‘Shehar Lakhot’ Season 2 Theories: What Can We Expect Next?

Shehar Lakhot is a crime drama set in the small town of Lakhot in Rajasthan, amidst the marble mining industry and the mafia that runs this town. Shehar Lakhot is easily one of the best humor-based crime dramas that dive deep into the nexus that connects the mafia with politicians and the police, who are essentially controlled by the rich. Amidst this ring are commoners like Jay, Dev, and Sandhya trying to make a living. They have inadvertently gotten mixed up in the circle and are under the impression that they will be able to make their way out of this giant mess, but fate has other plans.

Spoilers Ahead

The last episode of the show involved Kairav informing Dev about the sinister plans made by Sandhya with his older brother Jay. Dev was under the impression that Sandhya loved him and would plan to elope and make a life with him away from Lakhot. He was aware she longed to get away from Kairav.

Kairav was able to give him a reality check, and it shook Dev to his core. In a bid to confront Sandhya and confirm her affair with his older brother Jay, Dev began shadowing her. Dev was also followed by Kairav’s men, who were helplessly searching for Jay, who blackmailed them into giving him three crores that were collected by Sandhya. As expected, Sandhya and Jay began their journey toward their new life away from prejudice, while Jay wanted to stay away from the pressures he faced from his family. This journey was meddled with by the men from Gurugram, who were only in town to forcefully take Dev away. A long gunfight between Kairav’s men and the men from Gurugram led to a bloodbath. This was followed by Dev chasing Sandhya and Jay to seek closure. Dev hardly received any, as Sandhya was unable to understand his love for her. She killed Jay for humiliating her, which brought out a hypocritical side of him.

Sandhya was eventually killed by Pallavi, who was chasing all of them. Pallavi willingly joined Kairav’s bandwagon and kept her word by killing the woman who orchestrated an elaborate plan and successfully stole from him. Pallavi tried to do everything right in the first season, but many situations did not pan out the way she wanted to. This forced her to join hands with Kairav, and she hoped helping him would make her one of the most powerful police officers.

Kairav was happy with the way Pallavi assimilated herself into this underworld. Meanwhile, Dev gives away the three crores to Jay’s widow and moves back to Gurugram. He received the hard drive that had proof of the illegal brothel run by Kairav and the footage of the Kazakhstani prostitute’s death. Pallavi was playing a double game by being in the good books of Kairav and requesting that Dev expose the mafia ring that is controlling the town of Lakhot. Kairav might also go after Dev for not returning the money Jay and Sandhya stole from him. The man might turn petty, and this might force Dev to expose Kairav’s illegal businesses.

A lot was unpacked by the end of season one.  There is no official announcement from the makers or the streaming giant about an upcoming second season of this magnificent crime drama. The audience is hoping to hear about the next season because this show deserves a follow-up. The world-building is excellent, and there is more to this crime ring than being let on by the makers of the show. We assume the makers have more stories to share about Lakhot and the looming corruption that is rampant.

As season two unfolds, Kairav might become the most powerful person in the town and slowly make a name for himself all over the state. With local politicians and police working for him, there could be nothing that could stop him from venturing into other illegal activities around the state. Kairav was already running an illegal brothel, and by the second season, the presence of this pleasure house would be an open secret in Rajasthan, but Kairav would be too powerful for anybody to arrest him. Kairav would be expanding his drug supply business, and he would require support from states outside of Rajasthan. There is a possibility of him joining politics to give himself some immunity in case an arrest is imminent. Kairav, who was raised as a child born out of wedlock and shamed all his childhood, has finally earned the respect he deserves as one of the heirs of the previous king of the province. Pallavi might come in handy in spreading his dirty deeds throughout the state, which could make her a powerful police officer as well. She might also be fast-tracked for several promotions because of Kairav’s contacts, and there would be no end to his reach.

Pallavi, just like Ranjit Rangot, would take advantage of the position of power she would be in and change the narrative against him eventually. Dev has a hard drive that contains footage that could land Kairav in prison for a long time. Dev might look for a chance to go against Kairav. Either the footage will be leaked, or he will go public with it. Once his face is out there through television news channels, Kairav will hesitate to murder him. Kairav had managed to bring many people on his side, including Dev and Pallavi, but somehow they would find a way to incriminate the man and bring down his mafia ring. Pallavi might be instrumental in revealing Kairva’s role in Inspector Rangot’s death, which would further incriminate the man. Hopefully, Pallavi will not get carried away by the power and make judicial use of it. 

Dev would also come back and join his father’s business, and he would probably try to get the hang of how it functions. Dev would still be depressed after losing Sandhya, and he would try his level best to come out of the trauma of the love lost. Dev and Vidushi might seek comfort in each other after losing Jay. The comfort talk might turn into attraction, and they might soon fall in love. It was implied Vidushi had a crush on Dev, and to witness her rush of love turn into a full-blown romance would be a dream come true for her.

There might be new characters that would emerge who would be happy to bring down Kairav and his illegal businesses. There could be members of Kairav’s estranged family who might be willing to help with tearing down his business. Pallavi, just like Inspector Rangot, will switch sides to sustain her position of power. The viewers can expect more deaths in the next season, as Kairav will be on a spree to murder those who betrayed him. With Bhi and Bho out of the picture, Kairav might end up hiring someone who will be far more twisted than the siblings. These are some of the scenarios viewers are expecting in the next season of Shehar Lakhot. The viewers are also expecting the satirical, dark humor that is still a large part of the screenplay. The show works only because the makers were able to find humor in the darkest of situations involving the leads. I expect to witness something similar or better in the next installment of the show by Navdeep Singh and Devika Bhagat.

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