‘Shehar Lakhot’ Recap & Ending Explained: How Did Pallavi Dig Up The Truth?

Shehar Lakhot, streaming on Amazon Prime, is a hardcore action thriller! Directed by Navdeep Singh, the series revolves around a series of events surrounding Devendra Singh Tomar’s life and his hometown, Lakhot. While resolving his past traumas associated with Lakhot, Dev digs a bigger grave for himself. The series is sure to have a gripping effect on the minds of the audience. What issues does he face while in Lakhot? Will he eventually be able to come out of the mess? There are a lot of questions that this noir series raises in our minds that we are yet to find out in the first season of Shehar Lakhot.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Dev Come To Lakhot?

Despite it being Dev’s birthplace, he is reluctant to come back to Lakhot. The marble mining company that he was working for in Gurgaon had forced him to go back to the city to seek Sunil Mahajan for business. Dev, however, has a condition: he must go by his boss’s fortune to Lakhot to prove to the people in his hometown that he has been a big achiever in life. However, when he reaches Lakhot, he is not welcomed by his own brother, Jayendra Singh Tomar (Jay). He also meets Sandhya, his ex-lover, and she tells him that he shouldn’t have come back to the city. Dev later meets Vikas, a leader of the tribal people called Kachdaars in Lakhot, who were fighting for their rights. He offered him money to stop the protests, as they were affecting their marble mining business. Vikas, a righteous man, however, declines his offer. Later, when Dev meets Kairav, we get to understand that they were old acquaintances who have known each other since childhood! He takes on the responsibility of making Vikas meet Kairav. Meanwhile, while in Lakhot, Dev gets himself into big trouble when his brother, Jay, gets murdered and the police think that it was him, causing them to seize his car and take him into custody. Meanwhile, Dev’s boss asks him to go back to Gurgaon immediately, along with his car, which he is unable to do!


What Problems Was Kairav Facing Due To The Protests?

There was an issue that was ongoing in Lakhot regarding the illegal mining, which was being headed by Vikas. When Vikas is summoned by Kairav, the president of the Marble Mining Association, he warns him of the consequences of interfering in his business. He later asks the Home Minister to intervene in the matter and ensure that the protests are subdued. Later, Dev finds out that Vikas belonged to the queer community, and he has taken a few pictures of him as proof to help stop the protests as they are affecting his company. He later shows those pictures to one of his friends, Antariksh. However, Dev later contemplates and realizes that Vikas has a noble cause, so he asks his friend to delete those pictures.

Antariksh eventually sells those pictures to Kairav in exchange for some money so that he can send the flight tickets to his girlfriend, who lives in Latvia. Vikas is then summoned by Kairav, drugged, and made to take indecent pictures with other men in bed. He was later blackmailed by Kairav to stop the protests! Bhi and Bho, two tribal accomplices of Kairav, also come to Vikas, telling him that he should stop protesting in exchange for scholarships and medical facilities for the Kachdaars. Vikas thinks that Dev was the one who informed Kairav about his sexual orientation, as he knew that only Dev knew about it when he had seen him the other day with a man. After Vikas confronts Dev, he realizes that Antariksh had sold the information to Kairav. After Vikas stopped protesting, the minister of the opposition party, Pramod Bhenno, gets furious with Vikas. 


What Was Rajbir’s Motive?

While Pramod is furious with Vikas, he plots against him with Rajbir, the SHO of Lakhot, to murder him. Later, Rajbir murders Vikas to ensure that the protest does not subside, instigates the tribals against Kairav, and tells them that he was the one behind Vikas’ murder. Later, he switches sides and starts supporting Kairav in stopping the protests when Kairav offers him money. He later manipulates the tribal people and makes them stop the protests, stating that it would hamper their daily lives.

He also tries sticking his nose in Dev’s life when he suspects him of the murder of his brother, Jay. He sends his car for forensic research, as blood stains were found in it. Meanwhile, he also tries to find information on Kairav’s illegal drug business from Karim Khan in exchange for information on his missing brother, Jamal. After garnering some information from him, he shifts the blame for Vikas’ murder on Karim and encounters him. He had done this to ensure that he did not leave any loose ends on the secret information about Kairav’s business. This proves that he would use anyone for his personal needs and then move them out of his way in a horrific manner. Later, when the scandal of the foreigner murder case is dug up by Dev, he finds out that Pramod was the culprit, and Rajbir had helped him cover it up.


What Secrets Did Sunil Mahajan Have?

Sunil Mahajan, along with a well-known builder from Delhi, was involved in a deer poaching case. When someone tries blackmailing him about the case, he offers him money and escalates the case to Kairav, asking for his help. When he left the bag of money for the blackmailers, Kairav had set up Bhi and Bho behind them to find out who they were. While one blackmailer flees with the bag of money, another blackmailer is almost caught and steals Dev’s car to escape, leaving Dev stranded in Lakhot. Meanwhile, Dev is mistaken to be the blackmailer by Bhi and Bho, and they capture him. Later, the blackmailers are revealed to be Jay and Jamal. As Sunil and the builder got involved in poaching, Jamal, the driver, made a video of it and started blackmailing him along with Jay. It is possible that Kairav had some kind of soft corner for Sunil Mahajan, as he was trying so hard to save him.

What Was Jay And Sandhya’s Motive?

