‘Sight Unseen’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Killed Coach Chalk?

In the previous episode of Sight Unseen, we saw how Tess and Sunny uncover the truth behind Olivia’s murder, discovering that Ania killed her out of jealousy over a failed promise of wealth by winning the lottery. Also, Tess struggles to be work on the real crime scene by valuing Sunny’s friendship and expertise from the EyesUpp app. She proposes to become a civilian consultant to unofficially work in the team.


The fifth episode of Sight Unseen is about the murder of Sabrina Chalk, who coached a college swim team. She was a friend of Tess and Matt, the private investigator. Tess joined the police team to help solve the case as a consultant. With the help of Jake, Matt, and Sunny Patel from the EyesUp app, Tess solves the murder. It was tricky because there were misleading clues, but they found the truth eventually. The episode shows how petty feelings like jealousy and rivalry can hurt team spirit and make people turn against each other.

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Why Did Tess Think Jule Was The Prime Suspect?

A woman discovered Coach Sabrina Chalk dead while swimming at the college pool. Detective Tess, who swims there every day and finds it to be her safe place, is upset that something like this could happen there. When talking to the forensic officer, she learns the victim’s name, and there’s a forced trauma to her head. Tess initially thought it might be a slip and fall, but the officer ruled that out. Based on the condition of the skin, it’s estimated the victim was in the water for around 15 hours. As an outside consultant for the police team, Tess plans to talk to the swim team, who likely saw Sabrina last. Kendra, captain of the swim team, talked to Tess, saying she mainly focused on her swimming for the upcoming Olympics and wasn’t aware of any issues with the coach. However, Tess learns about a girl named Jule who was removed from the team because she could not handle the pressure and thus made a scene. Tess visits Jule, who appears nervous during their conversation. Jule claims she was at home studying and spending time with her boyfriend when Sabrina was murdered, and she doesn’t know anything about what happened. Tess finds Jule’s body language suspicious, as described by Sunny Patel, but isn’t certain if she’s guilty.

How Did Griffin Help In The Investigation? 

Tess spoke with one of the girls on the team, Faith, who initially defended Kendra as the team leader. Faith mentioned how Kendra wanted everyone to conform to the same schedule and habits, even going as far as being bothered by Faith’s use of liniment oil. Tess subtly suggested that the pressure must be tough on Faith, leading her to admit that Kendra instructed her to lie to the police about their whereabouts. While searching lockers for clues, Tess and Sunny discovered a doorstop wrapped in a blood-soaked towel hidden in Jule’s locker. This raised suspicions about Jule’s involvement in the murder. During Jule’s interrogation, she appeared to have rehearsed her responses as if she were there during the murder. Also, Sunny noticed bruises on her neck and back. Jule said she got those while playing field hockey. Tess realized Jule couldn’t have committed the murder. Despite this, Jake insisted on Jule’s guilt due to her nervous body language and the murder weapon found in her locker. Tess disagreed, feeling there was more to the situation than met the eye. When Tess questioned Jule’s boyfriend, Griffin, he said Jule got the bruises from falling in the water while swimming. This inconsistency in their statements raised suspicions.


Additionally, when Tess learned about their activities on the night of the murder, Griffin’s story matched Jule’s exactly. It led Tess to question who was covering for whom. Confronting Jule again, Tess pressured her to tell the truth. Jule shockingly confessed to the murder, saying that she did it and that she got the bruises from the doorstop as she was trying to defend herself.  Tess took Matt’s help and placed a tracker in Griffin’s bag to monitor his movements. Following him, Tess discovered Griffin digging a grave while holding a blood-soaked T-shirt belonging to Jule. Tess promptly brought Griffin to the police station for further interrogation. During questioning, Griffin denied any involvement in the murder. He said that he knew Jule was innocent, explaining that Jule, who is autistic, felt overwhelmed by the pressure to perform well on the swim team and had an argument with the coach. Then, as Jule went to apologize to the coach, she found Coach Chalk’s drowned body in the pool. Griffin couldn’t bear to see Jule blamed for this accident. He took her blood-soaked T-shirt, tried to hide it, and coordinated their alibis to avoid being caught by the police.

Who Was The Real Murderer? 

Tess realized that Jules and Griffin weren’t the ones responsible, so they turned their focus to Kendra. Matt discovered that Kendra had a secret social media account that required face recognition for access. Tess met with Kendra, captured her face, and gained access to the account. There, they found a video of Jule being hazed by the swim team, causing bruises on her body. Kendra threatened to expose the video online if Jule spoke up, saying she would become a meme. Jule said she was the fastest swimmer on the team, which bothered Kendra deeply. Also, she knew Jule was autistic, so giving her trauma would make her perform badly, so she took that opportunity and tormented her like this, beating her exposed body with wet towels with their teammates.


After further investigation, Jake revealed that the coach’s body had been moved from the office to the swimming pool and had a head injury from a trophy, not the doorstop. However, Tess couldn’t understand why Kendra would kill Coach Chalk, as she had already achieved her goal of removing Jule from the team. When Tess smelled the blood-soaked shirt belonging to Jule, she detected the scent of liniment, the oil Faith used. Realizing Faith was the culprit, Tess confronted her. Faith confessed, saying everything happened so fast. Coach wanted to know how Jule got the bruises, and Faith felt she had to protect Kendra. So she grabbed the trophy and hit Coach Chalk in the head. Afterward, she planted evidence against Jules to frame her for the murder, including the blood-soaked T-shirt and the doorstop in her locker. But ultimately, she got caught and arrested by the police. 

This situation makes us wonder how some people derive pleasure from preying on the vulnerable. Knowing that Jule was on the autism spectrum and therefore more vulnerable, they chose to torment her. Also, they recognized that Jule was the fastest swimmer, so by causing her trauma, they knew they could force her out of the swim team and could benefit from it. It’s deeply upsetting to witness. At the end of the episode, both Tess and Matt are shown mourning the death of their colleague, Sabrina Chalk, and reminiscing about their college days. During this time, Tess confesses to Matt that she had feelings for him back in college, which prompts Matt to admit the same. This revelation sparks mutual romantic feelings between them, deepening their connection.

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