‘Shadow Detective’ Season 2, Episodes 3 And 4 Recap & Ending: Did Ju Hyun Convince Taek Rok To Work With Her?

Previously in Shadow Detective, Seonga got injured in a bomb explosion at Mr. Woo’s office. Mr. Woo died in the explosion, and this gave rise to a complex case. Just the previous day before the blast, someone stole Mr. Woo’s USB that had confidential information on it. While investigating, Ju Hyun accuses Yang Ki Tae, Taek Rok’s ally, of causing the explosion. This was an indirect attack on Taek Rok. Ju Hyun has been on a secret mission, and Taek Rok seems to be her target. Taek Rok also suspects Ju Hyun, and it won’t be too long until both face each other.

Spoilers Ahead

How Does Gwang Su Get Out Of Prison?

Taek Rok knows who is behind the explosion and has been investigating the case on his own. He doesn’t want to involve his juniors in this because he has already lost enough of his peers while fighting criminals. However, Kyung Chan finds it suspicious and tries to investigate Taek Rok. It’s not easy to do anything without Taek Rok noticing, and Kyung Chan gets caught right away. He finds out that Officer Han is the culprit behind the explosion, but Taek Rok asks him to keep quiet because he has a plan in mind. Taek Rok has been trying to find out what exactly Mr. Woo was doing for money, and the answer he gets is nothing surprising. Woo was involved in the purchase of properties in the proposed redevelopment areas. However, he used illicit means to con people and buy their properties. Officer Han could have killed him if he wanted to hide the truth. However, he doesn’t seem to have any idea that Ju Hyun stole the USB. He doesn’t even find that issue important, which leads us to the only conclusion: Ju Hyun and Han are not working together. Taek Rok has asked Dong Bum to keep an eye on Ju Hyun, and from the information he has gathered, they understand easily that Ju Hyun is stalking Taek Rok. Meanwhile, Lee Young Ho has been promoting himself extensively for the upcoming election and visiting Do Hyung’s welfare center. Do Hyung isn’t fond of Young Ho, and neither is Young Ho fond of him because Do Hyung’s newly founded welfare center is gaining more attention than Young Ho’s election campaign.

Young Ho needs to be careful about his image until the elections, and his biggest worry is his nephew, Hwan Ju. Hwan Ju is a troublemaker, so Young Ho’s secretary, Cha, suggests that he be sent abroad until the elections. Hwan Ju is Young Ho’s weak point, and Taek Rok has caught on to it. Taek Rok suspects that Young Ho killed Chairman Jang, and he needs to get to the bottom of it. It is not easy to reach Young Ho, but Seo Gwang Su, the former chief of police, agrees to help him with it. Gwang Su asks Officer Han to help him get out of prison and mentions his intention to work with Young Ho. Han is acquainted with Hwan Ju and informs him that Gwang Su has offered his help to Young Ho if he can get him out of prison. Meanwhile, Taek Rok has finally caught Ju Hyun in his trap. While Ju Hyun was searching Dong Bum’s office, Taek Rok stole Ju Hyun’s burner phone. Ju Hyun has no choice but to surrender now. She meets Taek Rok to get the phone back, but Taek Rok wants something from her in return for not exposing her secret mission. The favor he’s asking from her is big, so he also offers her proof that Officer Han is the culprit of the explosion. Ju Hyun understands that Taek Rok is not one of the corrupt people that she is after and that he is also in the same boat as her. As Taek Rok told her, she tells her boss to expose Kang Seung Mo, the president of Youngseo Bank, for fraud, and it works in favor of Gwang Su. Seung Mo can’t provide election funds to Young Ho anymore, so Young Ho takes Hwan Ju’s suggestion and releases Gwang Su from prison. Gwang Su is going to provide funds to Young Ho now, but Secretary Cha finds it suspicious.

How Does Taek Rok Trap Han?

Not too long ago, three police officers died, and the chief of Geumo Police was arrested for corruption. All of them were connected, and the only one who came out safely from that chaos was Taek Rok. The chief of Police, Han Jong Seok, is still suspicious of Taek Rok, and that’s why he has sent Ju Hyun to monitor him. However, now that they know that Taek Rok is also digging into that incident, just like them, Ju Hyun asks him to work with them, but Taek Rok declines. She gives him some time to think but threatens that if he doesn’t agree, he will become their first target. Taek Rok does many problematic things that can get him into trouble if exposed. Meanwhile, Seonga has returned to work despite not recovering from her injuries yet. She is investigating the case of the explosion, and when Officer Han finds out, they both get into a fight over it. Seonga is already upset that Taek Rok is hiding things from her, and now Han won’t let her investigate by herself. When Do Hyung invites her to his welfare center, she finds out from Hana that she has seen Ju Hyun near Woo’s office. Seonga confronts Taek Rok, who is still not willing to give her any details about it. He only assures her that Ju Hyun has nothing to do with the explosion. He once again requests that Seonga stay away from that case, but Seonga won’t do that.

The new chief of Geumo Police, Baek, has been feeling anxious since Gwang Su came out of jail. He calls Taek Rok to tell him not to get involved with Gwang Su because he doesn’t want to tarnish the image of the Geumo Police any further. Their conversation is interrupted as Officer Han enters Baek’s office with a perplexed face. Taek Rok wonders what is wrong with him because it is not every day that Han looks this baffled. He has to meet Gwang Su to find out how his plan with Young Ho is going. Gwang Su easily convinced Han, and he will soon convince Hwam Ju to take him to Young Ho. However, he informs Taek Rok that Han contacted him and asked him for money urgently, which both of them find strange. Taek Rok investigates more into the background of Young Ho and finds out that Chief Baek and Young Ho go a long way back and are probably working together. Han’s baffled face and sudden request for money can only mean one thing: that he is going to run away. It is clear that Han is working for Baek and Young Ho, but escaping Young Ho is not easy, and Han’s life is probably in danger. Taek Rok can’t do everything alone, so he asks Ju Hyun for help and tells her to catch Han before Young Ho’s men kill him. They have everything planned out, and Ju Hyun is now waiting for Han with her team.

Shadow Detective Season 2 is showing its true color as a thriller and suspense show. Ju Hyun’s team captures Han on time, but as Episode 4 comes to an end, a huge gang attacks them to get Han. Ju Hyun reports the situation to Taek Rok, but what scares him the most is the news that Seonga is also at the location. Seonga was stalking Officer Han and got herself into a dangerous situation. She doesn’t have any protection around her, unlike Ju Hyun, and that’s why Taek Rok gets anxious and drives to the location hurriedly to save Seonga.

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