Jamal threatens Jay that he will expose him if he does not do anything to help him out of the situation. When he reaches Jay’s house and attacks him for his share of the money, Sandhya is seen murdering him. It is revealed that Sandhya and Jay are in a secret relationship! They had hatched a plan to steal some money from Kairav and run away together. Jay was in a very vulnerable situation and was neck-deep in debt when Kairav appointed him as a chartered accountant in his company. He was responsible for doing money laundering for Kairav. Sandhya had, however, managed to seduce him and give him the plan to steal some money from Kairav and settle somewhere else with her, as she wanted to escape Kairav’s sexual atrocities. Later, when Jay loses all the stolen money to his old habits of gambling, they concoct a new plan for blackmailing Sunil.


After murdering Jamal, they plan to make the murder look like an accident in which Jay died. After the accident, they had planned to give some time for the situation to settle down and then get away with the money. Meanwhile, when Jay is in hiding, Bho notices him and follows him. While he confronts him, he meets with a road accident. Meanwhile, Dev and Jay’s wife, Vidushi, have been finding some fortune that Jay must have left and ended up unraveling his involvement in money laundering. Before his death, Bho had contacted Bhi and told her that he had seen Jay on the road. After Bho’s disappearance, Bhi was sure that Jay was associated with his murder. She hunts him down and manages to kidnap him. Later Dev saves Jay and he tells Dev everything, except the fact that he was romantically involved with Sandhya and was planning to escape with her. Sandhya later instigates Dev by saying that Kairav was harassing her sexually. She wanted Dev to murder Kairav so that she and Jay could escape the spot easily.

How Does Pallavi Dig Up The Truth?

SI Pallavi Raj, a diligent police officer, is intent on finding out the mystery behind the murder of a foreigner in Lakhot. She meets with media personnel repeatedly to find out information on the case. She investigates the tattoo on the body of the foreigner and tries to understand its meaning. She also tries contacting the foreign embassies and finds out that her name is Tatiana Ivanov. She did not stop investigating the matter, despite interventions from Rajbir. Meanwhile, Dev has been requesting Pallavi to help him by speeding up the forensic reports on the car and the blood stains found on them. He wanted to speed up the process of the investigation of his brothers’ murder, as he was sure that he was innocent and hence wanted to go back to Gurugram as soon as possible.


Deb later helps Pallavi with the secret footage that he had found with the help of Antariksh at Kairav’s hotel. The footage brought out how the girl, who was an escort working for Kairav, had been raped by Pramod Bhenno at the hotel. The footage also showed how her body was carried out of the hotel by Rajbir and other associates. There were also sex tapes of other famous people who frequented Kairav’s hotel. In return for Dev’s favor, she tries speeding up the investigation into Jay’s murder. Later, she found that the blood sample in Dev’s car matched that of Jay, and therefore, she assumed that Dev was the murderer.

What Happens In The End?

While Pallavi wants to expose the secrets of the girl’s murder, she shows the footage to the media personnel, and he backs out due to fear. Later, he informs Rajbir about it, which causes him to threaten her and demand the drive. When she refuses, Rajbir goes to Kairav and informs him about it. The footage was a threat to Kairav’s business, as it would unravel the sex racket that he was running. Later, when he tries to tell Kairav about his share of money that he was expecting from him, Kairav kills him. On realizing that her life is under threat, she goes up to Kairav and hands him the drive herself.


When Bhi gets to know about Sandhya’s relationship with Jay and that they were together in stealing Kairav’s money and killing her brother, Kairav promises that he will avenge Bho’s death. Later, when Dev arrives to kill Kairav, he reveals Sandhya and Jay’s reality to him. Just to test Sandhya, he tells her that he killed Kairav. Sandhya decides to flee the place with Jay, and when she sets out, Dev follows her. He sees that she withdrew cash from the bank and then went to Jay and picked him up. Bhi is also seen following her separately! However, on his way, Dev is kidnapped by his boss’s men, as he has been missing from Gurugram for quite some time. Dev pleads with them to let him go as he has some unfinished business, but they turn a deaf ear to his pleas. En route, Bhi and the boss’s men get into a road rage and a competition to overtake each other. When Bhi sees Dev in the other car, he thinks that he has come to save his brother. They all get into a shootout, killing each other, and in the meantime, Dev escapes.

Dev steals a car and chases Jay and Sandhya, only to confront them. They seem to form a love triangle, as both brothers have feelings for Sandhya. When Jay tries to demean Dev, Sandhya shoots him down, proving that she still has feelings for her ex-lover. Later, she was also shot down by Pallavi, and eventually all the charges against Dev were dropped. Pallavi tells Dev that Kairav helped set Dev free. At the end of the season, it is revealed that Pallavi had already made a copy of the hard drive before handing it to Kairav. She had entrusted Dev with the evidence, as she believed that he would do a lot more justice to it than her.


Final Words

The epic cliffhanger at the end of Shehar Lakhot Season 1 gives us hope for an even better, action-packed second season! The first season of Shehar Lakhot has made a clear depiction of the motives of each and every character. The events start unfolding better as we proceed with the narratives in every episode. Numerous plot twists reminded me of another action-packed series, Mirzapur. There were many elements, such as action, drama, romance, betrayal, and thrills, that kept adding layers to the story. With the revelation of every little secret, audiences are bound to be astounded. Shehar Lakhot is sure to rank high on the list of action thrillers! There was no dull moment in any of the 1 hour-long eight episodes in the series that I can recall. Overall, the series is very entertaining and a must-watch!

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