‘Shadow Detective’ Season 2, Episodes 5 & 6 Recap And Ending: What Is The Geumjeong Society?

Taek Rok has been working on his own to uncover the truth behind the murders of Kook Jin Han and Chairman Jang. In the previous episode of Shadow Detective, Taek Rok and Ju Hyun discovered that they had a similar goal, and Ju Hyun got Taek Rok to cooperate with her. Along with Seo Gwang Su, Taek Rok plans to bring down Lee Young Ho before he gets elected governor of Geumo City. Officer Han, who has been working under Young Ho, was Taek Rok and Ju Hyun’s first target. They planned to capture Han together, but just as they were about to get him, a group of armed men got in the way of their operation.

Is Chief Baek Betraying Young Ho?

Taek Rok didn’t want to be present when Han got caught, but he had to rush there to protect Seonga, who followed Han, not knowing that a trap had been set up for him. Moreover, he got more worried after hearing that some armed men had interrupted their plan. Just as Taek Rok suspected, Seonga gets caught by the armed men, and they try to keep her hostage as they find her away from the rest of the police. Taek Rok reaches there and tries to get the armed men to let Seonga go. He buys time until the backup arrives. As soon as they hear the sirens, the men start to retreat, leaving Han behind.

Taek Rok is intrigued by the armed men because he didn’t expect them to be professionally trained, as is evident from their actions. However, Ju Hyun isn’t surprised. She reveals to Taek Rok that there is a covert organization among the police officers, and her goal is to demolish it. It’s going to be more difficult for her now that her secret is out in the open. For now, they have Officer Han, who, after getting assurance of his safety, testifies that Chief Baek ordered him to kill Woo Jangik. He also reveals the existence of the Geumjeong Society, a secret organization that has many police officers in higher positions as its members.

Choi Do Hyung is gearing up for his entry into politics and makes his first political appearance as a supporter of Kim Jin Sun, Lee Young Ho’s opponent. Young Ho already had an idea about it, and that’s why he sent a team of prosecutors along with the chief prosecutor, Won himself, for a search and seizure at Do Hyung’s children’s welfare organization. It not only tarnishes Do Hyung’s image but also has a negative impact on Jin Sun’s election campaign.

Only a few days remain until the election, and Taek Rok needs to stop Young Ho, seeing how he is strengthening his position in any way possible. He alerts Gwang Su that he needs to use his hidden weapon to throw Young Ho into a panic. Accordingly, Gwang Su presents the voice recording of Young Ho’s nephew, Hwan Ju, discussing the drug business with him. Young Ho tells his secretary to send Hwan Ju abroad right away, and Chief Baek, who has heard the conversation as well, promises to help make the arrangements faster. Meanwhile, Taek Rok has set up a trap for Hwan Ju with help from Gwang Su.

Hwan Ju waits at a port to meet the Chinese drug dealers as per Gwan Su’s instructions, and Taek Rok also gets there to catch him red-handed. However, before he can reach him, another group of police officers arrests him, and they inform Taek Rok that they’re acting on Chief Baek’s order. Taek Rok understands that something is really wrong, and if Baek sent his people here, he must have sent people to get Han as well. Taek Rok drives back only to find out Han has disappeared, and Ju Hyun is stabbed and bleeding. Meanwhile, Young Ho orders Baek to get rid of Do Hyung, but he doesn’t know that Baek has always been on Do Hyung’s side and they have made a fool out of him. Do Hyung has been walking in disguise and has been doing shady activities secretly as the head of the Geumjeong Society.

How Does Taek Rok Find Jin Seok?

Do Hyung and Young Ho’s first encounter was years ago, when Young Ho was a prosecutor and Do Hyung and his team were arrested for trying to sell confiscated drugs. That’s when Young Ho discovered the Geumjeong Society and asked Do Hyung to work for him if he wanted to spare his team from any charges. Do Hyung accepted his offer and, since then, has done a lot of dirty work for him. Before starting his campaign, Young Ho offered Do Hyung a nomination in the next by-election if he supported him, but Do Hyung didn’t. Do Hyung didn’t like Young Ho to begin with because he looked down on the police. Now, Do Hyung has gone against him openly.

Chief Baek has been working for Young Ho, but he is also a part of the Geumjeong Society. On his orders, Hwan Ju gets arrested, and Do Hyung has Prosecutor Won on his side now. He asks him to make sure that Young Ho gets arrested too. However, Chief Baek makes that task easier. He orders Kwon, the leader of their fighter squad, to kill Officer Han and make it look like a suicide. Seonga and Kyung Chan find Han dead in a car with a suicide note saying that Young Ho ordered him to kill Won Jangik. Tragedy falls upon Young Ho as he gets arrested only two days before the elections. Do Hyung once told him that one day there would be no one to support him, and the prediction comes true when he gets arrested, and none of his allies come to his rescue.

Taek Rok has been looking into the group of armed men that he saw the other day and trying to find their connection with the Geumjeong Society. He finds out that many police officers quit their jobs in their prime, and there is no information about what they are doing now. One of them is Kwon Ju Hwan, who almost killed Taek Rok when he tried to save Ju Hyun. He also understands that Ju Hyun’s father, Sang Hoon, also worked as an undercover agent to expose the Geumjeong Society but was murdered, and Ju Hyun is being used in the same way. Taek Rok is getting surprises one after another.

Do Hyung is the leader of a secret organization that killed Han and also tried to kill Ju Hyun. He trusted Do Hyung, but a bigger and more shocking surprise awaits him as Shadow Detective Episode 6 ends. He finds out that Hwang Jin Seok, his close junior, is living in the building owned by Kwon. Taek Rok cherishes Jin Seok and feels guilty that Jin Seok became physically disabled because of a mission with him and had to leave the force. He hadn’t seen Jin Seok since then, but he finally gets to see him now. Jin Seok uses a prosthetic leg, thanks to Do Hyung’s help, and is running a business.

Taek Rok is happy that he is doing well. He asks Jin Seok how he knows Kwon, and his answer resolves all of Taek Rok’s doubts. Taek Rok and his group of colleagues at work were called “BST: Be Safe Today Too,” and according to Jin Seok, Do Hyung took charge of it after Taek Rok was suspended. Kwon joined the group then, but Jin Seok heard nothing from the group later. Taek Rok understands that Do Hyung changed the group name and turned it into a big organization that holds power. What Taek Rok started as a fun activity has turned into a vile group of people trying to use the power of the police in the wrong way.

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