. Is he the culprit, or is there someone else with a motive? Let’s delve into how Tess, with her team, solves the case and whether she can protect her brother.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Lucas Become A Suspect In Hamish’s Murder? 

In the middle of the night, Tess wakes up from her sleep, alerting Sunny Patel from the EyesUp app as well. They both realize that somebody has entered Tess’ apartment, only to find out that it’s Lucas, her brother, who got into a fight at a restaurant. He has a black eye and smells of paint, indicating he’s in trouble and needs a place to stay to lay low. Tess hears her phone ringing and rushes to the home of Hamish, the dead artist, to investigate the murder. Hamish, a famous painter, has been found with a single stab wound in the neck from a narrow knife. The weapon appears to have been removed after his death. There’s yellow paint on the collar of his shirt. With Sunny Patel’s help, Tess notices yellow stains on the table, matching the color on Hamish’s collar where the knife was punctured. The yellow paint is smeared on the table in a diamond shape. Craig, who discovered the body, tells the police that Hamish used to mix his paint with beeswax. Tess recognized the smell from Lucas’ clothes, which also have yellow paint stains. Confronting Lucas, Tess finds out that Craig is his boyfriend and that Lucas was introduced to Hamish through him. Lucas bought one of Hamish’s paintings for 9 grand to support Craig’s gallery, a gesture he made out of love. However, despite promises from his manager, Roman, and Hamish, Craig’s gallery didn’t receive any significant help, leading Lucas to confront Hamish while he was drunk. Tess realizes that Lucas left Hamish alive during their heated conversation and did not murder him. With only six hours left before the press arrives, Tess intensifies her investigation before the media interferes to find the truth about the famous artist’s murder.


What Was The Motive Behind Killing The Painter? 

Hamish’s wife mentioned that he hated art politics but was about to make a comeback, taking advice from his manager, Ramon. Apart from that, she knew little about his professional life. Tess and Jake went to interrogate Ramon, who claimed to have spent a fortune buying Hamish’s art pieces, along with Craig, who had spent a fortune renting places for his gallery. Ramon believed Hamish had much to offer. However, when he talked about Lucas spending a fortune to buy one of Hamish’s paintings, Jake became furious, as Tess had not mentioned her brother’s involvement in the case. Tess was then told to step off the case as her brother was a suspect and that would be a conflict of interest. When they returned home to take Lucas in for questioning, they couldn’t find him anywhere, leading them to believe he had fled the scene. However, Tess found Lucas at Matt’s place and informed him that she had to turn him in to the police as he appeared guilty and she had no other options. But before doing so, she went to Craig’s gallery and found Hamish’s wife. After talking to her, Tess discovered that Hamish had made advances towards three of her friends in the past, and although she wanted to hate him, she couldn’t. This revelation shed light on the kind of man Hamish was and how it could interfere with his name in the art scene if the truth were to be revealed. Tess realized that someone had the motive to kill him before the truth came out, as no matter how good of an artist he was, his character spoke volumes, and on this, the sales of his paintings depended.

Who Killed Hamish? 

Meanwhile, the police found the murder weapon in Lucas’s garage, a paint knife, and were sure he was the one who murdered Hamish. Tess felt the need to protect her brother, unable to believe he could do such a thing. She went for further investigation and to find Ramon, believing he would have all the answers. Lucas, upon hearing about the murder weapon, realized it was none other than Ramon who might have done this and went to his house to retrieve his nine grand. Tess followed Lucas’ car and found them there, overhearing their conversation where Ramon accused Lucas of being the one who stabbed Hamish in the neck. However, Tess confronted him, stating that the police had never disclosed the information that the murderer stabbed Hamish in his neck, indicating that he was the one who did it. She told Ramon that he knew what kind of man Hamish was, and if the truth about his character were to be revealed, his paintings would become worthless. Thus, Ramon kills him before the truth gets revealed, intending to sell all of his paintings to make a fortune. Hearing this, Ramon became agitated and cut Lucas’ hand with a knife, attempting to harm Tess as well. Fortunately, Sunny Patel informed the police in the meantime. As Ramon was about to flee, the police arrived and arrested him.


Tess was not supposed to be a part of the investigation, but she still remained involved to save her brother. When the officer questioned her about it, Jake covered for her by saying she had a hunch, so he instructed her to continue with the investigation. The officer then told Jake to take a break until further notice. Meanwhile, it is revealed that behind a hidden portrait, Sunny Patel has multiple pictures of Tess Avery on the wall. Why does Sunny have these? Is she involved in a conspiracy, or does Sunny need Tess’ help in solving any previous crime? These are questions we are about to explore in the upcoming episodes of Sight Unseen.

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