‘Shadow And Bone’ Season 2, Episode 5: Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happens To The Crows In Ohval’s Place?

In episode 4 of “Shadow and Bone” Season 2, we saw that Genya and Baghra escaped from the grasp of the Darkling. Pekka’s been taken to Hellgate by the Stadwatch. Things were looking sunny for the Crows until Kaz called Inej his weakness and let her go. The Darkling made a visit to the Spinning Wheel, and their sanctuary was destroyed. Now Nikolai and Alina are split up.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 5 of ‘Shadow And Bone’ Season 2?

Aleksander is called back by Vladim when he notices Genya and Baghra missing. The Darkling is weaker than before, so this would be his best move either way. Vladim thought it was a good idea to save Baghra’s bone dust for other Grisha in alliance with the Darkling, but Kirigan is in no mood to listen to any of it. Baghra and Genya find their way into the camp that Nikolai has set up for all the survivors. Alina desperately looks for Mal but can’t seem to find him anywhere. After her encounter with Aleksander, she is seeing him everywhere. Nikolai is now the king of Ravka, thanks to his brother being destroyed by the Nechevo’ya. Upon Genya’s arrival, he is not very pleased because she is the woman who killed the king by way of poison.


Alina, knowing the truth, defends Genya, making sure Nikolai knows that it was Aleksander’s doing and also that the king misused Genya ever since she was a child. The Queen mother finds it absurd that Genya could be in their refuge because she killed her husband. Genya confesses that she killed her king by applying poison all over her body, so the king would die a slow death by being inappropriate with Genya. David overhears all of this and attempts to console Genya. It is unfortunate that he left her when he did because, despite what she said, she probably didn’t want to be alone. It is true David managed to help Alina, but in the process, Genya’s face was destroyed. David confesses he will never let go of a strong and fearless woman like Genya, sealing it with a lovely kiss (wow, were we waiting for that).

With Baghra close to Alina again, she is the only one who can help her defeat Aleksander in her head. Alina feels a strange connection with Aleksander that she can’t quite understand. She tells Baghra about the projections, and Baghra suggests she can block them out only by herself. She, too, seeks him out because he taught her everything she knows, so Alina must find Kirigan to block him out. Alina reaches out to Kirigan in his head, manipulating him into thinking she’s decided to take his side. Kirigan folds until Mal arrives and notices that Alina is exploding with light. Before Alina can sever the bond between her and Kirigan, Mal breaks her out of the spell. Mal is just worried for Alina, but she doesn’t take it so lightly and immediately snaps at him. After all this time of blind support, Mal’s composure is finally lost. He makes it known that all Alina needs from him is the Firebird, and so he will find that for her. She’s too far ahead in this fight for him to catch up, so he leaves her just like that.


In Ketterdam, we see glimpses of the past with bodies. Kaz can’t have his hands bare because of the many corpses he encountered when Jordie died. In the last episode, Wylan told Jes that so many people died from Firepox that they didn’t have room for burials, so they just dumped the bodies in the sea. Kaz was lumped with these corpses too. Tolya and Zoya arrive in Ketterdam and lay out the maps for Kaz. Zoya and Nina’s bickering is incredibly fun to watch, might we add? Zoya also looks for Inej, but Kaz tells her that she’s out. Unfortunately or fortunately for him, Jesper lets Inej know that they have a mission for her, Saint Alina.

In the middle of all this, Nina is the only one who clearly sees that Kaz is madly in love with Inej and doesn’t want her in harms way, so he’s keeping his distance. Inej proceeds to join them, making it very clear that it is for Alina and not Kaz. Jes and his big mouth can’t be stopped from hurting Wylan’s feelings when he realizes he can’t read. When they arrive in Shu Han, Jes does all he can to patronize (oops!) Wylan, making matters much worse.


The gang needs to find a woman named Ohval, who will get them to a thief/collector named “The Disciple,” who, in turn, has the sword they’re looking for. Kaz and Nina pretend to be married collectors (absolutely believable) who are looking to add the Neshyenyer to their collection while Inez looks over them. Ohval follows a Shu tradition that involves dipping your hand in the tea and applying it to your forehead. Kaz doesn’t do it at first, but Ohval sees it as a sign of disrespect. Kaz removes his gloves, becoming vulnerable, and Ohval discreetly signals to a waitress to drop some tea on Kaz. Kaz is quick enough to realize but doesn’t have the chance to put his gloves back on. There is chaos everywhere as Kaz is touching people to get out of there, his bare hands exposed. Finally, Inej is able to save him from his misery and hand him his gloves. Through this encounter, Kaz and Nina deduce that Ohval herself is the Disciple. The plan is for Nina and Zoya to follow Ohval, while the rest head to her home, where the sword is. They have no idea what’s coming for them, though.

In Hellgate, Pekka is the new inmate, and everybody is ready to jump on him. It is Matthias’s cellmate who decides to try his hand at revenge for him killing his brother. Unfortunately, Pekka’s rage is strong, and his might is stronger, so he defeats and kills the man claiming leadership in the prison. Matthias tries to save his only Fjerdan friend, but in vain.


Will The Crows Be Able To Retrieve The Neshyenyer?

Alina tells Baghra that all she can see when she uses her power is Kirigan. She realizes that he is the reason she has grown into herself. Essentially, he created her to become more powerful by manipulating her into believing the good in him. Alina can’t find happiness in her power or herself in it. Baghra tells her that all the things Kirigan told her she was important for—the things he saw in her—are true even without him; it is she who is special. Baghra will help Alina find the Firebird to defeat her son. Nikolai, on the other hand, sent his mother away for making the wrong choices and supporting a king who was never worthy of the support. He understands that to become a true king of new Ravka, he must begin with himself first. He has great responsibilities, after all; he’s engaged to the Sun Summoner.

Alina bids goodbye to Nikolai as she must go look for the Firebird, whereas he leads the people in the shelter and brings them to safety. He must also plot his next moves to save Ravka. Alina and Nikolai have a close friendship now, and it seems to us that Nikolai may have caught feelings, but Alina is, of course, all for Mal. Nikolai understands and supports their relationship. Alina gives him back the ring he gave her as a sign of support so he can give it to someone important later. In return, Nikolai gives her his favorite compass, so she has reason to come back to him (how adorable). The Darkling now knows that Alina is never going to join forces with him, so he’s changed his strategy. He wants to head to the only home she ever knew. The orphanage in Keremzin. He orders his people to destroy all First Army camps.


In Shu Han, Nina and Zoya argue about how Nina should return to her home Ravka and forget about the Fjerdan. Nina (possibly hinting at something in the future) tells Zoya that when she understands true love, everything will change for her. Finally, Ohval appears, and as they follow her, the two of them get separated in a crowd. Ohval has actually caught Nina and attempts to extract information from her while Kaz and the rest enter her house. Wylan is the scapegoat that stays outside, but he can also open the doors if required. Tolya realizes there’s another heartbeat in the house, meaning Ohval is trying to protect somebody in the house. The doors close on them, and before they know it, an orange gas enters the room. They start to collapse one after the other. Nina is made unconscious by Ohval before Zoya can come to get her. Kaz is the last to collapse, and he falls into the water instead of the floor, meaning that the poisonous gas is hallucinogenic. Kaz sees his dead brother Jordie before the episode ends. Clearly, there are some wounds to be healed for Kaz, but let’s see what the rest of them dream about in episode 6 of “Shadow And Bone” Season 2.

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