‘Shadow Detective’ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Ending: How Does Taek Rok Trap Do Hyung?

While going after Lee Young Ho, Taek Rok lost Officer Han as he was allegedly murdered by unknown people after Taek Rok and Ju Hyun tried to catch him to expose Young Ho’s activities. Previously, in Shadow Detective, Taek Rok discovered a shocking truth when Lee Young Ho got arrested. Taek Rok believed that Young Ho was behind all the illicit activities going on in the force, but it turned out that Choi Do Hyung was the mastermind. Do Hyung ordered Kwon to kill Officer Han, and he also got all of Young Ho’s people on his side. Do Hyung runs a private organization called the Geumjeong Society, which has only one motive: to increase the power of the police force and control politics. However, they are going against the law to do that, and what surprised Taek Rok the most was that the Geumjeong Society is the extension of a group he formed in the past. ‘BST’ was dissolved after Taek Rok was suspended but Do Hyung revamped that small group into a big organization.

Spoilers Ahead

How Did Do Hyung And Taek Rok Become Friends?

Choi Do Hyung worked for the national police force when Taek Rok still worked for the Geumo City Police. They met when Taek Rok caught a criminal alone before the national team could intervene in the operation. Do Hyung was impressed by his skills and offered to work together on the national team. Taek Rok and Do Hyung got along well and worked on many cases together. Their friendship had grown so strong that Taek Rok went against his seniors and wrote a petition to reinstate Do Hyung when he was suspended for shooting down a perpetrator. He became friends with many other police officers, and they helped each other in need.

After a while, Taek Rok proposed they name their group something, and that’s how “BST: Be Safe Today” was born. However, the BST has taken on a different form as the Geumjeong Society now, and Taek Rok hates it. Do Hyung used to be the best of his friends, but now they have become enemies. Do Hyung sends his men to kidnap Taek Rok, but Taek Rok already knows it will happen and disappears from his apartment. After reading his own journal from the past, Taek Rok realizes why Do Hyung has taken this step. He faced a lot of injustice while working in the force, and now he is taking revenge for that injustice in the wrong way.

Taek Rok knows Do Hyung too well and can predict his moves. He predicted when he would send his men, and he knew that Seonga was going to be his next target because she knew too much about the ongoing case. Taek Rok warns her about the same, and the very next day, she gets summoned for interrogation regarding Officer Han’s alleged murder. She had been tailing him since the day he died, and it’s being used against her now. While Do Hyung is making his moves, Taek Rok isn’t sitting still. He has warned Chief Baek that he has seen countless people like him get stabbed in the back by the people he trusted. He tells him to prepare to protect himself.

Why Did The BST Disband?

After BST was formed, all its members were enthusiastic about their work, and this enthusiasm cost them a lot. Do Hyung and Taek Rok wanted to catch a drug dealer but couldn’t get permission from their Chief, so the members of BST decided to do it on their own. As they raided the drug dealer’s hideout, things went south quickly. The drug dealer, Chun Kyu, stabbed Jin Seok in the leg and would have killed him if Do Hyung hadn’t fired the bullet. Chun Kyu didn’t get shot, thanks to Taek Rok, who pushed Do Hyung away. Do Hyung had a bad habit of firing his sidearm in any situation, and it was becoming a problem for his career. Taek Rok didn’t want him to get into trouble again. While they fought about it, Chun Kyu escaped, but what infuriated BST more was that Jin Seok’s leg got amputated.

Jin Seok’s family was already going through financial troubles, and Jin Seok lost his job. The police force refused to compensate him because he was not on an approved assignment. He got depressed, and BST members couldn’t stand to see him in that situation. Even though Do Hyung had planned the operation, Taek Rok took all the blame. He blamed himself for forming BST and putting the members in danger. He was suspended and sent back to Geumo police. BST members stopped meeting as all of them went their separate ways. Since then, Taek Rok has been blaming himself if any of his co-workers got injured in an operation with him.

Taek Rok has to stop Do Hyung from achieving his ambitions, and he is ready with a plan. Do Hyung’s men have been camping near Taek Rok’s house to wait for his return, and that’s when Taek Rok traps them. He sends Seonga and Kyung Chan to his place in his car, and they arrest the men red-handed while they try to attack them. They get the men to confess that Chief Baek sent them, and Chief Baek also gets summoned for interrogation. Do Hyung is taken aback by the sudden attack and orders the remaining men to leave Geumo. He assures Chief Baek that he will get him out, but Prosecutor Won turns his back on him. Taek Rok threatens Prosecutor Won by exposing his connection with Baek and Do Hyung if he tries to protect him. Shadow Detective Episode 7 ends as Do Hyung gets trapped from all sides by Taek Rok. While his allies have either gone into hiding, been arrested, or turned their backs on him, he has joined a new political party, and the party leaders want him to get involved in Chief Baek’s case to make a good impression. Taek Rok is the one who suggested the party leader do so. He is making sure that Do Hyung has no way to get out of the mess he’s created.

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